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Chapter 55: 55
Chapter 55: You’re Too Slow

Chu Liuyue did not have a single clue about what was happening outside . The moment she picked up the flag, fireworks immediately flew up and exploded in mid-air .

She raised her brows in confusion . She initially thought that only the top scholar would have such treatment, but she did not expect that second place would be announced in such a high-key manner .

She purposely came in second to not get into too much trouble . However, this was not bad as well . At the very least, there would be no ignorant people that dared to cause trouble for her from now on .

“Are you Chu Liuyue?”

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw a kind old man sizing her up .

Behind him were two other middle-aged men .

A mini Xuan formation floated beside them .

She realized that these three men were the Xuan Masters controlling the Xuan formation in the forest .

She bent her knees and bowed . “Greetings, teachers . ”

“Elder Sun is one of our academy’s five most esteemed elders,” reminded one of the middle-aged men .

Chu Liuyue immediately changed her phrasing . “Greetings, Elder Sun . ”

Sun Zhongyan waved his hands and chuckled . “This isn’t important . It’s normal for Liuyue not to know about this since it’s her first time here . I didn’t expect the academy to be able to accept such a talent . It was no wonder that kid—Bai Chen—likes you so much . You… are very capable!”

‘That kid…’ It seems like this elder is pretty senior here .  She did not really hear about the five elders before, but it was obvious that they held a prominent status . Chu Liuyue thought this in her heart, but her facial expression did not change . She said, in neither an overbearing nor a humble manner, “Thank you, Elder Sun, for the compliment . ”

Sun Zhongyan liked her even more after hearing her words .

Even though she was young, she was very calm and collected . Most of the students that came in first or second during an examination would have a hard time hiding their proud expressions even though they spoke in a humble manner . However, judging from Chu Liuyue’s calm eyes, it seemed like she really did not care about it .

It was either she did not know what her ranking meant, or she did not even care about the difficulty of the examination .

“I’m not praising you . You do have the talent to become a Xuan Master . You would definitely be very different if your talent had been unearthed and cultivated earlier . ”

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What is wrong with that Chu family? How can they delay such a rare talent? If Chu Liuyue did not suggest entering Tian Lu Academy herself, her talent would’ve been buried for the rest of her life .

The two middle-aged men beside him looked at each other and saw the other party’s shocked look .

Elder Sun looked kind and gentle, but he had very high expectations; it was rare for him to admire and praise students . Even though Chu Liuyue’s performance was decent, Elder Sun’s comments were a little too much .

Chu Liuyue smiled . “You’re really thinking too highly of me . I’m already very happy to be able to enter the academy and learn . ”

Sun Zhongyan stroked his beard and smiled at Si Ting . “Si Ting, you need to work a lot harder from now on . ”

Si Ting tightly pressed his lips against each other and looked down slightly . “I will remember your teachings . ” It seems like Elder Sun saw something in her . There’s an 80% chance that Chu Liuyue hid her true abilities during the examination .

“Since you’ve finished the examination, come take a look at the Xuan formation,” said Elder Sun as he pointed at the floating silver Xuan formation .

Si Ting and Chu Liuyue readily agreed and followed him over .

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Sun Zhongyan personally arranged this Xuan formation, and it was very detailed and complicated . One would definitely benefit a lot if they could personally examine it and learn from it .

After an hour roughly passed, hurried footsteps could be heard from the woods .

Chu Liuyue looked over and smiled .

The person coming was actually Si Yang . The current him had his hair in a mess, and his clothes were stained with blood . It was obvious that he had a hard time inside . He looked very different from his initial arrogant expression .

His gaze swept across the row of flags and discovered that there were two empty spots . This meant that only two people were ahead of him .

I’m third! A smile finally appeared on his face when he thought of this as he hurried over and took one of the flags . Even though the journey here was very difficult, it was worth it to get such a result .

He then looked up .

In the woods, one could not hear sounds that came from outside the Xuan formation . Thus, he did not know who had come in first place and second place .

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He looked up and saw a familiar, bulky figure .  As expected, it’s Si Ting .  He directed his gaze to the side, and his entire person froze when he saw the pretty face .

“Congratulations . ” Chu Liuyue clapped her hands and smiled happily . “Third place . ”

Si Yang was completely dazed as he asked instinctively, “Why are you here?”

Chu Liuyue blinked . “Because… I came in second place . ”


“It’s such a pity . You said we would battle it out on the examination grounds, but you didn’t catch up with me after I waited for you for so long . Thus, I could only make a move first . ” Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders . “I didn’t expect you to be so… slow . ”

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