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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:13:36 PM

Chapter 100: I Disagree!

Bai Chen looked at her weirdly . “Of course . Since you entered the school to cultivate, how can you not have a teacher? This is especially so for Xuan Masters as one needs detailed guidance from a teacher . If not, you’ll take a long path . Why? Do… you not want to pick a teacher?”

Chu Liuyue hemmed and hawed . Upon seeing his weird expression, she shook her head and smiled . “Not really . I just asked about it casually . There are many teachers in the academy, but I’m not too familiar with them as I’ve just come here . So, I haven’t made up my mind for now . ”

Bai Chen did not doubt that she had another reason for asking this as he laughed out loud . “Oh, so that’s the case! Actually, you don’t need to be so conflicted . It’s not too late to choose when you see the teachers individually at Peach Garden . ”

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief . “Then, I’m assured . ”

Bai Chen winked . “Actually, most of the students are like you when they first enter the academy and know nothing about the teachers . However, their range of choices isn’t as big as yours . You took first place in the warrior assessment and second place in the Xuan Master assessment . All the teachers want to have you as their disciple now, so it’s up to you to choose . Not everyone can have this treatment . ”

Only a rare talent like Chu Liuyue could stir up all those people’s desires .

“Okay, I’ll go over after unpacking my things . ”

Chu Liuyue’s residence was a very clean two-story building .

She scanned her surroundings and discovered that everything she needed was already prepared for her . She did not need to bring anything along . However, she still placed her items neatly and changed into the academy uniform with the nameplate on her left chest area . Then, she walked towards Peach Garden .

Bai Chen had already told Chu Liuyue how to go to Peach Garden, so she arrived there smoothly .

From far away, Chu Liuyue already saw a traditional and spacious building .

When Chu Liuyue stood outside the door, she suddenly felt immense pressure coming straight for her . She focused her gaze but did not move . She stood still instead .

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The harsh aura suddenly disappeared when it almost reached her face . The remaining wind blew up the loose strands of hair in front of her forehead .

Chu Liuyue stood there calmly and cupped her fists . “Greetings, teachers . ”

Deep laughter sounded at the next moment .

“I said this girl has true capabilities, yet you insisted on testing her . You’re not even afraid of being ridiculed by her . ” It was Sun Zhongyan’s voice . “Girl, come in . ”

After he finished his sentence, the invisible force in front of Chu Liuyue vanished completely . She then stepped into the building .

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Unlike its name, Peach Garden had no plants or flowers, only rough rocks haphazardly placed around . However, Chu Liuyue could immediately tell that the rocks formed a special Xuan formation .

With this place as the center, the Xuan formation energy exuded in all directions . The Xuan formation’s power could definitely not be underestimated once activated .

Chu Liuyue quickly retracted her gaze .

Sun Zhongyan sat on a stone bench in the building and placed a chess piece down when he saw her enter .

Chu Liuyue noticed that the chessboard was exactly the same as the one she used to enter Tian Lu Academy . However, today’s chess pieces were scattered around like stars in the sky, clearly much more complicated than the chessboard that day .

“Girl, have you chosen your teacher?”

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After hesitating slightly, Chu Liuyue shook her head . “Teacher Bai Chen told me to come over and meet all the teachers . ” As she was talking, she scanned her surroundings and discovered that nobody else other than Elder Sun was in the yard .

However, some hidden aura was in the building…

“Elder Sun, the other teachers…” Chu Liuyue was confused .

Sun Zhongyan pointed towards the chessboard . “Since everyone wanted to be your mentor, we held a small competition . Now, all of them have lost, and I’m the only one left . ” He smiled and looked at Chu Liuyue . “What do you think of me being your teacher?”

Chu Liuyue was slightly stunned . If she did not remember wrongly, Elder Sun was also Si Ting’s teacher .

When she was hesitating, a gray shadow suddenly dropped down from a distance, and a deep voice boomed like thunder in Peach Garden . “I disagree!”

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