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Chapter 29: 29

Everyone had a different expression .

Prince Li was…

Rong Xiu had already looked at Emperor Jiawen and bowed . “Father, please forgive me for being late . ” He couldn’t stop himself from coughing twice after he said that . It seemed like he had been sick for a long time .

Emperor Jiawen shook his head with some disapproval . “You’ve had a weak constitution ever since you were a child . You must take good care of yourself now that you’ve just returned to the Imperial City . Why are you pushing yourself by coming?”

Rong Xiu looked smilingly at Rong Jin . “It is Brother’s birthday banquet . As his brother and his subject, how can I not come?”


Rong Jin sneered inwardly, but he wore a smile on his face . “Seventh Brother, you’re being too polite . It’s only a birthday . I’ll feel bad if your sickness gets worse . Quickly, sit!”

Rong Xiu followed his advice and took his seat beside the Third Prince, Rong Jiu .

He coughed a few times after removing his cloak . It seemed that he was suffering on this trip .

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves .

Indeed, Prince Li looked like he was in bad shape .

Some noble ladies were disappointed . He might have the looks, but there wouldn’t be much of a future with his weak body . A pity . He was so handsome and exuded such a magnificent presence .

Rong Xiu didn’t seem to care . He sat, greeted a few people around him, and quieted down .

What a gentle and humble gentleman .

Rong Zhen had no impression of her seventh brother . However, she was disgusted by him after he offered his handkerchief to Chu Liuyue . She sneered and turned her attention from Chu Liuyue to him . “Brother, you seem to care greatly for Big Chu Missy . Is it possible that you already know each other?”

Rong Xiu simply smiled . “I’ve only been back to the Imperial City for a month . This is my first outing . How can I know anyone?”

Rong Zhen remained skeptical . “Then why did you help her?”

Rong Xiu’s smile slightly faltered . “I just feel that it’s really not good to see blood as today is my brother’s birthday banquet . Besides… I’m late . I don’t know what happened earlier, and this place is actually in such a mess?”

He poured himself a cup of tea and casually said, “If I remember correctly, Miss Chu is engaged to my brother . I wonder who is bold enough to treat the Crown Prince’s wife-to-be in such a manner on his birthday banquet . ”


Rong Zhen choked .

Rong Jin looked even more embarrassed .

Wasn’t he being accused of letting others bully Chu Liuyue under his nose?

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The Empress sensed that things had taken a wrong turn . She said warmly, “Prince Li must be mistaken . Rong Zhen felt close to her even though it was their first meeting, and she wanted to give the Golden Python to Miss Chu . They were merely taming the python earlier . ”

Rong Xiu was a little surprised . “Tame the Golden Python? Big Chu Missy is born with a crippled Yuan meridian, and she can’t cultivate . How can she possibly tame it?” His perplexed question made the Empress and the others suddenly feel extremely embarrassed .

Rong Jin frowned . He felt that Rong Xiu had set the trap on purpose . However, judging from his shocked expression, he seemed to be asking the question out of genuine concern . Besides, Rong Xiu shouldn’t know about what happened to the hunting ground . Rong Jin couldn’t tell what Rong Xiu was thinking for a while, so he didn’t say anything .

Rong Zhen, however, couldn’t stop herself from arguing . “She obviously made the mistake of selling the deed for Brother’s hunting ground to others! She has gone too far by doing that . ”

After a moment’s silence, Rong Xiu asked as he fondled his teacup, “How did she do that if the deed belongs to the Crown Prince?”


There was dead silence in the palace .

Everyone naturally knew her name was on the deed, but anyone with a brain could tell that the Crown Prince highly valued the hunting ground .

The fact that she sold it meant she was screwing the Crown Prince over big time!

The Crown Prince was furious . He obviously wanted to deal with her today . Otherwise, why would a loser from the Chu family have the right to be present at a palace banquet?

Everyone was well-aware of this . Even the Empress had acquiesced to it .

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When a man of Prince Li’s status had pointed this out, it made the Crown Prince look exceptionally bad .

Chu Liuyue wiped the bloodstains off with the white handkerchief as she hid a smile . Since Rong Xiu had the intention to help her, she would seize this opportunity . “Your Highness, there is something you might be unaware of . Although my name is on the deed, it is still my fault for selling it away just like that because the Crown Prince and I have not been officially engaged . Earlier, the Fourth Princess also promised to let the matter rest if I can tame the Golden Python . Am I right, Princess?”

Rong Zhen glared at her with bulging eyes . “When did I say that? Don’t put words in my mouth!”

Chu Liuyue looked at Emperor Jiawen in confusion . “Is that not what you meant, Your Majesty?”

Emperor Jiawen didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to be so direct, and he felt embarrassed . He coughed and waved his hand . “It is just a hunting ground . Since Liuyue has already tamed the Golden Python as agreed, let’s leave it at that . Zhen Zhen, you’re not to talk about this again . ”


This wasn’t just a warning for Rong Zhen alone, but also for everyone present .

Rong Zhen was annoyed, but when she saw the seriousness in Emperor Jiawen’s eyes, she could only agree reluctantly . “Yes . ”

“Thank you, Your Majesty . ” Chu Liuyue had no intention of letting it go so lightly . She sighed softly and wore an aggrieved expression . “Your Majesty, I know in my heart that you personally granted the title deed to me all those years ago, and I naturally treasure it very much . However, I would have never sold the deed if I had not been forced to do so . ”

Emperor Jiawen was stunned . “What is it? Is there something else?”

Chu Liuyue breathed deeply . “Your Majesty, life hasn’t been easy because I was born with a crippled Yuan meridian, and my father had been seriously injured many years ago . If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have to sell the deed away to raise some taels to sustain our living…”

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First Elder stood up immediately and shouted out in anger . “Chu Liuyue! What nonsense are you babbling?” Is she trying to implicate the entire Chu family?


Emperor Jiawen looked displeased as he glanced at First Elder . “Let her speak!”

First Elder was furious, but he didn’t dare to interject anymore .

“There was a time when my father and I sought help from the Crown Prince, but we couldn’t even meet him . Before I sold the deed, I tried to talk to the Crown Prince about it . Alas, I was turned away . So…”

Rong Jin turned blue as he listened .  This is some story from Chu Liuyue!


“Out of desperation, I was forced to do what I did . Your Majesty, I seek your wise judgment . ” Chu Liuyue’s words were half-true, but the people in the palace were inclined to believe her .

Almost everyone in the Imperial City knew what kind of lives Chu Liuyue and her father were living . It was entirely possible that the Crown Prince had shut her out .

Wasn’t it normal for the Crown Prince to do this when he loathed her so much?

If that was what happened, then Chu Liuyue wasn’t to blame .

Emperor Jiawen looked more dignified when he looked at Rong Jin . “Crown Prince, I’m sure you have put in a lot of effort into that hunting ground . However, if you hadn’t neglected Liuyue all these years, she also wouldn’t have done this . If my memory serves me well, her birthday is in two days . You will be formally…”

Rong Jin’s heart skipped a beat .  Is it possible that Emperor Jiawen wants me to fulfill my marriage agreement with Chu Liuyue? Absolutely no way! 

Rong Jin jumped out of his seat at this thought . “Father, I have a request . ” He pointed at Chu Liuyue . “I wish to dissolve my marriage agreement with Chu Liuyue!”

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