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Chapter 62: Enlighten Me!
Chapter 62: Enlighten Me!

Chu Xianmin was shocked by Rong Jing’s sudden warmth towards her . The Crown Prince did like her, but he rarely used such a gentle tone with her, especially when in front of so many people . He even sounded like he was pampering her .

Does this not prove that the Crown Prince is determined to marry me? Chu Xianmin was filled with elation and delight as she smiled even more sweetly . “Then, I’ll thank you first, Brother Jin . ”

Rong Jin nodded, but the corner of his eyes quickly swept past the nearby Chu Liuyue . However, she was already walking towards the arena . She did not care about what happened between them or his actions .

Rong Jin’s thin lips pressed against each other tightly, and the unknown fire burned even more fiercely in his heart .  Didn’t Chu Liuyue previously say that she secretly had a crush on me? Why does she have such an attitude now?

In the past, he only had hatred towards her . The marriage agreement between the two of them was like a gigantic mountain crushing his heart, which utterly frustrated him .

However, he felt like something was wrong now that she didn’t bother him nor take another look at him anymore after the marriage agreement had been dissolved . He felt… uncomfortable .

He did not even know why he would feel this way himself, but this feeling would not go away and kept annoying him .

Rong Jin quickly retracted his gaze and looked at Chu Xianmin . Suddenly, he felt very bored .

But Chu Xianmin did not notice Rong Jin’s changes and turned around to head for the arena .

The two sisters were against each other .

The atmosphere immediately started to tense up .

“Sister, I haven’t congratulated you . I didn’t know you had such amazing talent as a Xuan Master . If our family finds out about this, they will be over the moon . ” Chu Xianmin smiled as if she was genuinely happy for her .

The crowd looked at each other with confusion and doubts in their eyes .

What does that mean? The Chu family doesn’t know that Chu Liuyue has Xuan Master talent? Then how did she start learning how to be a Xuan Master and attain second place in the assessment when faced with such outstanding students?

“Don’t worry; they’ll find out about this very soon . I don’t know if they’ll be happy, but it seems like you aren’t, Third Sister . ” Chu Liuyue was very straightforward and had no intention of faking their ‘sisterhood . ’

Chu Xianmin could not maintain her facade . “Sister, you’re seeing yourself as an outsider by saying this . It’s a good thing for the entire Chu family if you can become a Xuan Master, so why wouldn’t I be happy? The more talented and stronger you are, the happier I will be as your sister . For this warrior assessment, I still need you to kindly enlighten me . ”

The crowd choked with laughter .

“Chu Liuyue lacks a Yuan meridian and can’t even be counted as a warrior . She is bound to lose this match . How could she possibly have the ability to ‘enlighten’ Chu Xianmin?”

“Hahaha, it seems like this pair of sisters’ relationship has thoroughly fallen apart . ”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly . “Since you’ve said so, then… I won’t go easy on you . ” Before Chu Liuyue finished her sentence, she suddenly vanished into thin air .

Chu Xianmin was stunned, and her heart skipped a beat .  Why is Chu Liuyue so fast?

A dangerous aura suddenly attacked from behind her, and Chu Xianmin instinctively turned around and drew her sword .

A red figure flashed across her eyes, and Chu Xianmin swiftly brandished her sword towards the front and stabbed harshly .

The sharp sword instantly cut through the person’s chest .

Before Chu Xianmin could be happy about it, she realized that the other party was not injured . The other party’s figure had even slowly disappeared .

Chu Xianmin immediately felt that something was amiss .  That wasn’t even Chu Liuyue . It was her shadow!

“You’re too slow . ” A cold voice sounded .

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Chu Xianmin looked up and saw Chu Liuyue already standing three steps away and looking at her nonchalantly . Chu Liuyue gazed at her as if she were looking at a tiny ant .

Chu Liuyue’s gaze made Chu Xianmin feel inferior for some reason .

“What happened just now?”

The spectators watching the battle also did not expect Chu Xianmin’s attack to miss . They looked at each other in confusion .

The few teachers’ expressions changed slightly . When they looked at each other, they saw the shock in the other party’s eyes .

“How can Chu Liuyue be so fast? It looks like she’s not weaker than a stage-three warrior . ”

“She’s not even a warrior . How can she have such ability?”

At this point, Bai Chen could not help but raise his brows in delight . “Hehe, why don’t you think about it carefully? What’s so surprising about Little Liuyue having such ability if she could pass the warrior examination?”

The few teachers were stunned when they heard his words .

That was right!

Chu Liuyue had passed all three categories in the entrance examination . This proved that her own capabilities were comparable to that of a stage-three warrior .

Seeing their expressions, Bai Chen unleashed the anger in his heart . “Did you think that I purposely made it easy for Little Liuyue to enter our academy?”

The few teachers kept quiet for a while before shaking their heads since they knew Bai Chen was someone with integrity and honesty . He definitely wouldn’t do such a thing .

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“Hehe, let me tell you that an exciting show awaits at the back!”

This group of people doesn’t know how to think on their feet . They will start regretting it when they see that girl’s true potential .

No! It should not be like this! Chu Xianmin clenched her teeth tightly .  Chu Liuyue is just a loser, and I’m about to become a stage-four warrior . How can I not be Chu Liuyue’s match? T-that… was just a mistake on my part previously .

Chu Xianmin did not say a word as she circulated the force in her body and infused it into her longsword .

Weng! Weng!

The sharp sword started vibrating and made frightening sounds .

“Go!” Chu Xianmin stood on her toes and swiftly attacked Chu Liuyue .

Chu Liuyue looked up .

The sharp sword was coming right for her .

Her hair flew along with the wind .

“Chu Liuyue won’t be able to avoid it this time…” said someone softly in the crowd .

However, the next second, the crowd shockingly discovered that Chu Liuyue did not retreat but had even advanced .

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Chu Liuyue took a step forward and planned to face the attack head-on .

The most important thing was that she had no weapons on her . Was she going to fight Chu Xianmin with her bare hands? She was bound to lose if that were the case .

Chu Xianmin’s longsword was only half an arm away from Chu Liuyue’s neck .

Chu Xianmin suddenly had an evil thought as she stared at the face getting increasingly closer .  Her face really is getting prettier . If I can ruin it once and for all, Chu Liuyue will not be so arrogant in the future .

When Chu Xianmin thought of this, her wrist tilted slightly, and the sword’s blade moved an inch away, heading straight for Chu Liuyue’s face .

Murderous intent flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes . She spun around and bent her left leg slightly as her right leg flew up and went straight for Chu Xianmin .


Chu Liuyue directly kicked Chu Xianmin’s wrist with her foot .

Chu Xianmin felt excruciating pain as she yelled out loud .

Before she could react, Chu Liuyue had already rapidly closed in on her . Chu Liuyue turned around, and her left leg went flying out .

This time, she kicked Chu Xianmin’s face directly .

A silver light flashed across, and fresh, red blood gushed out . Chu Xianmin’s face instantly had several deep cuts .

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