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Chapter 485 - Hedging

"With the great danger gone, Aunt Xing and everyone here can rest at ease."

A few more days later, in the Heavenly Heart Palace of the "Holy Cloud Tree", Tang Huan and Tang Huan sat facing each other as they smiled and said, "Luoyu, Red Bat and Zang Gu have all died. Xi Lie, Feng Ling and Yin Tieshan have been killed by Aunt Xing, Great Elder and Senior Shan Lan. They have been completely wiped out this time."

As he spoke till here, Tang Huan couldn't help but sigh lightly, "It's such a pity about that Feng Ling fellow."

"Feng Ling?"

Xing Meng was startled.

There was no need for Tang Huan to hide anything, he smiled and said: "I got quite a few things from that Slick Dragon." As he said that, a thought flashed through Tang Huan's mind, and the spinning Space Aircraft appeared from within the "Sumeru Magical Ring." Please look, Aunt Xing, this is the thing they used to cross the "Turbid Sea Area." It has already been severely damaged, and it is said that it needs a person who is proficient in spatial and fire magic to be able to repair it.

"Space Aircraft?"

A hint of surprise flashed through Xing Meng's eyes.

Immediately, she subconsciously grabbed the top like item and carefully examined it. The item that weighed more than a hundred jin was actually as light as a feather in her hands. Even Hei Yan who had been sitting cross-legged and resting with his eyes closed the entire time could not help but open his eyes and look around curiously.

"It really is spatial magic."

After a long while, Xing Meng finally said emotionally, "Spatial magic has long been lost in our little world. The Universe Spirit Rings that our Tian Clan has inherited from generations have been passed down from afar, and the Sumeru Magical Ring that you have obtained is from your mother. Whether it's the 'Universe Ring' or the 'Sumeru Magical Ring', they are all dimensional tools, and these are things that we are unable to refine currently. "

"The 'Sumeru Magical Ring' was actually left behind by my mother."

Tang Huan rubbed the ring on his finger, surprised. He never thought that the "Sumeru Magical Ring" could actually connect to his mother.


Xing Meng nodded, "That 'Sumeru Magical Ring' was originally something that I placed with the 'Heavenly Heart Bead' inside the 'Temple of Life'. In the end, it was stolen by that traitor, but I never expected that it would ultimately return to your hands. A few years ago, I once thought about using this Sumeru Magical Ring to figure out spatial magic, but in the end, I still couldn't get her to enter. "

Hearing Xing Meng's words, Tang Huan also felt quite emotional in his heart, but he then said rather regretfully: "Aunt Xing, that Feng Ling is proficient in spatial magic. If he doesn't die, it might be able to force him to explain the cultivation method for spatial magic … However, it's too late to say all that now. "

"But it's not too late!"

Xing Meng suddenly gestured mysteriously to Hei Yan, who was at the side, and Hei Yan slightly nodded her head, bowing and retreating. But not long later, she once again entered the Heavenly Heart Hall, holding onto a figure, she was actually a medium built middle-aged man in green.

Hei Yan casually tossed the middle aged man between Tang Huan and Xing Meng. Although he was motionless like a dead dog, his breath still remained.

"This is …" After being stunned for a moment, Tang Huan suddenly broke into a smile, "I know, he is Feng Ling. So he's still alive."

"How could I, your Aunt Xing, be willing to kill a Stage Nine Law Saint who can use spatial magic?"

Xing Meng had a smile on his face as he said with some emotion, "People who possess spatial magic are truly few in numbers when it comes to escaping with their lives. In order to catch this fellow, I, Great Elder, and Little Sister Shan Lan chased after him for almost two days and two nights, and finally succeeded in capturing him. "

"As for spatial magic, he has almost told us everything."

While speaking, Xing Meng made a gesture with his right hand, and a strand of dark blue aura shot out from his finger, and wrapped around the thick book on the rattan chair like threads, pulling it into the palm of his hand, "Tang Huan, you will probably have to stay in the Spirit Cloud City for a while longer. Not only do you have the spatial magic that Feng Ling gave you, you also have the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Since you have a pure Tian Clan bloodline, you naturally must understand a thing or two about Tian Clan Magic. " While speaking, the book in Xing Meng's hand floated towards Tang Huan.

"Thank you, Aunt Xing."

Tang Huan was overjoyed, this was what he wanted.

Relying on Feng Ling to repair the Space Aircraft was obviously not realistic. According to the information leaked by Slippery Jade, Feng Ling only had the ability to repair the aircraft when he recovered to his peak. If Feng Ling truly had that kind of power, then it would be the doomsday for Tang Huan and the entire Tian Clan.

But if he was able to learn spatial magic, that would be the best.

Xing Meng was naturally able to discern Tang Huan's intentions and smiled, "Tang Huan, I shall leave Feng Ling to you as well. Perhaps you can even get some information out of him. Remember, you must not give him the chance to recover his Mind Power. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to catch him again. "

"I understand."

Tang Huan nodded with a smile on his face. Then, he remembered that he did not see Gu Ying, Qiu Jian and the others when he returned, and could not help but say, "Oh right, Aunt Xing, do you know where my friends went?"

"They already left the city a few days ago and returned to Two Realms Plain. They didn't have the time to bid you farewell, so they asked me to tell you about it."

"This news that they have brought with them is truly timely for us Tian Clan. Therefore, I have already sent out the Great Clan Elder to accompany them on the journey, to personally discuss it with Tang Kingdom."

"That's good." Tang Huan relaxed.

"In addition, on the day that Little Sister Shan Lan captured Feng Ling, she had also left the Holy Spirit Continent and returned to the Heavenly Forging City. Originally, the reason she came here was because she was entrusted to her by Ye Chongshan. She only rushed over to take care of you because she was afraid that you would encounter danger while you were in Holy Spirit Continent. I wanted to keep her for a few more days, but she insisted. "

Xing Meng was a little helpless.

Tang Huan could guess why Shan Lan would leave the Holy Spirit Continent in such a hurry. The old fatty had avoided her presence for tens of years after all, and she was probably worried that the old fatty would suddenly disappear without a trace. Now that she knew that she would not be in danger and had stepped into the Stage Nine, she would naturally not stay behind.

Xing Meng suddenly smiled and said: "Tang Huan, there is one more thing. That day, Shiyu had already exposed that you have a pure Tian Clan bloodline, so after taking back Feng Ling, I took the opportunity to announce that you have successfully merged with my Tian Clan's sacred artifact 'Heavenly Heart Orb'. You are the holy son of my Tian Clan, so don't blame me for slaying it first."

"No, no."

Tang Huan said with a wry smile. No wonder when he and Flamewing Phoenix King returned to Cloud Sky City, all the people around him, male, female, female, old, and young, looked at him with an extremely strange gaze. Amidst their incomparable shock and curiosity, there was also a admiration that he could not explain.

"The Holy Son has an exalted position in the Tian Clan, so he naturally has to bear a little responsibility. For example, if possible, you can try to open up a branch in our Tian Clan and pass on your pure Tian Clan bloodline to us …" The corner of Xing Meng's mouth raised into a mischievous smile, "However, on account of little sister Ru Mubai, I won't force you. Everything is on your own free will, our Tian Clan has countless young and beautiful women, if you are willing …"

"No, no, I will put more effort into studying Tian Clan Magic. Aunt Xing, Senior Hei Yan, farewell, I will take my leave."

Without waiting for Xing Meng to finish speaking, Tang Huan waved his hand and laughed. He had no interest in staying in the Tian Clan to be a stallion. Before he finished speaking, he grabbed the thick book, grabbed the motionless Feng Ling on the ground, and slipped out of the "Heavenly Heart Palace" in a flash. His expression was somewhat miserable.

After exiting the palace, Tang Huan could faintly hear a burst of clear and crisp laughter coming out from the palace hall. Tang Huan was speechless as he patted his forehead.

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