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Chapter 99: Choose a Teacher
Chapter 99: Choose a Teacher

Without a doubt, this was the work of the mysterious Zhen Bao Pavilion’s master .

Chu Liuyue was becoming increasingly curious as she wondered who the master was and why he did so much for her . This was definitely not something that could be exchanged with a hunting ground title deed .

Initially, she tried to ask Yan Ge and said that she wanted to meet the Master, but was curtly rejected by Yan Ge as he said that the Master was rarely in the Imperial City . It was hard for even him to meet the Master .

If Chu Liuyue wanted to meet him, she had to wait quite a while .

Chu Liuyue looked at it from another perspective . Since the other party sent so many treasures over, she would just accept them . She would naturally be able to meet the other party when he wanted to meet her . It would not be too late to talk to him then .

Besides, she really liked all the items, and it would be a waste if she rejected them .

While looking at Lu Feiyan and the rest who were forced to surrender, Bai Chen laughed out loud . “Let’s go . I’ll show you your residence . ”

Chu Liuyue followed Bai Chen into the academy, while Lu Feiyan and the rest followed behind them, looking just like her slaves .

Their group of people had attracted quite a lot of attention on the way .

Even though quite a few people had seen Chu Liuyue during the previous assessment, most of them were from the same cohort as her .

Chu Liuyue’s name was like thunder piercing through the ears of the students in the two batches above her . Now that she finally came, they wanted to take a closer look to see what type of person she was . However, nobody was insensible enough to cause trouble for her with Bai Chen around .

Chu Liuyue quickly saw many houses in the academy .

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These houses were all independent ones with a small yard, and they were all equally spaced apart .

“The academy is very big, but we don’t have a lot of students, so every student has their own house . This way, students could have their own place to cultivate in peace when they don’t need to attend lessons,” explained Bai Chen as he walked .

“In the academy, even though the arena and library are shared amongst everyone, we have separated territories as cultivation is different for warriors, Xuan Masters, and heavenly doctors . The one we just walked past is the warriors’ territory . After passing the Shuang Qing Lake, it’ll be our Xuan Masters’ territory . ”

Chu Liuyue looked in front and saw the clear water flowing past . A seven-hole stone bridge was situated on top of the lake .

There were also individual houses on the opposite side of the river, but they clearly looked much bigger than the ones before .

“It seems like the students’ lodgings are also different…” Chu Liuyue muttered to herself .

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“Hehe, of course! Our Xuan Masters’ living conditions are way better than the warriors’!” Bai Chen smiled happily . “The houses here are at least two times the size of those over there . ”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding . It was normal for such a distinction as there were limited Xuan Masters, and Xuan Masters had a higher status than warriors .

“Look! You’ll be living in that house!” Bai Chen raised his hand and pointed towards a house near the lake . “It’s near to Jiuyou Tower and the library, so it’s very convenient!”

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled . “Thank you, Teacher Bai Chen . ”

“No need to thank me! Elder Sun specifically instructed me to do it! It’s normal to have this kind of treatment with your extremely good talent as a warrior and a Xuan Master . After all, the teachers all wish for you to become a strong person . ” Bai Chen looked very serious .

Chu Liuyue could tell that he meant every word he said . Even though Bai Chen had a bad temper, he did not have evil intentions and did his job as a teacher dutifully .

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After reaching the house, Chu Liuyue could tell that the place had been meticulously cleaned, so she felt even more satisfied .

When Lu Feiyan and the rest saw this, they became even more upset and left in a fury after putting the items down .

Chu Liuyue did not care about them . She did not need to waste her efforts on these people .

Bai Chen explained the things Chu Liuyue needed to take note of, and she wrote them down one by one .

“This is your nameplate and uniform . When you’re done unpacking, make a trip to Peach Garden . That’s the place where teachers normally attend to their tasks . Even though you’ve already chosen to cultivate as a Xuan Master, you haven’t chosen your teacher . After you’ve made your choice, head over to Peach Garden to meet your teacher, register on the booklet, and then you can formally cultivate . ”

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and asked, “Teacher Bai Chen, must… I choose a teacher?”

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