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"What is this cultivation method?!" Li Yao stuck the long spear in the eaves and leveraged himself up, staring fiercely at Li Ye.

His cultivation was higher than that of Li Ye. Under the situation of no disadvantage in magic treasures, the only reason why he couldn't win was that Li Ye's cultivation method was much better than his!

Li Ye stood up slowly and wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand. Contemptuously, he said, "You don't deserve to know."

Li Yao's mouth corners twitched, he pulled out the long spear once again. "Good! Very good! You got the cultivation method left by Celestial Master Yuan, thus your class-ranking is higher than me. I am overwhelmed! Now that I can't compete with you on the cultivation method, while, let's compete on magic treasures!"

He pointed his long spear at Li Ye. "This 'Cloud Splitter Spear', Rank 2 top-grade, a magic treasure that is infinitely close to Rank 3. What do you have?"

Li Yao suddenly began laughing to himself and his laugh grew louder and louder. He looked at Li Ye, teasingly, like a millionaire looking at a poor boy who didn't have enough food in his family. "What do you have, Prince An's Heir Apparent? Haha! Prince An's Heir Apparent, so ridiculous! Prince An is gone. What else do you have?"

Stopped laughing, Li Yao looked at Li Ye enjoyably, "The cultivation method you just used is really powerful, so what? By the amount of Spiritual Qi in your Ocean of Qi, how many times can you use that?"

"With my Cloud Splitter Spear, my Spiritual Qi will not dry up even if I exert five times more of the move I used just now. Without any magic treasures to increase your Qi, I'm afraid that your Ocean of Qi can merely bear two or three times of the powerful move you did just now? I could just drain your power until you are exhausted!"

Li Yao looked at Li Ye as he was a fish on a chopping board. "Li Ye, you are dead tonight!"

Li Ye curled his lips, "A dignified Level 3 Qi-refining practitioner even relies on a magic tool to exhaust his Level 2 Qi-refining opponent. You actually said such shameless words with a strong sense of righteousness, I do blush for you."

"Cut your crap!" Li Yao stared at Li Ye, "Magic treasures are part of cultivators' strength, who make you so poor? Don't be so stubborn. I'm proud that I have a magic treasure which is close to Rank 3. But you can only be killed!"

When his voice fell, Li Yao rushed to Li Ye again.

"You are so proud of having a Rank 3 magic treasure, aren't you?" Li Ye sneered. He suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed toward the courtyard. "Luke Sword!"

"Luke Sword? Who the fu*k are you kidding? Luke Sword is the walking sword of the emperor. Its class-ranking is extremely high that it will never recognize a normal cultivator as its lord. Even Prince An can't control it that he can only worship it. After all, this is just an honor. You are only a crap who has just achieved Qi-refining and actually want to…"

Li Yao burst out laughing like he had heard a joke.

But his laughter stopped abruptly in no time.

Because there was a chanting sound of a sword came across the yard.

Like mountain springs, that sound was clear and crisp which could produce a refreshing effect if listened by a cultivator.

Then, a white light flashed across the courtyard and arrived in front of Li Ye.

When Li Yao looked again, a long sword appeared impressively in Li Ye's hands!

"It's impossible!" Li Yao nearly fell down from the mid-air. His "nine whistling surprised pythons" had just been exerted and the nine pythons had not fully formed yet. His Spiritual Qi was messed up in a sudden that all the white pythons dissipated rapidly.

Li Yao's Ocean of Qi trembled, and a mouthful of blood was spurted out. He looked at Li Ye in disbelief, just like watching a ghost.

Li Ye, holding the Luke Sword, stood against the wind on the roof without saying a word, only his clothes were flying. His bearing was elegant to the extreme.

Relied on the Dragon Qi in his body, he was able to make Luke Sword recognize him as its Lord.

Luke Sword was the sword of the emperor, while Li Ye had Dragon Qi in his body, which actually could be lightly related to the emperor. So, it was not an unimaginably queer that Luke Sword could recognize Li Ye as the Lord.

But Li Yao did not know this, at this moment he saw Luke Sword flew out automatically just when Li Ye raised his hand. He only felt that Tao of Heaven was not fair that Li Ye had taken up all good things and extra advantages. He felt wronged and nearly fell off from the roof.

Li Ye held Luke Sword horizontally and pointed at Li Yao. He asked lightly, "Now I have Luke Sword in my hand, you tell me whether you will die or not?"

Li Yao somehow calmed down his mood, but his face was more ferocious and horrible. There was not only anger but even hatred in his eyes when he looked at Li Ye.

As a genius of cultivation in Chang'an City who could possibly succeed the Prince An's title of nobility, Li Yao could not accept his failure that he directly accessed to a crazy status in furious anger.

"You say it is Luke Sword does not make it Luke Sword! I say I will let you die!" Li Yao roared and rose up suddenly from the roof.

In the mid-air, he held Cloud Splitter Spear high above his head, blood tears dripped from his eyes. He suddenly roared, "Nine-roar Rousing Pythons: Forbidden Spell!"

As Li Yao roaring, Spiritual Qi surging within five zhangs in the mid-air above his head, suddenly there appeared a layer of white flowing clouds which were crazily gathered to the center, from time to time a vortex would arise in the center.

Spiritual Qi in the center of the vortex turned red. In an instant, a red python crawled out of the vortex. This red python was much bigger than the previous white one. Now only half of its body was exposed which was already as long as four zhangs!

The red python opened its mouth which was a truly large bloody mouth. It swallowed and spat the tongue like a sharp sword, and its lantern-sized eyes sparkled with deep and dark light, as if it were coming out from hell. Its bloodthirsty intention made people trembled with fear.

With the appearance of the red python, all the white clouds turned red, except the vortex center where there was bottomless darkness, like an abyss, hiding an untouchable chill.

Under the red python and red cloud, Li Yao's clothes and hair were dancing wildly which made Li Yao looked like Yan Luo, an evil ghost.

At this time his facial features were distorted that his original face was barely recognizable. Streaks of blood dripped from his seven orifices, which looked extremely horrible. Even Duke Xing arrived, he might not recognize Li Yao by his face either.

People who had seen this scene inside or outside of Great Mystery Formation, their legs were shaking, and their eyes were blank.

"Oh my god! Childe Yao unexpectedly cast the Forbidden Spell of Nine roars rouse pythons! It was necessary to know that the forbidden spell in any kind of cultivation methods could not be easily used, because it will consume much more energy than normal moves."

"A top-grade cultivation method Forbidden Spell, its impact must be tremendously powerful. If Childe Yao cast this strike to us, maybe all of us can not deal with it and will be turned into ashes!"

"In addition, he cooperated Cloud Splitter Spear with Forbidden Spell which moved up a notch of its power. Let alone Level 1 or Level 2 Qi-refining practitioners like us, even if cultivators who have higher cultivation than Childe Yao arrived, they will die with hatred on the spot!"

Li Mu Zhao's eyes stared vacantly, he just murmured subconsciously, "It's over, it's over, Li Ye is over, Great Mystery Formation is also over..."

Except for Shangguan Qingcheng, the other soldiers in Great Mystery Formation were unable to hold their weapons. Except for a few Warrior Masters, guards in the realm of Warrior Knights directly collapsed to the ground. This cultivation method was not aimed at them that meant they could only be affected by the aftereffects, but they could not bear it already.

Shangguan Qingcheng bit her lower lips, her hand holding the knife could not help shaking lightly, but stubbornly, she did not look away and just looked at Li Ye.

She was willing to choose to believe in Li Ye because Li Ye had created countless miracles.

"Heir Apparent... You must be able to resist the attack, must be able to resist... As long as you can resist it, Li Yao have consumed too much, his Spiritual Qi will be exhausted, then we still have a chance..." Shangguan Qingcheng silently prayed in her heart.

"Li Ye!"

Li Yao with his grossly offensive features didn't like a human at all. Once he spoke, his bloody teeth showed up. "You are lucky enough and you are good at hiding. You force me to use the Forbidden Spell of Nine-roar Rousing Pythons!"

Li Yao held Cloud Splitter Spear high and was going to chop down Li Ye from the sky.

Along with his action, the red python in the red cloud suddenly jumped out of the vortex, and all people now saw it clearly that the red python's body was actually no less than 30 meters.

The red python opened its frightening mouth and bit at Li Ye!

The red python was so big and so horrible that its opened bloody mouth seemed could even swallow a house, let alone a person?

Li Ye stood on the roof with a sword, his thin figure was as small as an ant in front of the red python 30 meters long.

But he was not an ant waiting helplessly for death.

When Li Yao moved, he jumped up too.

Li Ye knew that his cultivation alone could not resist this strike from Li Yao.

Even Level 4 Qi-refining cultivators dared not say that they could withstand this strike from Li Yao, let alone Li Ye who was just a Level 2 Qi-refining cultivator?

But Li Ye had no fears.

He stepped on the purple clouds and jumped in the mid-air, Luke Sword which was densely covered with amulets suddenly lit up countless blue stars.

He mobilized Dragon Qi in his body and injected all Dragon Qi force into Luke Sword.

But this would not be enough

Li Ye faced the red python, at this moment he looked sideways.

The previous Li Ye, always being calm and indifferent, was like a holy and ethereal immortal.

But at this moment, he was solemn and magnificent like a sovereign descending to the world, as if there was a powerful army behind him.

This was the right attitude of a Great Cultivator before battles when he confronted the enemy worthy of his steel.

Li Ye grasped Luke Sword and pointed it at the python biting with its big mouth open. He sneered and said, "Displaying your python before a dragon?"

His eyes rested on Li Yao who was under the red python, there was a chill in his eyes. "Since you have made it such a big fight, I have to accept your challenge!"

Luke Sword drew in the sky and painted a circular arch. In a split second, circular arcs spread out in front of him, while Li Ye, whose clothes flying, had already wielded the sword countless times, "Never to Kunlun Never See Immortals, Sky Pond Sword Kills Immortals!"

Before his voice fell, countless scale like sword light swung around Li Ye, continuously splashing around one after another like running rivers. The sword light was so bright that it covered the starlight, the sword body was so dazzling that compared to it even the crescent moon lost its color.

There was a star ocean in the night sky.

But it couldn't be seen now.

At this time, on the roof, Li Ye was surrounded by a more brilliant star ocean.

A star ocean made of sword light!

In the sea of swords, holding Luke Sword in his hand, Li Ye incarnated into the greatest sword Qi and with the shadow of a thousand swords, he went straight to the red python!

"Purple Qi Sky Pond Sword!"

Each sword chanting was clear and melodious.

The light of thousand swords skimmed over like shadows and hit on the 30-meter-long red python!


The red python screamed into the air as if it was groaning miserably.

The sea of swords encircled the red python and flew with great ease. The red python's whole body glowed red like a burst of blood fog.

In the red glow and the red blood fog, that majestic and powerful red radiance was suddenly on the decline. Lost the power to devour all things, it was bruised and battered by the raging sword light. Just like a real snake, it kept twisting its body in pain and was howling ceaselessly.

Just in an instant, the python's body unexpectedly split into inches, it was cut into ten million pieces in the sky!

The python's whole body was full of bright light and then broken into incalculable streamers. It tilted down from mid-air, like the Milky Way dragging its light and flying 3,000 miles down to the horizon!

Red clouds dissipated.

Li Ye held the sword, his fighting will keep going up!

A loud and clear dragon groan.

Li Ye, armed with Luke Sword, incarnated into a teal dragon.

The teal dragon ran right into Li Yao.

It bit Li Yao and swallowed him into the mouth!

The point of Luke Sword hit the point of Cloud Splitter Spear.

The body of Cloud Splitter Spear shook and flew up to hundreds of meters in the air.

Li Yao spewed a mouthful of blood, and his body flew backward in a rush like a kite with a broken string.

Li Ye jumped forward with his expression like blades, "The son of Duke, a Pang Xun traitor. Since you dare to go into my mansion and kill, I, the Heir Apparent, shall not forgive you!"

Li Yao's body crashed into a three-storied attic and smashed the railings. At the same time, Li Ye, like a sharp arrow, flew to Li Yao's front and kneed into Li Yao's chest, knocked him off again that the doors and windows were smashed, and he fell into the attic.

Li Ye smacked at the hole that was knocked by Li Yao and opened it. In the fog of dancing fragments and dust, Li Ye swept into the room. Li Yao fell on the overturned tables and chairs in the room and he was about to get up, but Li Ye already went to his front and gave him a sidekick right in the middle of his chest, he kicked Li Yao flying out again.

At this time Li Yao was in rags, his face was black and blue, his hair hanging loose, and he kept spitting blood, he was all in a fluster. However, Li Ye had no intention of being soft-hearted. When the opponent's body was flying backward, he rushed forward and struck a blow which stirred up the spirit wind and directly took the opponent's Elixir Field and Ocean of Qi. "Schemed for my Prince's title, harmed my life. Today, I, the Heir Apparent, will deprive you of your cultivation!"

Li Yao's facial features were all distorted together in pain and fear. He screamed in desperation, "No!"

No one paid any attention to his cry.

"Poom!" Li Ye struck Li Yao on the lower abdomen, in a flash, Li Yao seemed to hear the sound of glass smashing, his Spiritual Qi flowed out like a flood, draining out of his Elixir Field and Ocean of Qi.

Ocean of Qi was broken. Elixir Field was destroyed!

Li Ye's this blow struck Li Yao flying again and made him smash the doors and windows on the other side of the room and fly out with sawdust from the three-storied attic.

In mid-air, Li Yao crazily spat out a mouthful of blood, head tilted, and he fainted.

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