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Chapter 181
Chapter 181: Mastermind

Chu Xianmin fearfully looked at Chu Liuyue . “You were here all along? What did you hear?”

Chu Liuyue stroked her chin . “Um, nothing much, but I saw a good show . He has kindly helped you . Yet, not only did you not appreciate his efforts, but you even slapped him . Pft, isn’t this a little inappropriate?”

She must have seen and heard everything! Chu Xianmin’s gaze changed .  I’ve always been very careful and never interacted with Ji Yurong in front of others, but I did not expect to be caught red-handed by Chu Liuyue . Now, I can only flatly deny it .

An idea popped up in her mind, and Chu Xianmin sneered . “There are many people who like me . Do I really need to attend to every single one of them? Besides, I didn’t need him to help me; he just acted on his own accord . ”

Then, she harshly glared at Ji Yurong . “For the last time, I’ve already married the Crown Prince . So please stop disturbing me from now on . If not, you’ll suffer the consequences!”

Ji Yurong also knew that if Chu Liuyue spread word about this, Chu Xianmin and he would not have an easy time . Thus, he hurriedly cooperated and said, “Yes, I-I know… I didn’t know my place . I won’t do this ever again . ”

Chu Xianmin turned around to leave .

“Hold on . ” Chu Liuyue stepped out and blocked Chu Xianmin’s path .

“What else do you want?”

“Don’t you clearly know what else I want?” Chu Liuyue coldly glared at her with a speechless suppression in her gaze . “Hand me the antidote!”

Chu Xianmin’s heart suddenly tightened, but she forcefully said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Oh?” Chu Liuyue’s gaze kept flitting between Ji Yurong and Chu Xianmin until both of them felt increasingly guilty .

“So you don’t dare to admit it? Then… Why don’t we look for Elder Sun and reason it out with him? Let them check what’s going on . I heard that the Chu family has been in a mess lately, so I think no one will help you, right? A sin like harming your own schoolmates won’t be let off so easily…”

“I didn’t harm my own schoolmates, and I didn’t poison him! Don’t try to smear my name!” Chu Xianmin’s voice suddenly became a lot sharper .

Chu Liuyue slowly said, “I didn’t say ‘poison . ’ How did you know about that?”

Chu Xianmin’s throat seemed to be strangled .

Nervousness was written all over Ji Yurong’s face .

“It’s my first time seeing you after I returned to the academy . I’ve only said two sentences, yet you already mentioned ‘poison . ’ Isn’t this the best evidence? Now, do you still dare to say that I’m smearing your name?” Chu Liuyue spoke slowly but every single word formed a sharp knife that cruelly slashed Chu Xianmin’s heart .

The blood in her body seemed to stop flowing, and her head was getting dizzy . It was as if it was going to burst open .

“No! I didn’t say anything!” blurted Chu Xianmin anxiously .

“Do you want to admit it now and take out the antidote? Or do you want me to go to your place personally and show Elder Sun the evidence of your communication so that he can evict you from the academy?”

Chu Xianmin suddenly raised her head and looked at Chu Liuyue in shock .  Why does she know about this?

After seeing her reaction, Chu Liuyue chuckled .

Ever since Mu Hongyu found out there were some unusual interactions between Ji Yurong and Chu Xianmin, they started to look for evidence in secret .

After she heard that Ji Yurong went out to do some tasks, she followed him in secret . Everything was normal during the day, but he finally showed his true self at night when he went to Chu Xianmin’s place .

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He did not even enter the door; he just walked around the wall for a while before leaving .

Taking advantage of the dark night sky, Chu Liuyue managed to find their secret compartment .

Both of them were actually sending messages to each other through a gap in the wall!

Chu Xianmin’s heart was in a mess . She suddenly turned around to look at Ji Yurong . “You betrayed me?”

Ji Yurong hurriedly explained, “I-I didn’t! I also don’t know—-”

He really did not know how this happened . Ever since he felt that Chu Liuyue discovered something, he had been extremely meticulous and could not be more careful in the past two days . However, he was still discovered in the end .

He did not know that Chu Liuyue was still excellent in hiding her aura, even though her cultivation wasn’t high . Hence, it was as easy as ABC for her to stalk him until she found some evidence .

Chu Liuyue originally planned to find some real evidence before confronting Chu Xianmin, but she did not expect to see such a scene directly .

The timing was just right .

She could only say that Ji Yurong was too overwhelmed with caring about his loved one and lost his senses, causing the matter to be exposed very quickly .

“Antidote,” repeated Chu Liuyue in frustration .

Chu Xianmin clenched her fists tightly and closed her eyes as if resigned to her fate . “I don’t have the antidote! You can kill me however you like . ”

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“You don’t have it?” Chu Liuyue’s eyes became colder .

Chu Xianmin knew that she had no other escape routes, so her suppressed emotions suddenly exploded . She crazily screamed, “If I say I don’t have it, means I don’t have it . There’s no use asking me a million more times . Since you’ve already found out about this, you can go and expose me however and when you like . But I really don’t have this antidote!”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly .  It seems like she really doesn’t have the antidote…

“Then, where did you get Red Blood Gu from?”

“Red Blood Gu? What Red Blood Gu?” Chu Xianmin was dazed .

Chu Liuyue stared at her for quite some time . “If you really don’t know about it, why did you poison Liao Zhongshu?”

Chu Xianmin angrily said, “That’s because he’s on the same team as you, so he deserves to die! Everyone around you, including yourself, deserves to die!”

Chu Liuyue flipped her wrist, and a silver light flashed across .

A sharp and cold dagger instantly reached Chu Xianmin’s neck .

“Don’t kill her!” Ji Yurong was shocked and immediately wanted to rush over .

Chu Liuyue coldly glanced at Ji Yurong, and he felt the sinister murderous intent, causing him to stop in his tracks instinctively .

Chu Xianmin also did not expect Chu Liuyue to act so quickly . Before she could even react, the other party already had the advantage .

Her cold sweat kept trickling down .  Chu Liuyue is so heartless! She really dares to make a move!

“I’ll ask you one last time . Give me the antidote . ”

Chu Xianmin lost all hope and closed her eyes as her body trembled . “I said that I don’t have it!”

“Then, where did you get the poison from?”

“I-It’s…” Chu Xianmin seemed to be frightened and refused to open her mouth .

Chu Liuyue used some force, and the blade rapidly cut Chu Xianmin’s neck .

Chu Xianmin finally opened her mouth . “Someone else gave it to me! I-I don’t know who it is either!”

Chu Liuyue was surprised at this answer . Hence, she continued to ask, “You really don’t know?”

“I really don’t know! That person is always wearing a mask, so I don’t know what he looks like . Even his v-voice has been purposely changed . He only appeared once and asked if I wanted to take revenge on you . I said y-yes, so he gave me a bag of poison… I don’t know anything else!” stuttered Chu Xianmin, and her entire person looked defeated .

“If you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything about that . You can just kill me!”

Chu Liuyue slowly squinted her eyes .  Who exactly wants to kill me?

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