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Chapter 2578 - Heavenly Lonely Nether Star, It won't be long

Yi Liuxian wanted to jump out of the Ming Clan's restraints.

The only way to jump out was to become the leader of the Ming Clan and become the boss. Only then would he be able to change some of the rules of the Ming Clan.

to save his daughter.


He had failed!

The power of the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm was far stronger than he had imagined.

The strength of the Xuan Ming master was also much more terrifying than he imagined.

The challenge had failed.

But he wasn't willing to accept it.

As Yi Yourong's father, he could not just watch as his daughter ruined her life.


The current Ming Clan could not even be considered to be struggling with life and death. Just like the edge of death, could he still rise up like this?

In the most remote part of Universal Realm?

How could he rise to prominence?

How could he use this to rise up?

With Yi Yourong's Gifted Soul of Underworld?

He could rise just by absorbing the Zhao Clan's Imperial Qi?

Relying on this kind of power, it was impossible for the Ming Clan to rise up.

Yi Liuxian was very clear on this point. In the past, because the Xuan Ming master was still living in his dreams, he did not dare face reality head on. Really?

Was it really not for her to break through the shackles of the True Martial Emperor and ascend to a higher boundary?

Was he really not selfish?

Xuan Ming master had lived for more than five hundred years and the limit of True Martial Emperor's lifespan was six hundred years. She was about to run out so she was not a person who was willing to wait for death.

Thus …

Yi Liuxian's words pierced right into her sore spot.

With a deep voice, he said, "Presumptuous!"


The skies darkened as the boundless strength of a True Martial Emperor came crushing down.


Yi Liuxian spat out a mouthful of blood.

The sword wound on his chest was even more torn, and blood began to gush out.

Yi Liuxian fought a battle, he almost fell to the ground and revealed a blood-stained smile: "Did I say anything wrong? When your lifespan is almost up, use Yourong as the bet. You want to absorb the Qi of the Zhao Family in order to achieve a breakthrough, and you want to live, isn't that your real reason for doing so? "

"You're courting death!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Xuan Ming master replied heavily.

It was as if thunder was rumbling.

An endless amount of power surged towards Yi Liuxian.

Yi Liuxian did not dodge, but … He directly knelt to the ground as his tears flowed profusely, "Mother, Yi Yourong is your granddaughter, can you not be so cruel?"

Suddenly, a sound was heard.


Xuan Ming master's gaze tensed up, his fists tightened, and at the same time, the aura of the endless Emperor Zhen Wu's realm disappeared.

No one knew the secret.

Even Yi Yourong himself did not know.

Xuan Ming master let out a heavy breath, and said: "The person who has accomplished a great deed will not bother with small matters!"

"But, you can't use your granddaughter's life as a bargaining chip. You clearly know that the Zhao Family already knows about You Rong's sneak attack on Zhao Haotian. Could she be happy? I know that he is a Gifted Soul of Underworld, the fate of Planet Tian Gu Ming, but she is your biological granddaughter after all. " Yi Liuxian's tears fell.

A father's tears.


Xuan Ming master's eyes were ice-cold. There was not a single trace of sympathy in his eyes as he said, "The moment the Netherworld Phoenix in her body awakened, this was her life."

"Even if she doesn't marry now, she won't be able to live for long."

"The Limitless Burning Sword is indeed very poisonous, but there is no poison in this world that I cannot cure. Her life is already very short, and you know the fate of the Solitary Dark Star better than anyone else."

As long as I obtain the Emperor's Qi, I will be able to find a miracle to break through and ascend. Once I enter the primordial plane, I will definitely try my best to find a way to break through the Solitary Dark Star's barrier. Xuan Ming master said sincerely and sincerely.


These words could fool a three-year-old child.

Once she entered the central realm of grandmist, she wouldn't even remember these things.

Zhen Wu continent would be abandoned instantly.

Just like how her father was when he abandoned Yi Liuxian.

The Xuan Ming master replied, "The Super Force of Ming Clan has already appeared. I believe that there is still a chance for the Ming Clan to rise up again. As long as we can find the person who possesses the Underworld Inheritance, he can definitely save Yourong."

Yi Liuxian felt his heart ache. Looking at the old granny in front of him, he knew that there was no longer any son in her heart, nor any granddaughter. All there was was was her lifespan.

The higher the level of a person, the more afraid they would be of death.

Because …

They knew what death was!

Yi Liuxian said in a daze, "We really can't let her go?"

Xuan Ming master looked into the distance with his hands behind his back. His eyes were ice-cold, he did not say anything.

Yi Liuxian also slowly got up from the ground, and said slightly: "You are her grandmother, and I am her father. If you push her into the fire pit, I will do my best to save her!"

"I will use my own life to save them!"

"Because she is my daughter."


Yi Liuxian walked away, one step at a time.

Xuan Ming master squinted his eyes, which were filled with cold intent as he said coldly: "No one can stop me, and no one can destroy this wedding!"

"No one!"

… ….

Anyone has a desire.

When a person was controlled by their own desires, such as family, blood, and apprenticeship, all of this would be thrown away.

There was no one more important than his own life.

The Xuan Ming master only had a little bit of life left. If she did not take her life, and did not absorb the Emperor's Qi to make a breakthrough, she would die of old age here.

Absolutely not!

Not long later.

An old man walked over while bowing and saying, "Yi Liuxian and Gui Qingshan have reunited, we should be discussing the matter of destroying the god's sect gathering."


Xuan Ming master snorted, "Just the two of them?"

The old man said: "In addition, Gui Qingshan's daughter and the two disciples have returned. The aura on their bodies is a little strange, as if it had become a lot stronger in one night."

Xuan Ming master was even more disdainful: "No matter how strong you become, you're still trash at the elixir Realm, can you really become a powerhouse of the Zhen Wu realm?"

In her eyes, Xuan Yue sect was just a bunch of trash.

Xuan Yue sect had never entered her eyes before.

After pondering for a moment.

Xuan Ming master said: I have invested Gui Qingshan's true identity into the Zhao Family, I believe that the Zhao Family would be happy to quickly get rid of this legacy.

The old man nodded, "Yes."

Xuan Ming master asked again: "Oh yes, how is the search for the lord of the Super Force of Ming Clan doing? Is there anything wrong with that? "

The old man shook his head: "No, but there is an emissary who is sensing the aura of the Super Force of Ming Clan in the Divine Realm, but he is not sure."

"The capital?"


Xuan Ming master's eyes flashed, and he said excitedly: "Could it be that they are here to welcome me? Hahaha... As long as I can obtain the power of the Ming Clan's ancient inheritance, I will become the strongest person in the Ming Clan! "

"Hahaha …"

Mad laughter rang out.

At the same time.

She was also looking forward to it.

I hope for the arrival of the owner of the Super Force of Ming Clan.

Because …

She felt that the master was here to welcome her into the Universal Realm!

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