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Chapter 54: 54
Chapter 54: Present

What else would be more of a joke than this?

During the many years when their marriage agreement existed, she was a coward and a weakling, humiliating him through and through . However, once the marriage agreement was dissolved, she suddenly turned into someone new and became a top genius, attracting everyone’s envy .

Rong Jin could not believe this no matter what, but he knew that the academy would not make a mistake about this . This meant that… Chu Liuyue was really a Xuan Master talent .

When the crowd heard the news, they were stunned, including those joking about her earlier . They only said it for fun at the start, but who knew it would come true?

Some of them looked at Rong Jin with complicated gazes .  How unlucky must he be to meet with such a thing?

Just after he dissolved the marriage agreement, the other party became an attractive genius, and she was even a Xuan Master .

An outstanding Xuan Master talent was even more precious and capable than a regular warrior talent .

Chu Liuyue’s life would really be flipped upside down if she had truly used her own capabilities to place second in the examination . From now on, everyone would want to ride on her coattails .

Rong Jin had actually given up on such a rare Xuan Master talent that had been his fiancée and chose Chu Xianmin instead . Even though Chu Xianmin was quite talented, she was still a warrior and worse than a Xuan Master .

In addition to the incidents exposed during the banquet, many people felt that Chu Xianmin was shameless and unscrupulous in her ambition to climb up the ladder .

It was a miserable fight between the two of them .

Some of them looked at each other quietly and whispered .

“Pfft… If this happened to me, it would be the biggest regret of my life . ”

“Exactly! She’s a Xuan Master! Si Ting placed first, and she came in second not long after . Doesn’t this prove that her talent is on par with Si Ting’s?”

“After all, Si Ting started training when he was young, but this Chu Liuyue seemed to have been bullied all the time previously . Even though I don’t know how she suddenly became a Xuan Master talent, her life is going to be very different from now on . ”

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“Quiet down! Can’t you see how upset that person looks?”

“Who can handle this large discrepancy?”

Prince Li Mansion…

Rong Xiu lay on his long, wooden seat, and the sun shone down on him from the windows, casting his eyelashes’ shadows onto his face . His clean and distinguished appearance made him look pure and innocent as if his entire person was sculpted from the purest ice in heaven .

His purely red lips made him look even more attractive . He was the only color of spring in this icy world, and he was the beastliest of them all .

Footstep sounds came in from outside .

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Yan Qing walked in and bowed . “Master, I have prepared the item you chose . ”

Rong Xiu’s lashes fluttered slightly, and he opened his eyes . A spark flashed across his bottomless eyes . “The examination results are already out, right?”

“Yes, Big Chu Missy has entered Tian Lu Academy by passing all three categories,” said Yan Qing calmly, but the rapid beating of his heart had not been appeased . Only heaven would know how shocked he was when he received the news .

Even though he had already guessed Big Chu Missy was not someone simple, he did not expect her to have hidden such skills .

“Also, Big Chu Missy participated in the academy’s mid-semester examination . I heard… she came in second place for the Xuan Master examination . ”

Rong Xiu lifted his brows . “Her show-off character is such a headache . ”

Yan Qing glanced at his master, and his eyelids twitched .  Headache? Then what are you laughing at? You won’t even be this happy if it happened to you, right?

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Rong Xiu looked at Yan Qing . “Yan Qing, what do you want to say?”

Yan Qing immediately straightened his back . “I wanted to say that you have good taste, Master . ”

Rong Xiu’s long fingers knocked on the table, and he laughed with a deep voice after a momentary silence . “Since she’s having so much fun, I’ll let her have her fill today . Double the presents we prepared originally . ”

Yan Qing asked with slight hesitation, “Then for yours…”

“I’ll deliver it to her personally . ”

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