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Chapter 61: Battle!
Chapter 61: Battle!

“What? You want to join the warrior assessment?” That teacher was shocked . “Didn’t you already participate in the Xuan Master assessment?”

Chu Liuyue explained, “Teacher, it’s my first day at school today, and I haven’t chosen which aspect I want to specialize in . So, I should be given a chance to join the warrior assessment, right?”

“This…” The teacher paused . “It’s not wrong to say that, b-but… there has never been such a case before . ”

Even if a person had a lot of talent in different aspects, they would normally just choose one to specialize in . For example, someone that could become a Xuan Master would usually spend all their efforts on Xuan formations, not warrior cultivation .

All humans had a limit to their energy . If they wanted both ends of the stick, they would usually end up failing to obtain both .

Besides, Chu Liuyue lacked a Yuan meridian, so it would be best for her to become a Xuan Master . What made her foolish enough to join the warrior assessment?

“The academy doesn’t have a rule that states that each student can only join one assessment . Since the girl wants to try, let her have a go . ”

That teacher looked up and was stunned momentarily before he respectfully greeted the speaker . “Greetings, Elder Sun . ”

Chu Liuyue also turned around and nodded in gratitude . Originally, she planned to come on her own, but she did not expect Sun Zhongyan to follow her . It seemed like he was standing up for her .

Since Sun Zhongyan had already spoken, outsiders could not stop her anymore .

After hesitating for a while, that teacher said with much difficulty, “It’s not impossible for you to join the assessment, but… the assessment here has already ended—the finals are over . If you want to join the assessment, you need an opponent to determine who wins and loses . However, there isn’t anyone suitable at this moment . ”

Chu Liuyue raised her chin . “Isn’t there someone suitable there?”

“Chu Xianmin?” With disbelief, that teacher dazedly said, “You want to go against the top warrior? Are you serious?”

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Is Chu Liuyue a fool?

She lacks a Yuan meridian and probably might not even be a match for a stage-one warrior . How can she possibly compare with Chu Xianmin, who is about to reach warrior stage four? Only failure will await her if she goes on to battle .

Chu Liuyue paused for a while and smiled abruptly . “I’m serious, because… I came here to be the top scholar!”

After the finals, the warrior assessment zone had already calmed down; many people were preparing to leave . However, they did not expect Chu Liuyue to come over to participate in the assessment and even directly challenge Chu Xianmin .

The originally quiet crowd burst into heated discussions .

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“Is this true? Chu Liuyue wants to go against Chu Xianmin?”

“Hah, did I hear it wrongly? She wants to be the top scholar?”

“My god… . This Chu Liuyue doesn’t usually talk, but she shocks everyone once she does! Does she think she hasn’t proved herself enough today?”

“A battle between the sisters while the Crown Prince is at the side . How exciting!”

If it weren’t for so many people watching her at the side, Chu Xianmin would burst out in laughter .  Chu Liuyue actually wants to vie for first place with me? I can’t do anything to Chu Liuyue regarding anything about Xuan Masters, but she is just asking for trouble by participating in a warrior assessment .

“Sister, do you really want to challenge me?” Chu Xianmin had a belly full of jealousy and hatred yet to be unleashed, but who would have thought that Chu Liuyue would offer herself?

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Chu Liuyue raised her brows . “You won’t fight me?”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll definitely obey . Don’t worry, I’ll be ‘careful’ and won’t hurt you, Sister . ” As she talked, she smiled at that teacher . “Teacher, please allow for this match to take place . ”

Since both of them had agreed, others would not interfere with their decision .

“Okay! Then, we’ll add one more match . However, I’ll repeat this once more: the match stops when you score sufficient points . ”

Chu Liuyue did not say anything .

Rong Jin’s expression was complicated as he stared at the girl not too far away from him .  The once inferior girl has now become a Xuan Master talent… Did she purposely come here to prove something to me?

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t even look in his direction after waiting some time; she acted as if he did not even exist .

An unknown fire grew in Rong Jin’s heart . He turned to look at Chu Xianmin and gently said, “Be careful, don’t let me worry about you . I’ll organize a celebratory feast for you when you get first place!”

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