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Chapter 28: 28

Rong Zhen stiffened her neck and looked up at Chu Liuyue .

Chu Liuyue’s face and hands were covered in blood, but she looked calm and relaxed with the Golden Python’s corpse right behind her . She could actually smile! She looked like a demon from hell .

Rong Zhen suddenly felt a chill . At this moment, a thought occurred to her: Chu Liuyue is not an easy target to bully like she appears to be .

Chu Liuyue held something out . “Fourth Princess, the Golden Python’s essence is very nourishing to the body . Please…”

It was still sticky and stained with blood . The fishy smell made one nauseous .

Rong Zhen’s face went pale . Nevertheless, so many pairs of eyes were looking at them, so she had to accept the ‘gift in return . ’

Just when she was in a dilemma, Rong Jin—who was sitting beside her—suddenly spoke . “Someone come and take this gift from Miss Chu . ”

As soon as he finished speaking, a guard beside him immediately stepped forward with the intention of receiving the pearl on behalf of the princess . However, Chu Liuyue avoided the guard’s hand and continued to stare intently at Rong Zhen .

“Initially, I thought it belonged to me because my name was on it, and I could do whatever I pleased with it since it was my belonging . However, I didn’t expect my actions would provoke the Fourth Princess, enraging her . If so, please allow me to apologize to Your Majesty and Your Highness . It’s a pity that the Fourth Princess doesn’t seem to care for my gift, or is it not good enough for you?”

Rong Zhen’s heart skipped a beat . She might be wilful and petulant, but she wasn’t a fool . Chu Liuyue was asking her to accept the gift personally . If she didn’t, her earlier demands on Chu Liuyue would seem mean .

So many people, including her father and mother, were watching her every move .

It was no big deal if she tarnished her own reputation . After all, she had always had such a temper . However, she couldn’t afford to have the royal family be criticized because of her . She was able to please the Empress in large part because she knew the limits, even though she always messed around .

“Of course, your Princess is satisfied with your gift . ” Rong Zhen gritted her teeth, stood up, and got the guard to stand down while she accepted the Golden Python’s essence .

It was so sticky and disgusting that she almost threw it away!

Rong Zhen thought she would be able to teach Chu Liuyue a well-deserved lesson, but in the end, the latter managed to turn the table around .

She stared at Chu Liuyue with a deadly glare and said through gritted teeth, “Chu . Liu . Yue . You are good! Your Princess will remember you!”

Chu Liuyue smiled faintly and bowed . “Thank you for remembering me, Princess . ”

Rong Zhen was so choked up with anger that she almost exploded .

“Okay,” reminded Rong Jin .

Rong Zhen could only suppress her anger .

Rong Jin gave her a look as if he was unhappy . “Shouldn’t you go and clean up? You look so dirty . What impression are you trying to make?”

The moment he finished, there was silence in the palace .

The Crown Prince seemed to be talking about the Fourth Princess, but in reality, he was indirectly targeting Chu Liuyue .

The Fourth Princess merely had a little blood staining her hands . Chu Liuyue, on the other hand, was covered in blood from her earlier fight with the Golden Python .

‘Dirty’ was the exact description for the current Chu Liuyue .

Soft snickering could be heard throughout the palace .

All eyes, filled with mockery and ridicule, were on her .

Everyone was well-dressed and clean in the brightly lit Ming Cui Palace .

She was the only one covered in blood . Her hair was down and scattered because she had removed her hairpin . She was a mess .

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This was the sight that greeted Rong Xiu when he entered the palace .

A skinny young girl stood in the center of the palace . Beside her were a huge, broken black cage and the Golden Python’s bloodied corpse .

The floor was covered in bloodstains .

The girl’s side profile and hands were also covered in blood . She might be thin, but her back was straight like the cypress tree on a mountain cliff . It never bent, no matter how hard the wind blew .

His warm, clear eyes instantly turned dark and cold . He regained his usual gentle look in the next second .

“Prince Li has arrived!” The announcement broke the atmosphere in the palace . Everyone’s eyes widened in shock .

Prince Li?

The Seventh Prince?

What is he doing here?

He returned to the Imperial City a month ago but had not attended any banquets because he had been sick . Why today…

Chu Liuyue felt her heart stir, and she looked back unconsciously .

A familiar silhouette appeared at the palace door .

The octagonal glazed palace lamp hanging outside the palace door cast a soft, warm light, reflecting his tall and long figure .

Chu Liuyue was stunned . He was actually wearing a white fox cloak in the middle of summer .

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His features became clearer as he walked into the palace .

Although this wasn’t her first time seeing his face, she couldn’t stop herself from falling into a daze .

Rong Xiu had eyebrows that slanted towards his temples—which resembled two swords—profound phoenix eyes that were like the brilliant stars in the Milky Way, and a high nose .

One look from him was enough to make a person melt willingly .

Within the cloak, he was dressed in a snow-white brocade coat with dark-gold patterns embroidered on the cuffs and hem . He seemed to be gliding on the moonlight .

Only one thought occurred in everyone’s mind with his appearance: like a well-cut and polished rogue gentleman .

He looked really noble, regal, and as warm as a piece of jade .

Some noble ladies were flushing and stared at him with adoring eyes .

“So… this is Prince Li . I never thought he was so handsome!”

“The last time he returned to the Imperial City was three years ago . I didn’t expect to see him back again with such a demeanor . Nobody in the city can compare to him in terms of looks . ”

“Humph! What is there to see? He’s just a sick kid . At the end of the day, he’s nothing more than an idle prince . ”

There were whispers in the palace .

Chu Liuyue looked closer, and her eyebrows rose .

It wasn’t surprising that those people had said all this . Rong Xiu’s lips were pale, and he did look weak .

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At this moment, Rong Xiu’s attention shifted, and he looked at Chu Liuyue .

Their eyes met .

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes .

In the next moment, Rong Xiu was actually making his way toward her until he stood before her .

Everyone was looking at her strangely .

Chu Liuyue froze .  What is he planning to do? Is he here to settle the score because I trespassed into Bibo Lake last time?

While she was thinking about this, she saw Rong Xiu suddenly extend his hand and hand her a handkerchief that was white as snow .

Chu Liuyue immediately understood his intentions .

He wanted her to wipe the bloodstains on her face .

The circumstances of when she first met him resurfaced in her mind .

That time, he had reached out, wiped the bloodstains on her face with his fingertip, and said, “Lady Chu, you can’t go home in such a mess with blood on your face . ”

The situation this time was so similar .

Chu Liuyue accepted his handkerchief and bowed with gratitude . “Thank you, Your Highness . ”

Rong Xiu looked at the young girl’s curls of hair and her well-mannered demeanor that was a stark difference from her earlier wariness . His mood improved instantly .

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