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Chapter 90: Trapped Savage Beast (1)

As he continued to walk directly towards the north, Chu Mu noticed that the map in his hands only approximately mapped out the boundary of this jungle basin.

Further north from the jungle basin was a towering mountain peak. This mountain was abnormally tall. Chu Mu spent the night at the foot of the mountain, when he heard an extremely palpitating shout.

The mountain peak was over a thousand meters high. Being able to hear such a hair-raising, terrifying scream from over a thousand meters high, one could see that the mountain peak clearly harbored the habitats of a few exceptionally strong soul pets.

Chu Mu was also self-aware. Since the mountain peak was abnormally dangerous and a number of powerful creatures lived there, Chu Mu had no choice but to go around the mountain, entering into a long and narrow valley.


The valley wind was very cold, as if sharp blades were cutting at one’s skin. Occasionally, there would be a few dead branches and leaves mixed in the wind.

In total, it had already taken one month for Chu Mu to walk out of the rather complicated jungle basin, walk around the mountain, and walk on the only valley path that could go north.

In this one month, Chu Mu didn’t manage to chase those two Yang Family members. Throughout his journey, though, he had encountered many prisoners and constantly fought battles. This made his Ice Air Fairy reach the second phase eighth stage. Mo Xie’s strength had also increased by one stage. As for Chu Mu himself, he had finally become a sixth remembrance Soul Soldier.


Although the Ice Air Fairy’s intelligence wasn’t high, it seemed to be able to discover a few easily neglected places.

After Chu Mu heard the Ice Air Fairy’s voice, his gaze moved to where the Ice Air Fairy was pointing to. He discovered the thick layer of a moss-like plant covering the ground in the valley.

“What’s wrong with this?” Chu Mu didn’t quite understand.


The Ice Air Fairy pointed at these plants again and spoke to Chu Mu in a strange language.

Chu Mu had only learned the Beast Language and had a certain amount of comprehension towards Beast Kingdom Soul Pet languages. However, he was completely at a loss when it came to the Elemental Kingdom language. Chu Mu could only use the mental connection between him and the Ice Air Fairy to approximately guess what the Ice Air Fairy was referring to.

“Are these plants special? You’ve seen them before right?” asked Chu Mu.

“Ling” the Ice Air Fairy shook its head and sent a mental message to Chu Mu’s mind.

Chu Mu seemed to understand something and retrieved the <> book from his pack. He began to look for plant soul pets of this type.

As expected, when Chu Mu found what soul pets lived in valleys, information regarding the plant beneath Chu Mu’s feet appeared.

“Valley Moss. There will often be a type of third grade medicinal ingredient, Cold Grain Ginseng, that will grow in areas with valley moss. Cold Grain Ginseng is the most immediate medicinal ingredient and is of great help towards the growth of an ice type soul pet.”

After reading the introduction, Chu Mu looked at the Ice Air Fairy and said: “It turns out this place has a fine delicacy of yours. No wonder your sense of smell was so perceptible.”

“Lin~~” The Ice Air Fairy shook its head.

“This place is the only path from the jungle basin to the north. There should be many prisoners that use it. If this place has a third grade medicinal ingredient, I’m not sure if it would have already been taken.” said Chu Mu.


The Ice Air Fairy seemed to sense the location of the special plant that grew in this sort of cold zone. It walked in front and lead the way.

Chu Mu followed behind the Ice Air Fairy as they walked further into the complicated valley.

When the Ice Air Fairy brought him into a very narrow path, Chu Mu couldn’t help but stare blankly at the dead end ahead of them.

The small valley path was a side trail that led to a dead end. Not only was it enveloped by shadows, it was also covered in Valley Moss. Most people would easily miss this path when they swept their eyes past it.

What made Chu Mu surprised was that the Ice Air Fairy was able to find a frosted plant that ran across the wall of the dead end-like crevice. Covered by this plant was another path.

The Ice Air Fairy was in front and led Chu Mu into this rather particular looking valley path.

The further they walked in, the colder Chu Mu felt. When Chu Mu walked out of the crevice, something appeared in front of him that made him feel shocked!

What emerged in front of Chu Mu was a towering mountain wall on all four sides. Aside from the narrow crevice path they had taken in, there wasn’t any other path.

The mountain wall was extremely tall, rising steeply from the ground. After walking around in a circle, even after he lifted his head up, all he could see was a foggy sky. Being stuck inside, Chu Mu felt as if he had fallen into an enormous well!

The bottom of this precipice was about 50 centimeters squared. Perhaps because it was a unique environment, the plants here were all shorter than normal plants, whether they were trees or shrubs . Nonetheless, this place was abnormally lush.

The majority of the plants that grew here were of the Yin type. Even though this place wasn’t moist, Chu Mu was feeling rather cold.


Suddenly, a slight sound of movement came from within the short plants. Instantly, Chu Mu made the Ice Air Fairy put Ice Armor on him and increased his vigilance.

“Hou hou!!”

Seemingly at the same moment that the Ice Armor was added to Chu Mu’s body, suddenly, a terrifying roar erupted, violently smashing into Chu Mu’s face. This imposing cold intent seeped through Chu Mu’s entire body stunning him!!


Chu Mu was unable to clearly see the movements of this soul pet that had suddenly appeared. Instead, he abruptly discovered that this soul pet had savagely thrown itself onto the Ice Air Fairy, and its claws suddenly stabbed into the Ice Air Fairy’s body!

“Ping!!” The Ice Air Fairy’s body was like a mirror that shattered. A large empty hole was immediately cut out in the thick Ice Armor that covered its body.

In shock, Chu Mu instantly began reciting an incantation. Promptly, the Ice Air Fairy that had been heavily wounded was recalled back to the soul pet space.

Feeling a terrifying gaze fixate onto himself, Chu Mu immediately retreated a few steps before rolling back into the narrow crevice!

“Hou hou!!”

A claw suddenly extended into the crevice, and despite it not actually reaching Chu Mu’s body, the blade’s edge managed to shatter Chu Mu’s Ice Armor making his stomach feel a wave of sharp pain!

“Hou!! Hou!!”

Chu Mu’s face paled as he retreated. His gaze was fixated on the savage beast over three meters long that was in the mountain wall crevice!

A shiver went down the back of his neck. Chu Mu hadn’t actually walked too far into this sealed off mountain abyss. He was scared of something like this occurring, but didn’t expect that this completely sealed off area harbored such a terrifying soul pet!

Moreover, Chu Mu currently wasn’t more than five meters apart from this soul pet. He could see this soul pet’s eyes, and if it wasn’t because this creature’s enormous body made it incapable of entering the crevice, Chu Mu would have been instantly killed just now!

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