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Prince An's Manor

"Get the hell out of here!"

Holding a long spear, Li Yao flew here and landed on the eaves of the main courtyard like an immortal from outer space. He held up his long spear and pointed it straight at Li Ye, "Li Ye, get fu*king out of there!"

Cultivators around who were attacking saw Li Yao suddenly came, they were stunned and somewhat embarrassed. After all, their task had not completed yet. But when they saw Li Yao was in a fit of anger, they dare not say more. They had to stop in quick succession and went back to the front of the floral-pendant gate.

In the Great Mystery Formation, Li Ye waved to instruct the crossbowmen to clear away their equipment.

The crossbow might have some effects in dealing with a normal Level 3 Qi-refining practitioner. But Li Yao was the son of Duke, there must be many magic treasures on him, thus the effects of these crossbows would be very small.

After Shangguan Qingcheng received the order, she did not let guards withdraw. Instead, she made them point their spearheads at the floral-pendant gate to threaten the cultivators there.

Li Ye flapped his long sleeves, clasped his hands behind his back, jumped up and got out of Great Mystery Formation. He landed on the eaves and confronted Li Yao in a distance.

The night sky was like a star ocean, the shining Milky Way crossed the sky. Chang'an City was ablaze with lights, towns in the distance were crowded with the noises made by horses and chariots and pedestrians jostled each other in a crowd. However, the Prince An's Mansion quieted down all of a sudden. Enveloped in the enchantment, every tree and bush here seemed to have nothing to do with the outside world.

The night wind was blowing on the eaves, Li Yao's clothes were flying up and down. With his hands clasped back, he faced Li Ye. His face without expression as if it had already melted with the mansion and the night. Although his cultivation was not high, his understanding of Taoist's Opportunity was not comparable to that of ordinary cultivators. His every act and every move actually complied with the great truth.

In front of him, at the other end of the eaves, Li Yao bristled with anger.

"The son of the Duke has actually become a Pang Xun confederate. Li Yao, ah, Li Yao, you are really good at telling jokes." Li Ye looked at Li Yao with a smile, his eyes full of sarcasm.

"I have underestimated you." Li Yao gnashed his teeth. "But you were just lucky. Were it not for the lucky chance you had gotten at Tai Xuan Summit, what qualifications would you have to stand in front of me and talk to me with such an attitude?"

Li Ye shook his head and said earnestly, "At Tai Xuan Summit, I not only had gotten the lucky chance, but also had received the jade gourd and the formation method you sent me. If it were not for those, I would not have been able to withstand your men's sneak attack tonight."

Li Yao's face turned blue. This was the pain in his heart and the thing that he regretted the most. At this moment, Li Ye said this out so clearly that it was just like added salt to his wound.

Li Yao pointed his long spear straight at Li Ye and said angrily. "Let alone that you are only a Level 2 Qi-refining practitioner, even if you have reached Level 3, do you think you can defeat me? Now you are showing off your cleverness, which will only make you be even worse later and even more ridiculous!"

Li Ye spread out his hands, "I just simply thank you. You see, if you hadn't suggested me to go to Tai Xuan Summit, I wouldn't have got the lucky chance. If it were not you who had put the jade gourd on Tai Xuan Summit, I wouldn't have been able to stand here and show off my cleverness. You are really my good brother."

Li Yao was so angry that his face was blue and white that it took him quite a while to appease his anger. "Good! You cunt! At first, I have considered to leave you a whole body, but now it seems unnecessary. I'll blow you to pieces of meat and even destroy your soul and spirit and let you know the price you should pay for provoking me!"

Li Ye hissed. "You are very confident, and I appreciate that. However, you are also very stupid. After I had captured those Taoist priests, you sent your men to steal them. After I have detained your men, you come to kill me in person. I have defeated your men and you are going to do it yourself. Don't you realize that you have been led around by the nose by me?"

Li Muzhao and the others were standing in front of the floral-pendant gate. When they heard this, they involuntarily changed their facial expression which became much uglier than pork liver. Thinking about everything carefully, they found it seemed that he was telling the truth!

Knowing this, they looked at Li Yao in doubt. Li Muzhao even thought in his heart, "Have I been following a foolish master?"

But then he reacted. "Li Yao's every move and act never have any big problem. If it were myself, I would do the same. So the conclusion is that it's not Li Yao is stupid but Li Ye is too sinister!"

"Not just sinister, but evil. Who would have thought that Li Ye could really achieve Qi-refining at Tai Xuan Summit and reach Level 2 Qi-refining in such a short time? If not for that, the current situation would not be like this!"

The guards of the Prince An mansion in Great Mystery Formation had totally different reactions. They shared the honor with their master and straightened their chests one after the other. They looked down on Li Muzhao and the others as if their eyes were saying, "See, how stupid your master is! How great our heir apparent is! You're almost screwed!"

Li Ye looked at Li Yao whose face was twisted, he smiled more broadly. "You are so stupid, why do you still think you can defeat me? Go back and call your Dad. When Duke Xing comes back, you may be able to fight with me with his support behind."

"I'll kill you!" Li Yao boiled with anger and finally gave up his plan to surpass Li Ye in words. He rose up from the ground. Holding his spear, he rushed at Li Ye like frantic tigers, "When you die, I will see how you can still talk wildly!"

He moved and his whole person appeared in mid-air. He waved his long spear shinning with white light. In a split second, people didn't know how many times he had waved that strange visions appeared abruptly. Nine pythons showed up in front of the spear, each one was longer than three zhangs. The nine pythons bared their fangs and opened their claws as natural as though it were living. They looked magnificent!

"Nine-roar Rousing Pythons: White Pythons Down the Mountain!"

The white light of Spiritual Qi illuminated Li Yao's furious facial features. Against the background of the nine white pythons, he seemed to have the appearance of heaven and human.

He and his silver spear with a length of eight zhangs melt into one and they turned into the largest white python which opened its bloody mouth and violently bit at Li Ye as if they would gulp Li Ye down with one single bite!

Cultivators at the floral-pendant gate turned pale, eyes full of awe.

"Childe Yao unexpectedly used 'Nine-roar Rousing Pythons', he is really angry!"

"The 'Nine-roar Rousing Pythons' is a top-grade cultivation method with unsurpassed power. It can greatly improve the strength of cultivation. Once it is put into use, it will have the power to destroy the city and pull out the village!"

"It is said that Duke Xing played the 'White Pythons Down the Mountain' and took the head of the general on the other side in a disordered army. Childe Yao himself is a genius among the imperial clan sons which means that he must have taken up Duke Xing's mantle. He starts a fight in such a powerful way. Obviously, he has excelled his predecessor!"

"Li Ye is done this time! He is so foolish to provoke Childe Yao. Now, he has to eat the bitter fruit of his own making!"

In Great Mystery Formation, all guards looked serious and full of fear. Shangguan Qingcheng bit her bottom lip lightly and clenched her horizontal knife. She was already a practitioner of Qi techniques and could feel the power when Li Yao attacked.

"Heir Apparent has just achieved his Qi-refining and his foundation is still unstable. Li Yao has more cultivation than him. He starts this fight in such a ferocious way. How can Heir Apparent deal with him?"

Shangguan Qingcheng's heartbeat quickened. In this stressful situation, her white face was slightly red but her deep red lips became pale. She stared at Li Ye, dare not look away for a second.

"Heir Apparent hasn't gone to Imperial Astronomical Observatory to get cultivation methods. Don't know what's the class-ranking of the cultivation method he had used, but presumably, it won't be higher than the top grade. Now plus the Great Mystery Formation, it's not a good omen but an evil one. If Heir Apparent was defeated... I will rush forward and perish together with Li Yao!"

Shangguan Qingcheng knew that even if she rushed forward, she couldn't perish together with Li Yao. However, she had made up her mind to share life and death with Li Ye!

All eyes were on Li Ye, he started.

In fact, he had already started when Li Yao started this fight.

"Nine-roar Rousing Pythons. Indeed it has a great imposing manner. But snakes are just snakes, even if they are extremely powerful, what can they do to me?"

Li Ye had Dragon Qi and he was the hidden dragon. Could he be afraid of pythons?

He looked calm and had no expression on his face. He bent his knees, squatting and pulling his arms back. In a sudden, he bounced up. In the midst of ups and downs, Spiritual Qi had been channeled to the acme.

At the time when Li Ye jumped up from the eaves and rushed to Li Yao, the purple waves rolled like swirling auspicious clouds within three zhangs around him, he was the immortal who stepped on the clouds and flew up.

"I have a fist bodhi down, I read no phase spirits sad!"

He stretched out his left hand and suddenly clenched his fingers into a fist. The purple Qi near his fist suddenly emitted countless lights which were then shrunk into particles quickly. He collected every single particle into the heart of his fist.

With his right hand behind, his fingers stretched out and formed his palm. The purple Qi around his palm was like rows of waves which fended off the outside. It looked like the waves had gone far away, but purple Qi still lingered around his palm endlessly.

"Cloud-gathering Punch!"

"Purple Qi Phaseless Palm!"

They crossed in the mid-air on the eaves. With the strange visions around their bodies, they collided with each other. In a flash, sparkling colors were flowing everywhere, as if two suns had melted into each other. Brilliant rays in huge prosperous, in the pitch-black night sky, a moon raised up abruptly surrounded with countless purple clouds.

Li Ye's left hand went first, the purple fist landed heavily between white pythons. "Pythons down the mountain? Roll back to the mountain!"

"Boom!" The purple Qi that Li Ye had collected suddenly exploded, the white python was blown to pieces.

Li Ye's right palm followed as the purple palm delivered on the long spear in front of Li Yao. The place where the palm and the spear met was like a boulder falling onto a lake. Spiritual Qi waves swung and rolled in groups. Then, like a fist of water rising in the sky, exploded with a bang!

In the waves of Spiritual Qi, Li Ye's long hair splashed back like water-ink, his clothes whistling.

In front of him, Li Yao who was gnashing his teeth. His fierce appearance was demonstrated in details.

At this moment, Spiritual Qi was like snowflakes, falling down in succession between them.

They were but a few feet from each other, only a twinkling of an eye but it felt like eternal, then both of them flew backward.

Li Ye landed on the eaves. He bent his knees, squatted, slipped back ten steps, and stopped at the end of the eaves.

So did Li Yao.

They bowed and looked at each other, without looking away.

There was no strange vision on the eaves. Everything, like the gentle winds and light clouds, was back again, and their dancing long hair and clothes also fell quietly. The crescent moon was hanging like a hook in the deep space, and the Milky Kay was wandering like a belt overhead.


In a very light voice, both of them spewed a mouthful of blood.

Seeing this scene, cultivators in front of the floral-pendant gate were stunned. They looked at each other and were momentarily unable to speak.

"Li Yao did all in his power but he didn't win?"

"Not only did he not win, but also injured?"

Each and everyone's eyes widened. They were unable to accept this scene.

"How is that possible?!"

"Childe Yao is a genius and he has exerted the top-grade cultivation method!"

In Great Mystery Formation, all guards straightened their backs and relaxed. They looked at each other and all breathed a sigh of relief. They immediately stuck out their chests and looked in defiance at the cultivators over there at the floral-pendant gate, their eyes were full of contempt.

"Level 3 Qi-refining is nothing more than this, he is still unable to defeat our Heir Apparent who is just Level 2 Qi-refining!"

"Bullshit genius!"

"It is said that once this move is used, one can take the head of the general on the other side in a melee. Bah! What nonsense!"

Listening to the sarcasm of these guards, cultivators at the floral-pendant gate fumed with anger, but they had no way out.

Glamorous light flashing in her eyes, Shangguan Qingcheng kept her eyes on Li Ye, her heart full of unexpected surprises.

She remembered the experience Li Ye had at Tai Xuan Summit. At that time, they also felt that Li Ye could not break through the small mystery formation and get Yuan Tiangang's Taoist's Luck, but Li Ye surprised them one after another with real action.

"Your Highness, how many more surprises will you give us?" Shangguan Qingcheng suddenly felt that Li Ye might defeat Li Yao tonight.

Because Li Ye could always create miracles and make the impossible possible.

She had confidence for she remembered that Li Yao came because Li Ye wanted him to.

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