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Chapter 246: Devil Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten

"Devil tree, the three bound ones have already broken free, take note of them!" warned Chu Mu.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar, and its mighty two arms grabbed onto the two bound Li City savage creatures. Like sandbags, it promptly tossed them into the air, knocking them into the two savage creatures attempting to attack it from above!

Very soon, three savage creatures neared the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier that could simultaneously release multiple technique rapidly transformed its demon wood into several durable whips!

"Pai!! Pai!! Pai!!!!"

The three Li City savage creatures couldn't even get away, and were fiercely smacked flying by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

Facing so many opponents, the present superiority of the wood attribute was clearly displayed. No matter which direction the attack was coming from, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was always able to respond and use the relevant technique.

After a few continuous attacks, the remaining eight Li City savage creatures realized how difficult the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was to deal with; yet, they let out a wave of hissing shouts!

Rain water washed over, beating down on these eight hairless long armed creatures. Strange auras began to envelop their bodies!

Oddly, when this toxic-like thing coiled around their bodies, they then slowly merged into their bodies. The bones and muscles of these things unexpectedly showed a terrifying growth!

The growth of these creatures didn't seem like the transformation of a mutation. Instead, their dense white bones suddenly protruded out of their thin and weak skin, as if they were going to rip their skin apart!

The skin was slowly split open and blood began to spill from their wound, washing away with the rain water onto the ground.

The transformation happened on all eight of these Li City savage creatures, and they changed from their originally skinny and savage look to a presently malevolent and wild look. In particular, the blood that flowed from their flesh and bones made them completely become a bloodsoaked monster!

The stench of blood and a nauseating aura permeated this street. Even with the downpour of rain, it was incapable of being dispersed. Waves of cold and imposing stench-filled wind beat against their bodies, giving them an intangible sense of fear, seeping into their souls…

"Chu Mu, is your situation over there still ok?" Ye Qingzi's voice rang out from not far away, as she ostensibly discovered the abnormality where he was.

"I can deal with it." Chu Mu's face turned serious, as he stared at the eight creatures that could strengthen themselves.

"Young master, I'm afraid the strength of those things has increased nearly forty percent, and they're equivalent to the seventh phase third stage. It will be extremely hard to deal with them." warned Old Li.

Chu Mu also knew that these eight Li City savage creatures were exceptionally hard to deal with. Immediately, he had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier use a technique.

"Demon Wood Pierce!"

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar. Its demon wood arms abruptly came down and suddenly, incomparably sharp demon woods shot out of the thin puddles of water, respectively piercing towards the stomach of three Li City savage creatures.

The three savage creatures evidently felt the onslaught of the attack and crouched their hindlegs. Seemingly the moment the demon wood would pierce their stomachs, they jumped up and flew high into the rain filled air!


Raising their heads, an azure colored bubble of poison appeared in their mouths as they spat it out towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier amidst the rain water!

"Zi zi zi zi zi~~~~~~"

The poison was rather terrifying. When it mixed with the rain, the rain water was completely vaporized, transforming into concentrated azure colored fogs!

Such a large area of effect spray, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's speed simply made it incapable of dodging.

The poison sprayed all over the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body. Although there was demon wood armor on its body, the outer layer of demon wood on its wood skin suffered extremely serious corrosion.

Very quickly, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's species technique, the demon wood armor, completely disappeared. Upon seeing this, Chu Mu was extremely shocked. If the Devil Tree Battle Soldier hadn't comprehended this defensive technique last night and the poison sprayed onto its body, it would have given it a serious wound!

"Sou sou sou sou!!!!!!!"

Splashes of water occurred as the other five stepped on puddles. Several splashes of water were raised as they ferociously launched themselves at the Devil Tre battle Soldier. Their terrifying front limbs were carrying azure green colored poison; as long as the poison entered a body, the poison would definitely corrode everything cleanly!



Two Li City savage creatures that bursted with speed neared the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and ripped apart its outer layer of skin. Without the demon wood armor, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's defense was easily broken by the attack. Green colored blood began to flow from its two wounds.

After suffering damage, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's movements were visibly affected. It wasn't able to react in time, and the three Li City savage creatures that had sprayed poison in the air suddenly launched themselves towards it, their bodies transforming into glistening cold lights of claws as they rapidly swept past its body.


Another three severe wounds appeared on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body. Its blood sprayed into the air, and its body began to visibly stagger.

When they saw that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had been wounded, the other Li City savage creatures seized the advantage to pursue and attack it. Their long front limbs also happened to be their sharp weapons that could split open stomachs!

Very quickly, the wounds on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body increased. If it wasn't for having twice the life force, it probably would have been taken down by this wave of attacks and died.

Chu Mu's heart sank. The fighting strength of these Li City savage creatures was truly exceptionally terrifying. Even if Mo Xie were to fight with them, they would still be very hard to deal with.

"Night, confine the three creatures nearest you." Chu Mu originally did not want Night interfering in the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's fight, but right now, it seemed that he had to have Night use it s powerful demonic control to change the tides of battle.


Just as the Night Thunder Dream Beast was about to silently extend its nightmare hand towards the three completely unaware Li City creatures, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out an indignant roar!!!

Its face became rather berserk, and a streak of blood red appeared in the depths of its pupils. In this moment, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier berserkly released a blood-thirsty aura!

Relying on its tenacious body, the Devil Tree withstood eight of the Li City savage creatures' attacks. Its body abruptly squatted down, and it enormous palms resolutely smashed into the ground!!

"Hua la la~~"

This palm attack of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was exceptionally heavy, and there was a great big splash.

Its wood fingers penetrating underground, the Devil tree Battle Soldier used the Wood Finger Prison technique!!

"Hua hua hua~~~~~"

Ten wooden fingers broke apart the puddles and, like ten tiny snakes rising into the air, they quickly binded together above the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's head!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier's Wood Finger Prisoner was used on itself!

Soon, the Wood Finger Prison enveloped an area of ten meters with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier in the middle. The eight Li City creatures were all within this ten meter area!


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a irritated roar, and suddenly began pulling above him, tightening the Wood Finger Prison!!

The eight Li City creatures were in the process of ruthlessly breaking down the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body, and completely ignored this technique of it. In the opinion of these merciless creatures, they only needed a few seconds before this Devil Tree Battle Soldier rich in energy would become their food!

However, no matter how much its body was ripped apart and how much blood it spilled, or even the fact that the terrifying poisonous fluid had infiltrated its body, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier paid no attention. It madly used all of its brute strength to fiercely pull at the Wood Finger Prison, causing it to become frightening shackles that reined in towards its body!

Finally, the Wood Finger Prison was completely tightened!

The wood fingers covering the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's head simultaneously brought in all eight of the Li City savage creatures to its body. It was as if the eight creatures were bound by tenacious rattans to a tree!

"Demon Wood Spike!"


A roar rang out and at the same time, two bolts of lightning hurtled across the night sky, ripping apart the pitch black curtain of rain. They illuminated the mad Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body full of blood!!


The first demon wood spike abruptly shot out of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body, and ruthlessly entered a Li City savage creature's body that was permeating poisonous fluids. From the back of this savage creature, it pierced all the way to its stomach; a green colored sticky blood was stuck to the tip of the demon wood spike and it slowly dripped off!


The second demon wood spike appeared, and the Li City savage creatures rigidly tightened to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier wanted to break free, but the wood spikes directly pierced through their necks!


The third demon wood directly pierced through two Li City savage creatures on top of each other…


The fourth one….

Several tens of demon wood spikes shot out of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body!!

The length of each spike was nearly three meters, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier astonishingly transformed into a savage tree full of terrifying demon wood spikes!

What was even more shocking was that within a range of three meters in all directions, the wooden spikes had pierced through the corpses, dripping with blood!!

The downpour continued to fall, hitting these corpses. Each of these corpses had pretty much been pierced through by four or five demon wood spikes. Even if their life force was even more tenacious, it was impossible for them to survive.

All eight of the Li City savage creatures had been pierced through. Blood flowed down the dense demon wood spikes and even Chu Mu, after witnessing this frightening scene, couldn't help but change his expression – This was what a true wood type group kill looked like!

Dead creatures didn't have any life force, so the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that knew this began to absorb their life force as they struggled.

Thus, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that had lost most of its life force, through absorbing eight Li City savage creatures, quickly recovered to seventy to eighty percent. The serious wounds on its body also began to slowly heal.

"Hu~~~" the Devil Tree Battle Soldier spat out a mouth of impure air. When it gradually walked to Chu Mu, the demon wood armor on its body that had been eaten away by corrosion had pretty much already been healed.

Those incomparably sharp demon wood spikes returned one at a time back into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body. Those dripping corpses also dropped one at a time, as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier took each step; the corpses were so shrivelled that the only thing that remained was a wreckage…

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