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Chapter 91: Trapped Savage Beast (2)

“Ning, are you okay?” Chu Mu immediately opened his healing medicine and used Soul Remembrance to lead the healing medicine into the soul pet space and heal the Ice Air Fairy’s wound.


The Ice Air Fairy produced a weak noise. It seemed that the attack just now had caused a deep wound.

After Chu Mu rubbed the healing medicine on the Ice Air Fairy, he carefully examined the Ice Air Fairy’s body. Upon making sure there was no danger to its life, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Thankfully it’s an Elemental Kingdom soul pet. It has no blood, arteries or internal organs. Otherwise, that one claw strike  would have probably taken its life.” Chu Mu’s heart still had a bit of lingering fear as he spoke.

This time really was due to a bit of carelessness. Thankfully, the crevice was narrow, and the soul pet couldn’t reach Chu Mu.

“Hou hou!!”

The exposed malevolent face of the savage soul pet seemed to indicate it didn’t plan on giving up. It continued to use its claws to scratch at the rocky wall.  The strength of this savage soul pet was considerably terrifying, and the thick rocks were cut through. If it wasn’t for the sturdiness of this crevice, perhaps it may have already been disintegrated!

“At least a fifth phased Multi Colored Devil Tiger.”

Chu Mu retreated while staring at the savage and imposing soul pet.

Multi Colored Devil Tiger: Beast Kingdom - Beast type - Devil Tiger Species - Multi Colored Devil Tiger Subspecies - High Class Commander Rank

Its sharp teeth were like swords, and could tear apart higher ranking defenses. It had a sturdy tiger body and was the most pure form of beast type soul pets. Its shocking and terrifying explosive strength gave it pseudo invincibility in close combat.

A high class commander rank that had further reached the fifth stage. This was enough to contend against Xia Guanghan’s Ice Winged Tiger. The current stage and phase of this soul pet was something that Chu Mu could not handle.

Chu Mu knew that his own strength was insufficient and decisively turned around to leave, forsaking the medicine in the area.

“Hou hou!!”

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s angry roars continued to resonate from behind him. Just as Chu Mu walked out of the crevice, he suddenly thought of a problem.

“The Multi Colored Devil Tiger cannot fly. At the fifth stage, its jumping capabilities should allow it to only reach ten or so meters. However, the mountain pit just now was at least twenty meters deep and the crevice was so narrow. Could it be that…”

Chu Mu immediately turned around and looked at the Multi Colored Devil Tiger that was continually using its claws to scratch at the mountain crevice. At this moment, Chu Mu discovered that even though the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s appearance was savage, its eyes revealed a rather strange countenance.

Chu Mu stopped in his tracks before slowly going back. He began to chant an incantation.

Chu Mu had already learned the beast language and could roughly communicate with beast kingdom soul pets through soul techniques .

“Have you been trapped in here?” Using beast language, Chu Mu transformed what he wanted to say into a mental wave that transmitted into the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s mind.

“Hou Hou!!”

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s temper wasn’t very good. Having received Chu Mu’s question, it denied it and continued to roar. Clearly, it was upholding its dignity.

“Inside there are a few plants that you cannot eat. I believe you were definitely lured here by a few prey that accidently entered this place, right?” Chu Mu maintained his distance with the Multi Colored Devil Tiger as he asked his question.

“Hou!!” The Multi Colored Devil Tiger still refused to admit it.

“Unless you reach a higher stage and phase, you will not be able to jump out of this mountain pit or break apart this crevice. However, in this place, there is a lack of fighting, soul cores and food. Your strength increases extremely slowly and it’s unknown how many years it will take before you can free yourself.” Chu Mu continued to talk.

As if Chu Mu words hit a sore spot, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger instantly turned indignant and spat out a bitingly cold breath towards the mountain wall crevice!!!

“Hou Hou Hou!!” The roars were equivalent to the attack of a magical wind. Chu Mu instantly chanted an incantation and used Wind Dragon Bind to defend himself from the span of the Multi Colored Tiger’s breath.

“Don’t be nervous. I’m not your enemy. Only, you’ve been trapped here and your situation isn’t optimistic. I only want to help free you.” said Chu Mu.

Seeing that the Multi Colored Devil Tiger had begun to calm down, Chu Mu continued to say: “I can actually help you leave this place. I’m sure that you’ve been trapped here for a long time.”

“Hou Hou” The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was rather doubtful towards these words.

A fifth phase soul pet possessed intelligence that had reached a very high level. This kind of soul pet had the ability to independently think and make a few logical thoughts. Thus, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger naturally found it very hard to believe Chu Mu’s words.

“I am a soul pet trainer and on my hand is a special ring. This ring can bring a soul pet into a special space. When I leave this place, I will open up the ring and release you, thereby freeing you…” said Chu Mu.

“Hou Hou!!”

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s anger flared up once more. Its intelligence was very high and it could understand what this so-called soul pet ring was it was exactly like a dark prison. If it were to enter, escaping was impossible!

A soul pet ring was used by soul pet trainers when they captured soul pets but didn’t form a soul pact. A few soul pet hunters would often bring a soul pet ring that could hold a large volume when they went into the wild to capture soul pets. Afterwards, they would sell them at the Soul Pet Palace or at an exchange.

The soul pet ring on Chu Mu’s hand was bought while he was in Heng City for five gold coins. It could hold one soul pet, and was a rather shoddy quality soul pet ring.

​“Truthfully, you don’t have any other options. Just now, when you were attacking me, I saw multiple corpses besides you. I believe that you’ve already discovered that there are many people on this island. I’m sure they will find this area sooner or later. If they bring a large group of people to fight you, you will still be killed by them if you are trapped here. My soul pet ring cannot hold such a powerful soul pet like you. With just one technique you will be able to destroy it…” said Chu Mu.

“Hou Hou!!” The Multi Colored Devil Tiger didn’t quite believe Chu Mu and produced a few roars, indicating that Chu Mu should leave.

“Since you don’t believe me, I will just leave.” Chu Mu helplessly shook his head.

In truth, Chu Mu really did plan on helping the Multi Colored Devil Tiger free itself. As long as he could get the Multi Colored Devil Tiger out, the plants in the mountain pit would belong to him. Chu Mu also had to use the valley cold to heal the Ice Air Fairy’s wounds and increase its strength.

As for what Chu Mu had just said now, it was really the truth. The ring on Chu Mu’s hand could not trap a fifth phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

Inside the mountain pit, the light rays gradually dimmed. As the Multi Colored Devil Tiger watched the human who talked with him leave, the expression in its eyes underwent a change. However, its haughty self refused to compromise. It let out a downcast roar, turned around and returned to the eminently narrow mountain pit.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was clearly rather depressed as it lay on the cold grass. It closed its eyes and planned on sleeping.

However, after some time, the Multi Colored Devil tiger heard the sound of light footsteps. Its ears instantly stuck up, and it quickly ran to the side to hide.

“Pa” Suddenly a bloody corpse was thrown inside...

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger suspiciously looked at the Iron Toothed Porcupine Body.

“This is food I’m giving you. There are also soul cores inside. It should be enough to feed you for a few days… Hopefully one day your companions will find you and help you escape.”

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s gaze changed once more. Just previously, that human’s voice had come from the crevice. Nevertheless, not much later, the voice gradually grew further away. Clearly, he had thrown the corpse inside before leaving.

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