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"Terug are you the one who helped them to train their souls and minds?"
Yale could barely notice some changes from the last time he saw them thanks to the divine eyes, so he guessed that they had undergone some kind of training.
"Yes. If they follow this training, I think that in about a million years they would be able to become World Gods given how talented they are. As for your sisters, I think that except Ange, the other two should be able to become Law Gods in about a thousand years."
Terug noticed Ange's problems, but he didn't feel that was okay speaking of that in public.
Yale just sighed after hearing that. The time for Wyba and Aiwai with that method wasn't that bad and showed how effective the method was, but the times for the others to become World Gods was far too long.
Usually, needing only a million years to become a World God giving their ages would be already something to celebrate, but Yale didn't think that they could waste a million years just for that.
Of their group, only Yale and Lina could advance without worries, but the rest needed to follow harsh training before being able to advance successfully.
Yale and Lina were both far under the mark to advance in terms of age, but their experiences were vast, and the age wasn't a problem at all.
"A million years is too much. I can't wait for that much time. I have a method to hasten the progress, but the chances of failure are high. Lina and I faced that method in the past and completed it successfully. I bet that you already guessed about what I am speaking."
After hearing Yale's words, Shiba was the first to reply.
"The Life and Death Trials."
Yale nodded. After Lina and Yale, Shiba was the one nearer to advance, and his progress given his age was admirable, but it wasn't enough.
"You are right. That is undoubtedly the fastest method, but how effective it will be to you will depend on your performance there. I understand that you all want to turn stronger, so I will allow you to face the Life and Death Trials if you want, but don't do it if you aren't confident on your results."
Yale felt that it would be good for his group to turn stronger, but he would rather battle alone than force them to increase their strength just to help him.
"I will face them."
As Yale expected, Shiba replied. Shiba was the one with the highest chances of succeeding as he was already quite strong-willed.
Aiwai opened her mouth, but she didn't continue.
"You are hesitating, so you can't do it. That hesitation can be lethal in the trial. In my opinion, you and Wyba aren't suited to do the Life and Death Trials right now. Terug's method should be enough for you two to become Law Gods quite quickly."
Wyba was happy of not being forced to do a training that seemed even more troublesome than usual, and Aiwai could just accept Yale's words.
Terug gathered a lot of knowledge. As long as it wasn't something that only Origin Gods knew, it would be difficult that Terug hadn't gathered information about it, and that included methods to train the mind and the soul.

Of course, Lina's father also had such methods, and even slightly better ones, but his daughters hadn't needed them before. After all, usually the problem was that one hadn't been able to learn the Essences properly rather than having a weak soul and mind when one tried to advance being young.
The current situation only happened because the pure energy had hastened their advancements too much. Under normal situations, Shiba and Eini would have needed far more time to reach that level, and they shouldn't be facing those problems.
Even if they faced some problems, they would be something easy to solve like in the cases of Wyba and Aiwai.
"I will pass. I advanced too quickly recently, and I think it is better for me to train slowly from now on."
Eini didn't feel confident in her results on the Life and Death Trials. If she felt like being capable of surpassing them, she would have asked Lina or her father to do them before.
No one opposed to Eini's words, Lina even sighed of relief. After all, she was the one who knew better than anyone else her sister's flaws in mind and soul, and her chances of succeeding were negligible.
"Only Shiba then. Come. I am still your teacher, so I should be the one helping you to do the Life and Death Trials and rescue you in case something goes wrong."
Ange was naturally discarded to participate in the trials, and she didn't complain about that.
"Yale, you shall be tired since you have just left from your training seclusion. How about if I am the one supervising him? I am not as strong as you, but I have plenty of experiences in supervising the Life and Death Trials."
Terug had several subordinates over the course of years that wanted to do the Life and Death Trials. The price for it was quite expensive as it was time-consuming even with the difference in the flow of time, but for someone who lived millions of years, he still accepted several times and even cleared the life and Death Trials himself when he was younger by paying a hefty price to a World God.
Although an Essence God was enough for creating the Life and Death Trials, the rumors said that the chances of success were higher if the one who created the Life and Death Trials were stronger.
Of course, those were merely rumors, and the only difference was that a World God had higher chances to save someone who failed due to having more experience.
"No need. I am not planning on looking down to you, but I think that you don't understand the true nature of the life and Death Trials."
Terug was shocked to hear that, but he didn't think that his understanding was wrong.
"The Life and Death Trials are simulated lives inside the challenger's soul that are as real as the normal life making that the challengers got confused and lost."
Terug was confident that his explanation was correct given how much information he gathered about it.
Yale's word wasn't what Terug was hoping to hear.
"Then, can you explain it to me?"
Terug really wanted to know about it to satisfy his curiosity.
He didn't have any plans to sell information about Yale to others since he already decided to follow Yale, but as someone who gathered vast amounts of information, his curiosity towards the unknown was high.
"Alright. All the lives in the Life and Death Trials are all real. They happen in lower universes linked to this one. Most likely they had been created by the same person although I have yet to confirm this part."
Yale's explanation was short but almost unbelievable for Terug.
"How can that be? Do you have any proof of that? It isn't that I distrust you, but this is hard to believe."
Yale already expected that reaction. If anyone were to contradict something that was considered the common sense in the whole universe, it would be strange if it was accepted without questioning it.
"Can you confirm me that you are in Tier 7 and that there is no mistake about it?"
Terug didn't know the reason for Yale's question, but he nodded.
"I am undoubtedly at Tier 7 thanks to that strange energy."
Yale smiled.
"Then, you are sure that the energy existed."
Terug nodded to those words.
"You already confirmed the existence of those lower universe. That energy came directly from one of them. It has been able to strengthen your power, and you confirm that the energy exists, so you can't doubt of its existence."
Terug couldn't believe those words. He indeed believed that Yale had some kind of strange energy on his body, but in his opinion that didn't prove that was energy from another universe and less from a universe of the Life and Death Trials.
"How are you so sure that the energy is from a universe of the Life and Death Trials? There is no reason for you having it."
Yale smiled again.
"I have it because I became the owner of one of those universes when I hid my incarnation in the soul of one of my disciples. My disciple went to the same universes I went and the things I did when I faced the Trials existed as things of the ancient past."
Each time that Yale spoke it turned more unbelievable for Terug.
"Impossible. I know that people tried to hide incarnations before, but the incarnations dissipated automatically. Anyway, one can only be the owner of a universe that has created. I know that an Origin God can create lower universes, but they can only be the owners of them, it is impossible to pass the ownership to others at most leaving them ownerless."
Terug didn't believe that Yale could create a lower universe and Yale himself said that he turned the owner, not that he created one.
"I can send my incarnation because of my special status. You are a World God, just don't resist and you will understand."
Yale put his hand on Terug's forehead and an instant later Terug's face changed.

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