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Chapter 94: Suffer in Silence
Chapter 94: Suffer in Silence

The same night . Royal Palace, Jiaolan Palace .

The moon was high in the sky . It was an especially quiet night .

The entire Jiaolan Palace was enveloped in a somber atmosphere . Even the servants held their breath, afraid that they would get in trouble . Their eyes, which looked towards the inner palace, were filled with panic and fear .

Fourth Princess had regained consciousness an hour ago . In this short time, she had given orders for the execution of five people!

If they were not careful, they might be next!


There was a sharp sound like something was thrown to the ground .

Everyone was petrified .

Nobody would be able to handle becoming handicapped overnight, not to mention Fourth Princess, who had been the apple of everyone’s eyes!

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” Rong Zhen’s voice was hoarse from shouting the past hour, but her voice grew increasingly shrill . “You all must be lying! I am the talented Fourth Princess! How can I be handicapped?!”

Inside the palace, Rong Zhen was seated on the bed . Her hair was a mess, and her eyes were vicious and crazed .

A few people knelt before her bed .

The person in the front was struck on the head by an object . Blood trickled down, looking rather messy . Even if they were afraid, they had no choice but to plead with her .

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“Fourth Princess, your pearl of essence was broken, and your Yuan meridian has been damaged . Cultivating is going to be tough for you from now on…”

“You imbeciles! So what if my pearl of essence is broken? I can just form another one!” Rong Zhen cut him off suddenly, her voice sharp .

The few of them looked down silently .

Her pearl of essence was broken, and her body had taken a lot of damage . It was impossible for her to form another one .

“Heavenly doctor! Call for a heavenly doctor! If you can’t do it, the heavenly doctor can!” Rong Zhen refused to give up, refusing to accept the result .

As she looked at the people who remained silent, Rong Zhen felt more and more desperate . She actually knew what kind of fate was awaiting her . But… how could she accept it?!

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“Zhen Zhen, your body is still weak . Why aren’t you resting?” A person hurried in from outside the door . It was the Empress .

While looking up at the person, Rong Zhen’s tears began to fall . “Mother! You have to help me!”

The Empress hurried over . Her heart ached to see her beloved daughter in this state, and she brought Rong Zhen into her embrace . “Zhen Zhen, don’t worry . Mother has called for them . No matter what, I’ll try my best to help you . However, you were too careless this time…”

Rong Zhen wanted to get up, but the sharp pain from her legs reminded her that they were broken . Her anguish, hatred, and anger only grew stronger .

She then burst out into a tantrum . “Mother! It’s all that beast’s fault! If it weren’t for it, I wouldn’t be in this state! Also, that hunting ground! Mother, didn’t you go and see Father? Has he agreed to close down the hunting ground? Chu Liuyue is the one who sold it to Zhen Bao Pavilion . They are definitely involved in this! I want them to pay for this with their lives!”

The Empress’ expression stiffened . She hesitated for a while before she spoke with much difficulty . “Zhen Zhen, this happened because you insisted on going to the hunting ground . I’m afraid… it’ll be hard…”

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“Why?!” Rong Zhen pushed her mother aside but instantly understood something after seeing her mother’s hesitance . “T-this is Father’s wish?”

“You are dismissed . ” The Empress dismissed all the people in the room before she sighed . She shook her head indignantly . “You know your father’s temperament…”

“Mother!” Rong Zhen looked at her in disbelief . “Father has always doted on me . Now that I’ve been ruined, he doesn’t intend to pursue the matter?!” How will I seek vengeance?

The Empress closed her eyes . “Of all the places, you went to Zhen Bao Pavilion’s hunting ground… You can only bear with it!”

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