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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 55 Part 1

After sending out the last sentence of his sharp rebuff, Lu Sicheng set down his cell
phone despite the fact that it was still ringing. The champion he picked for the match
had spawned at the spring already, he started to purchase items.

The screen on his cell phone kept flashing, indicating there were more new WeChat

Li Hengshuo was still clingy like a spoiled child as if he wouldn’t stop until he earned
Lu Sicheng’s approval…...Lu Sicheng didn’t pay much attention to him; he would only
take a peek at the messages from time to time. When he saw Li Hengshuo mention
the grudge between Tong Yao and Ah Tai and expressed Li’s willingness to fight against
his former teammate, Lu Sicheng only wanted to roll his eyes…...Lu Sicheng’s match
had started, he simply threw the phone to the side and let Li Hengshuo entertain himself.

Lu Sicheng was focusing on his game, farming with his support, when his phone
lighted up once again, among all the new messages a new id had showed up-----

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Lu Yue.”

“What?” Lu Yue was on Tong Yao’s chair playing a game while biting the tip of his tongue.
He didn’t even lift his head up: “Don’t talk to me. I have to win this match. If I go down from
Master, that shorty might change the password for her account tomorrow!”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng reached over and unplugged Lu Yue’s mouse.  Amidst Lu Yue’s gasp, Lu Sicheng
slapped his cell phone right in front of Lu Yue: “What’s going on with this woman?”

Lu Yue fussed with the wires to reconnect his mouse. He came out under the desk to take
a look at Lu Sicheng’s phone and asked in confusion: “Which woman?”

Lu Sicheng checked his phone and noticed that Huawei jungler had sent new messages.
He pursed his lips and opened his WeChat page to look for the id, then put down the
phone again: “This one.”

Lu Yue: “She’s your blind date.”

Lu Sicheng: “Why is she in my cell phone?”

Lu Yue: “She had such a good impression on you; besides, she’s pretty, easy going and
matches your height-----”

As Lu Yue was talking, he used his arms and body to protect his mouse and keyboard.

Lu Sicheng knocked on the desk with his knuckles: “If you make me repeat my question
a third time, you’ll be a dead body. Now, this is the second time: Why is she in my cell phone?”

Lu Yue: “.........................Ms. Wang said that even though you said that you two weren’t
meant for each other, that lady still wanted to give it a try and asked for your WeChat.
Ms. Wang knew for sure that you wouldn’t do it, so she told me to-----I was forced to
do it! Ms. Wang said if I don’t do it, I’d be the next one to have a blind date!”

Lu Sicheng put his phone down and gave his silly brother a slap on the back of his head.
In the middle of Lu Yue’s howling, Lu Sicheng took back his phone and saw Kun was still
at it, sending over new messages one after another-----

Lu Sicheng: “......”

He grabbed the phone and was planning to reply “whatever,” when another new message
showed up on top of the screen-----

Lu Sicheng: “......”

What was wrong with all of them, had they made a pact to send messages all at the
same time?

He stopped bothering to answer Kun and turned off his phone without a second thought.

------Then the whole world became much quieter.

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