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Chapter 182: 182
Chapter 182: Threat

Many thoughts flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind . She had offended quite a lot of people, but none of them seemed capable of producing a poison like Red Blood Gu .

Even Tian Lu Academy’s teachers did not have much understanding of Red Blood Gu, let alone the other people in the Imperial City .

The Chu family?

The Crown Prince?

Or someone else?

She was in the light, and the enemy was in the dark . The path in front of her seemed to be covered by mist, obscuring this incident’s truth and causing her to be unable to see it clearly .

After thinking for a while, Chu Liuyue finally let go of the dagger .

Chu Xianmin then heavily breathed as she angrily glared at Chu Liuyue . “I’ve said all that I can say . Are you satisfied?”

“Of course not . I want the antidote, but you didn’t give it to me . You harmed my friend and me, so do you really think I’ll let this matter slide?” Chu Liuyue amusingly stared at her . “Don’t you think you’re being too naive?”

Chu Xianmin knew Chu Liuyue would not let this matter slide . “What exactly do you want?”

Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows rose slightly . “I don’t want anything . I just want to tell this entire story to Elder Sun and the rest . After all, having a person that can risk anything just to kill her own schoolmates will cause others to be unable to sleep at night . ”

“Y-you want to chase me away?”

“You made a mistake first, so how can you blame others?” Chu Liuyue looked at her with a half-smile . “What a pity . I heard that you entered the academy as a top scholar . Who would’ve thought that you’d be sadly expelled from the academy one day?”

“No!” Chu Liuyue’s words completely agitated Chu Xianmin . When she hurriedly walked forward and wanted to grab Chu Liuyue, Chu Liuyue shied away from her in time .

“You can’t expel me! I won’t leave! I’m not leaving!”

She could not go back to the Chu family now, and the Crown Prince still had not made a comeback . If she were expelled from the academy, her entire life would be ruined .

How could she possibly give up on her only chance of making a comeback?

Chu Liuyue looked nonchalant . “You caused your own demise, so you shouldn’t survive . ”

Chu Xianmin was very anxious . After thinking for some time, she finally begged Chu Liuyue . “Take it as I’m begging you! Please, don’t expose this incident . If you can promise me this, I guarantee that I won’t go against you in the future! I’ll do everything that you say! I’m begging you!”

Seeing that Chu Liuyue did not respond, Chu Xianmin clenched her teeth and actually knelt down . ”What must I do for you to let me off?”

Ji Yurong felt his heart ache and went forward . “Minmin—”

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Chu Xianmin vengefully looked at him, which immediately glued him to the ground . “Do you think that you haven’t caused me enough harm? Get lost!”

Ji Yurong was extremely guilty and knelt down as well .

Chu Liuyue looked down at the two from above, but did not feel any emotions at all . On the other hand, she even thought of Chu Xianmin differently .

Chu Xianmin was very arrogant in the past . Chu Xianmin hated me to the point that she wanted me dead, yet she has knelt down today . She can be considered as knowing how to retreat and advance . This character of hers seems to be much shrewder than before . It seems like the continuous impacts these few days have pushed Chu Xianmin to the corner .

Seeing that Chu Liuyue was nonchalant, Chu Xianmin closed her eyes and heavily banged her head against the floor .

Chu Liuyue glanced at Chu Xianmin’s hands, which were tightly stuck to the ground .

If I ever have the chance, I—Chu Xianmin—will definitely repay the humiliation I’ve experienced today by a hundred-fold .

“You can stay if you want, but you need to promise me something . ”

The waiting time was especially long, and Chu Xianmin felt that every second of silence was cutting off a part of her dignity . When she thought Chu Liuyue would not agree to her request, she finally heard a desirable answer .

Chu Xianmin suddenly raised her head, and tears welled up in her eyes .

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Chu Liuyue enunciated every single word properly and said, “You just have to pretend that nothing happened today and wait for that person to come again . ”

Chu Xianmin was stunned; then, she clenched her teeth . “Okay . ”

Chu Liuyue nodded and turned around to leave . When she took a step, she suddenly turned back . “Oh, I forgot to tell you that my dagger is smeared with poison . ”

Chu Xianmin was dazed . “What?”

Chu Liuyue kindly advised her, “Don’t worry . This poison takes effect slowly . If you do your duty properly, I’ll naturally give you the antidote in time . However, if you dare to play any tricks, don’t blame me for being heartless . ”

“This poison will enter your body and decompose your organs first . It will then go to your bones . One month later, your entire body will rot from inside-out . Tch, I think you don’t want to die in such an ugly manner, right?”

“You!” Chu Xianmin’s blood boiled, but she endured it with much effort . “Okay . ”

Chu Liuyue glanced at Ji Yurong . “You will move out on your own, and you don’t need me to help you, right?”

“No need! I know what to do!” Ji Yurong hurriedly agreed .

Chu Liuyue then slowly left .

When her figure completely disappeared, Chu Xianmin harshly punched the floor . “B*tch!”

“Minmin—” Ji Yurong wanted to help her up, but got a slap in return .

Chu Xianmin stood up by herself, but the rough floor cut her skin because she put force on her palm . Her entire hand was bleeding now .

However, what can this small pain compare to? The humiliation Chu Liuyue gave me today is something I can never forget!

Looking at her reddened eyes that were sinister and petrifying, Ji Yurong was worried and scared . He wanted to say something else, but his face still burned in pain . Hence, he could only keep his mouth shut .

Chu Xianmin touched the injury on her neck, and doubts appeared in her heart .  Is that dagger actually poisonous?

However, no matter if it was poisonous or not, she Chu Xianmin did not dare to do anything recklessly . Thus, she could only allow Chu Liuyue to order her around .

She turned around and planned to leave, but she suddenly spat out blood and collapsed to the floor after taking a few steps .

“Minmin!” Ji Yurong gasped and hurriedly went forward, but he found that Chu Xianmin had already fainted .

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