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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:13:43 PM

Chapter 95: He gave up on you

Rong Zhen could not return to her senses for a while .

What does Zhen Bao Pavilion have for them to be so wary? As the Fourth Princess of Country Yao Chen, do I not have the right to pursue the matter now that I’m in this state?!

“Mother, just what is Zhen Bao Pavilion’s background to have Father protecting them like this? Does he not care about the lives of his children?” Rong Zhen could not understand! “It was the same with Crown Prince Brother! Zhen Bao Pavilion took over the hunting ground that he had carefully managed, but nothing came out of it!”

“You should know that even the Crown Prince doesn’t stand a chance against Zhen Bao Pavilion!” The Empress cut her off . One was her son, the other her daughter . How could she not have hatred? Therefore, she went to plead with His Majesty despite knowing that Zhen Bao Pavilion was different to him .

However, the results were as expected—he did not intend on punishing Zhen Bao Pavilion!

“Besides, they turned you down several times when you wanted to go to that hunting ground . They only made an exception for you because you insisted . Many people know about this! Who can you blame for your accident now? Everyone at the hunting ground witnessed it . You only fell off the cliff because you insisted on chasing after that beast! What reason do you have to pursue the matter?”

The Empress felt anguished . Rong Zhen was in the wrong, so she could only suffer the consequences!

Rong Zhen could not refute her mother’s words . However, she had always been arrogant and prideful, so how could she admit that it was her fault? “Even so, are they free of all responsibility? What will happen to me in the future?”

Am I really going to become handicapped?! How can I take this?!

The Empress suppressed her tempestuous emotions . “Zhen Zhen, don’t worry! Mother will not abandon you . Even if they don’t have any means, we’ll think of something else! The envoys from Tianling Dynasty will be here soon . Maybe they’ll have an idea…”

Rong Zhen’s eyes lit up . “Really?”

The Empress forced a smile . “You know what kind of place the Tianling Dynasty is . For all we know… they might have a way . I will help you then!”

Night .

Chu Ning only returned home long after Chu Liuyue did . Chu Ning told her about the matter briefly and shook his head with a sigh . “It’s a pity . Fourth Princess was rather talented . That’s why His Majesty spoiled her . But from now…”

He thought of how Rong Zhen had made things difficult for Yue’er and mocked her for being a good-for-nothing at the Crown Prince’s birthday banquet . Little did they expect the tables to turn . Yue’er was now the prodigy, and Rong Zhen was the handicapped one .

The father-daughter duo had been bullied back then, and they did not expect things to turn out the way they did today .

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Chu Liuyue smiled . “Life is unpredictable . You have to repay what you owe . ”

No matter how one looked at it, Rong Zhen was the one responsible for the matter . Nobody else could be blamed for this . However, Chu Liuyue felt that something was a little strange .

It seemed like an invisible hand controlled everything, but she did not know who it belonged to .

“Oh, right . Father, did you all find the fiend that injured the Fourth Princess?”

“No, it was a high-level fiend . The people protecting the princess were not its match . They didn’t even know what it was . His Majesty has ordered for a thorough investigation, but I think it’ll be tough . I’ll be busier during this time, so you should be more careful . ”

Chu Ning was a little hesitant as he spoke . “You’ve been in the limelight for the last couple of days, so they won’t do anything . But after a while, I’m afraid… I’ll send someone to protect you in the dark . ”

Chu Ning was naturally referring to the people from Crown Prince Mansion and the Chu family . He did not believe that they would give up easily!

Chu Liuyue smiled . “Father, don’t worry . When the banquet ends, school will start again . You’ve just been promoted, and you have to deal with this . I know you’ll be busy, so I intend to stay at school first . What do you think?”

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Chu Ning heaved a sigh of relief . He had almost forgotten about this . Compared to outside, Tian Lu Academy was much safer . “You can make the decision . Of course, I’ll agree to it . ”

“You want to stay in school?”

Chu Liuyue felt a cool scent when she returned to her room . She turned to look, and it was indeed Rong Xiu .

His deep gaze landed on her body, gentle but powerful .

Chu Liuyue was not surprised by his arrival . He was good at masking himself, so there was nothing she could do about it . She could always leave if he were here .

Chu Liuyue nodded . She smiled as she removed his cloak from the cupboard and handed it to him . “Therefore, it’s better for Your Highness not to come . It’s more important for you to recuperate in your mansion . ”

Rong Xiu glanced at the cloak and took it from her with raised brows . “I didn’t expect Yue’er to be so concerned about my body . ”

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Chu Liuyue shrugged . “You’ve offended the Crown Prince . I’m afraid your life is going to be difficult . ”

The Crown Prince clearly saw Rong Xiu as a thorn in his side . His attitude was clear from the banquet .

Now that Rong Xiu was on her side, the Crown Prince was bound to be even angrier .

Rong Xiu bent down when he heard this and inched closer . The distance between the two was closed; they were within inches of each other .

Chu Liuyue was about to back away, but she saw two tiny reflections of herself in Rong Xiu’s deep eyes .

His voice was deep, like strings plucked by the wind . “I can’t thank him enough for giving you up . ”

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