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Chapter 245: Nightmare Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten

The lightning scuttled through the vast curtain of rain like snakes illuminating the city in a plain white.

The huge downpour of rain drowned the streets full of water. There were a few things hovering in the courtyards of the residence courtyards that could be seen in this hundred meter perimeter district. As the water flowed, they unarrayedly gathered at the dead end of the street.

Ye Qingzi's Water Moon was rather proficient at controlling water. In a short period of ten meters, the water had already risen up to the Night Thunder Dream Beast's knee level. Most of the places with sewers were probably full of rushing water.

"Hui~~~~~ Hui~~~~"

Suddenly, the Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a neigh. Its two eyes rigidly fixated on another water pathway as if it had sensed something.

"Qingiz, be careful. There's something coming out." Chu Mu warned Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head and slowly chanted an incantation. She summoned her strongest fighting strength soul pet, the War Court Black Beast in front of her, while also having the Purple Robe Dream Beast set up a black night dreamland around her.

Chu Mu simultaneously chanted an incantation, summoning the Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier in front of him.

When the Ice Air Fairy appeared, the cold ice on its body began to rapidly proliferate. The liquid around its body was all frozen into ice crystals. If it wasn't because Chu Mu stopped it from letting its invisible  emitting towering ice air from continuing to proliferate…

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier wasn't very hindered by the water. Its two legs stood in the water, but its roots were still able to dig into the ground and, through the tremors in the ground, it was able to detect those creatures approaching.

"Pu pu!!! Pu pu pu!!!!!!!!"

It appeared!

The several surrounding waterways all erupted, splashing over ten meters high. They formed numerous water pillars around Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, knocking the falling rain somewhat diagonally!

The raindrops fell even more wantonly and Chu Mu wiped the water on his face. Using his soul remembrance, he locked onto the four creatures travelling underground.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out another noise, warning Chu Mu that something was moving behind him.

Chu Mu turned around and discovered six abnormal ripples appearring on the collecting water. It was as if something was rapidly approaching!

"There are about ten coming at me. Qingzi, how many are over by you?" Chu Mu quickly deduced the number of savage creatures coming to attack him.

"There seem to be fifteen." Ye Qingzi had a Purple Robe Dream Beast. Its phase and stage had already reached the seventh phase fifth stage, and its perception abilities weren't much less than Night's.

"The strength of those things is approximately equivalent to a seventh phase demon commander. Its attack properties are relatively powerful, and they aren't easy to deal with. Let my Ice Air Fairy help you."

"Ok, you be careful yourself."

Chanting an incantation, the Ice Air Fairy with the fastest reaction locked onto the other seven hidden bodies of the Li City savage creatures travelling through the water. These Li City savage creatures were charging towards Ye Qingzi's soul pets while the Ice Air Fairy's techniques happened to be used on the area beside Ye Qingzi.

Towering Ice Ice Seal!

Cold air permeated the area, and the towering ice crystals on the Ice Air Fairy's body poured into the water. The water that was originally flowing, after being invaded by the cold air, gradually became still. Starting from the top of the water, it began to freeze inwards!

"Gezhi~~~ Gezhi~~~~~~"

The Ice Seal formed a circular shape, and it spread out from Ye Qingzi's location towards the seven hidden Li City savage creatures. Those seven Li City savage creatures clearly felt the powerful force of the towering ice, and abruptly jumped out of the puddles of water!

These Li City savage creatures possessed an invisibility ability. Even while fighting, they didn’t easily expose their bodies. Using the water to hide, the only thing that could be seen in the curtain of rain was the silhouette of these creatures.

A sharp and pointy head, a long but skinny body, a rather muscular but short set of hind limbs, and a long and slender set front limbs. The second lighting streaked through the air, Chu Mu could see that there was no fur on these things; they only had an outer layer of glossy skin without any wrinkles. However, their skin happened to secrete a liquid that seemed like it was forming a special keratin layer. This allowed them to hide their bodies in the dark.

"Protect her well." Chu Mu saw that the majority of these Li City savage creatures were charging at Ye Qingzi. He decisively had the Ice Air Fairy float over to Ye Qingzi to protect her.

"Devil Tree, I'll leave these to you." Chu Mu swept his eyes over the ten Li City savage creatures nearing him as he spoke to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had just finished its strengthening, and it happened to be time to display its godliness. Its eighty high level demon wood roots had already dug underground. The ground full of puddles didn't pose any obstruction to its fighting. Just as those six Li City savage creatures attacking from under the water approached, the high level demon wood roots astonishingly launched an attack!!

"Chi chi chi chi!!!!!!!"

Eighty high level demon wood roots pierced forth concentratedly. They forced the six Li City savage creatures to jump out of the stealth of the water.


A shocking bolt of lightning ripped down in the curtain of rain. A pale white light illuminated these terrifying killers, accentuating their long arms and incomparably sharp poisonous claws.

"Demon Wood Drill!"

The Devil Wood Battle Tree's arms waved about. Suddenly, six sharp spear-like demon wood drills appeared in front of it. Under its control, they shot through the air towards the six Li City savage beasts.

"Shua Shua Shua Shua!!!!!!"

The Li City savage beasts' claws were abnormally sharp. They promptly swiped down, cutting the demon wood drills into two pieces!

Upon landing on the ground, these things quickly shot past the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's side!!

"Shua!!!!!!!" Six distinct claw marks instantly appeared on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body. They were quick,violent, and simply unavoidable!!

Chu Mu was shocked. He ceaselessly used his soul remembrance to lock down these exceptionally fast creatures and commanded the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's attacks.

Fortunately the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's defense had reached the full seventh stage. The six attacks from these savage creatures hadn't reached the eighth stage yet, and wouldn't deal any real damage to it. Receiving a few attacks wouldn't affect its fighting strength too much.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier changed from its piercing state to its binding state. The high level demon wood transformed into long azure snakes that caused splashes in the puddles of water as they chased after the rapidly moving Li City savage creatures!

"Focus the front three!!" ordered Chu Mu.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had eighty demon wood roots, and thus had eighty azure ground snakes. If it completely focused three of them, even if their speed was any faster, they still wouldn't be able to evade the numerous binds.

The downpour fortunately gave Chu Mu the most advantageous condition for this fight. The curtain of rain was very effective at capturing the movements of these Li City savage creatures. When the eighty roots unceasingly burrowed underground, the three Li City savage creatures in front had already fled far away from the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. However, they weren't able to dodge the binds, and their bodies were practically completely twisted around by the high level demon wood.

"Si si si si~~~~"

These Li City savage creatures seemed to understand how to support in a fight. The other three flew over to their comrades that had been bound by the demon wood roots. Their claws violently shredded away at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's high level demon wood roots, attempting to save them.

The other four stepped in the puddles and charged at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, using their intensely toxic Heavenly Splitting Claw!

"Shua shua shua shua!!!!!!!!"

The four toxic claws ripped apart the curtain of rain while simultaneously tearing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body into pieces. Upon landing on the ground, the four Li City savage creatures turned around and looked at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that had turned into a pile of chopped wood.

"Si si si si~~" a merciless smile was heard. As if they were obtaining pleasure after killing, the four Li City savage creatures revealed their bloodthirsty malevolent expressions. They fixed their eyes on Chu Mu's next soul pet, planning to continue killing…

Feeling the stare of these savage creatures, Chu Mu unexpectedly sneered.

In the eyes of these four savage creatures, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already died. However, in Chu Mu's eyes, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was unscathed, because the four savage creatures had fallen into the dreamland trap laid by the night soul pet, the Night Thunder Dream Beast!

"Piercing Branch!"


Two long arms flew forth and with extreme precision, struck two of the Li City savage creatures stuck in the dream!!

"Pu pu!!!!!!!!"

Fresh blood spilled out of these two Li City Savage Creatures' stomachs, mixing in with the rain. The two Li City Savage Creatures simultaneously let out a painful scream, as they wildly used their claws to slice apart the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's two branches that had entered their bodies.

Life Force Absorb!!

An evident squirm appeared in the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's branches. The large amount of life force energy began to pour into its body!

Simultaneously absorbing two Li City savage creatures, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier recovered twenty percent of its life force every second. The wounds that were previously ripped open were instantaneously healed!

By contrast, those two Li City Savage Creatures were unable to break off the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's branches with their claws in a short period of time. Their life force was quickly exhausted, and their originally skinny bodies became as skinny as firewood!

"Night, Dark Lightning!"

Under Chu Mu's order, a lightning bolt flashed in between the Night Thunder Dream Beast's unique dream horns!

The only thing in this night was a lightning storm, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast's lightning attribute obtained an increase of thirty to forty percent. Its lightning type techniques identically increased by this amount!


A long cry was heard as the Night Thunder Dream Beast controlled the lightning clouds. It forcibly made a bolt of lightning change its directions as it descended, striking towards the two Li City savage creatures being drained of life force!

Nearly half of the life force of these two Li City savage creatures had been lost, and when the terrifying lightning descended, it was hard for them to dodge. Under the direct bombardment, they burst into burnt mincemeat in the curtain of lightning and rain!!

"Si si si si~~~~~~~"

When the two Li City savage creatures saw that their comrades had been killed, they became incomparably angry!

They had previously used the time that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was absorbing life force and jumped in front of it. Right now, they had turned their indignant claws into two razor-sharp blades that were violently cutting at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's body.

Cold light interweaved, and each time the high frequency attacks landed on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier's demon wood armor, a distinct cut would be left in the demon wood armor.

However, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn't dodge. Instead, it withstood the violent claw attacks of these soul pets and promptly sent out its high level demon wood, firmly binding the two Li City savage creatures!

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