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Chapter 35

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Tian Feng was stunned for a while, only to realize that the old woman Yu Linglong mentioned was Mu Shi. She didn’t know how to answer for a while. If she said her intention directly, she would have admitted that Mu Shi was the old woman Yu Linglong was talking about. If she didn’t say it, she could not afford to offend the Fourth Lady.

After thinking about it quickly, Tian Feng decided she would rather offend Mu Shi than Yu Linglong.

She hurriedly and respectfully offered the rosewood snail jewelry box in her hand, and said: “The lady asked me to send something to the Fourth Lady.”

Yu Linglong’s eyes narrowed slightly. Was this Mu Shi putting the punishment before the reward? She provoked her and then thought it would be okay to send something?

Seeing that Yu Linglong was silent, Xuan Cao reached out and took the jewelry box, opened it, and showed it to Yu Linglong.

She saw a complete set of palace adornments, gold-plated head ornaments with peony petals, forehead ornaments, charms, hairpins, hairbands, headpieces, etc. in the box, bathed in golden light. The workmanship was exquisite. They were covered in elaborate peony petals and layers of gold leaf, and they were trembling slightly. It was so lifelike and so dazzling that they almost couldn’t look at it.

Although Yu Linglong didn’t know much about ancient jewelry, she could see that this set of headpieces was very valuable.

Tian Feng glanced at Yu Linglong and said boldly: “The lady ordered me to come and tell the Fourth Lady that she was listening to the sorceress and misunderstood the Fourth Lady, and the Fourth Lady was wronged. She asked the Fourth Lady to be generous and forgive her.”

As the mistress of the house, it is rare enough to even be able to whisper to a concubine like this.

It was the only way. If she didn’t comfort Yu Linglong, Mu Shi’s small body would suffer again. Compared with the wounds of the flesh, this set of pure gold head ornaments was nothing.

After a long while, Yu Linglong nodded: “Xuan Cao, put it away.”

Tian Feng was overjoyed. The Fourth Lady accepted these things, did this mean she would forgive the lady?

In the next moment, she heard Yu Linglong sneer and say: “I have accepted these things, but it is not enough!”

Hearing Yu Linglong’s cold voice, Tian Feng couldn’t help but shrink, and her head fell lower: “Then…what does the Fourth Lady mean…?”

A slender finger tapped the jewelry box, and Yu Linglong leisurely picked up her teacup: “I need ten sets, of pretty much the same.”

It seemed that the monthly bill of one thousand taels of silver last time was still too small, and Mu Shi didn’t learn any lessons at all!

Tian Feng was so scared that she almost fell to the ground. This one set of head ornaments was scraping the bottom of Mu Shi’s barrel, let alone ten sets! Just one such set is very rare. Fourth Lady was like a lion opening its mouth wide. She wanted ten sets!?

How can she explain this to Mu Shi if she went back!

Anyways, Tian Feng looked at her with a meaningful glance. She knew that Yu Linglong must not be rejected at this time, otherwise, if the task ordered by Mu Shi cannot be completed, even she had to explain.

“This… the maid will report to the lady…” Her voice was as thin as a mosquito, showing helplessness and no confidence.

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Yu Linglong smiled and sipped her tea. She was in a good mood and chatted with Tian Feng: “How has your lady been these days? Is her injury better?”

The gentle sound of the warm spring breeze made Tian Feng’s hair stand up on her head. She seemed to see a tiger full of food and drink, showing her sharp fangs.

The injury on Mu Shi’s body was clearly caused by Yu Linglong. At this moment, she could still greet Mu Shi with seemingly caring attention, but she was really speechless and helpless.

“The lady…the lady is better.” Tian Feng replied tremblingly.

Yu Linglong blew on the tea and said with a smile, “It seems that she has recovered from the wound and forgotten the pain. It looks like her body is almost healed.”

If it weren’t for this, how could she dare to ask Sorceress Bai to exorcise her? Mu Shi has remembered the food but forgotten the beating.

Cold sweat was dripping off of Tian Feng, but she didn’t even dare wipe it: “Yes…no…”

Seeing that Tian Feng was so scared that she couldn’t speak clearly, Yu Linglong changed the subject: “I heard that Yu Peng is coming back home?”

Unexpectedly, Yu Linglong called General Yu by his first name. Tian Feng was startled and said, “Yes.”

Yu Linglong snorted coldly and said: “Then your lady will be busy again.”

Tian Feng did not dare to answer, but lowered her head deeply, with cold sweat on her forehead.

Yu Linglong waved her hand: “Okay, you can leave.”

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Tian Feng was greatly relieved and quickly stepped back.

Seeing the departure of Tian Feng, Xuan Cao walked over with a smile: “Miss, that headpiece set is so beautiful, I haven’t seen such delicate headpieces in my entire life!”

Yu Linglong glanced at the jewelry box and pushed it to Xuan Cao: “Let’s put it away. What is this jewelry, there will be more such things in the future!”

It’s just that these things outside the body easily satisfied the little girl Xuan Cao.

“Miss, did you say that the lady will really send you beautiful jewelry again?” Xuan Cao asked expectantly.

Yu Linglong smiled coldly: “She won’t even try!”

Xuan Cao couldn’t help laughing: “Miss, you are really amazing. I guess the lady is in pain now.”

One set of precious headpieces is not enough, and nine more will be sent. It is estimated that Mu Shi will vomit blood this time.

Yu Linglong didn’t seem to hear Xuan Cao’s words. She put down the teacup and looked at the dappled shadow of the tree outside the window with her eyes clear like spring water.

Yu Peng, are you coming back?

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From this body’s memory, she could hardly find a trace of Yu Peng’s shadow. For Yu Linglong, the father Yu Peng was almost the only description that Yilan said.

That majestic state minister, that great general who galloped on the battlefield.

What kind of variables will his arrival bring to the life she had just stabilized?

Since the last time she caught Ling Jiao and got two silver ingots, Ma Changgeng and the others had an unprecedented enthusiasm for doing things for Yu Linglong. Yu Linglong just talked about buying a little maid the first day, and the next afternoon, Ma Changgeng brought a broker with her.

“Miss, this one belongs to Liu Er. Large families want to buy maids and servants, so many people are seeking her assistance.”

Yu Linglong raised her eyes and glanced at the woman from Liu Er, only to see that this person was of medium build, with a pleasing smile on her chubby face, but her triangular eyes kept darting around.

This is the ancient human trafficker? She looked like a shrewd dealer.

The woman from Liu Er took a few steps forward and smiled: “It’s a coincidence that the little one now has more than a dozen little girls, all of whom are smart and well-behaved. They want to look good, and they want to have a figure—“

“Bring them all in, let me see.” Yu Linglong said coldly, interrupting the endless recommendations of the woman from Liu Er.

The woman from Liu Er was embarrassed and stopped talking. She soon brought a group of girls into Pinlan Garden.

“I don’t know what kind of girl the Fourth Lady wants to buy,” the woman from Liu Er stared at Yu Linglong’s eyes closely, hoping to get a glimpse of the customer’s heart.

“This girl has long hands and long feet, and her needlework is very good. That girl knows a few words, and she is the most suitable girl to be a personal servant for the young lady—” The woman from Liu Er seemed to have forgotten how impatient Yu Linglong was, and was professionally introducing each girl.

Turning a deaf ear to her noise, Yu Linglong sat down on the porch, sitting under the sun and watching the little girls with different expressions, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

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