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Chapter 74: Abnormal Metamorphosis, Gigantic Cocoon

As the silk dramatically increased, the silk thread cloud floating in the air that the little Cyan Bug spewed out had now completely become a white cloud lump, enveloping all the arrogant Ice Falcons.

On the ground, Chu Mu and Mo Xie both faced upwards, staring in disbelief at the cloud of silk that had consumed all the Ice Falcons. They couldn’t say a single thing for quite a while.

“Wuwuwu~~” Mo Xie tilted her head towards Chu Mu and let out a mumble, her eyes full of questioning and puzzlement.

Chu Mu himself didn’t understand the current situation either. The usually timid and cowardly little Cyan Bug unexpectedly performed such a miraculous feat!


The cloud was airborne no longer and tumbled out of the air, falling straight onto the treetops, causing the branches to bend under the pressure. The silk hung up and down all along the tree tops.

Seeing the unfathomable mystery of the silk clouds, Chu Mu suddenly realized something and immediately rummaged through his pack for his “Pet Encyclodedia”, flipping to the section describing the Beast World - Bug Type - Cocoon Species!

There are innumerable soul pets. Ever since a young age, Chu Mu had started to recognize soul pets and understand all of the different kinds, but even soul pet trainers who had lived an entire century couldn’t say they could recognize every single soul pet. Thus, as a qualified soul pet trainer, he had to have a “Pet Encyclopedia” on him at all times.

Chu Mu quickly flipped through the “Pet Encyclopedia” for related information on the little Cyan Bug while watching the humongous cocoon that spanned ten meters envelop the dozen Ice Falcons.

“Beast Kingdom bug type soul pets have a very peculiar development process. Often times, during every transition between phases, their bodies may become completely different. This, like tadpoles turning into frogs, is known as Metamorphosis. Within the cocoon species of bug types, many are like this- having an abnormal Metamorphosis when entering second phase.”

Chu Mu read with astonishment the passage relating to the cocoon species and looked up again at the massive white cocoon, staring at it wide-eyed!

“This little guy’s actually a soul pet?” Chu Mu said to himself with surprise.

Flipping down some more, the Pet Encyclopedia quickly revealed all sorts of soul pets similar to the little Cyan Bug, but none had the exact same appearance as the little Cyan Bug.

Flipping all the way through, Chu Mu finally found, within a very rare subspecies of the cocoon species, a sentence that fit the little Cyan Bug.

“Prior to second phase, it is weak and cowardly, often leeching off a stronger organism. Cyan in color, larva form, has keen perception and can spit white silk…...”

When Chu Mu read this sentence, an image of the little guy instantly appeared in Chu Mu’s mind.

This sentence was the fine print in the “Pet Encyclodedia”- the type of print that everyone would ignore. Especially for this soul pet’s description, there was barely more than a sentence. No sketch of its appearance, no description of its abilities, no tips for training…...

“After the second phase, it will metamorphose, entering its real soul pet state, and will gain a surprising fighting strength.”

There were two sentences in total, summarized with unusual brevity. The “Pet Encyclopedia” contained almost any soul pet that any trainer could meet in the wild. Situations like this where only two sentences were written to describe a soul pet were extremely rare. The only reason this may happen is that the soul pet is rarely seen and owned.

“Little fellow, what species are you really…...” Watching the humongous, white, and spherical cocoon, Chu Mu was left with even more questions.

Two densely leaved trees whose treetops connected in the air. But, within the complicated branches of the treetops, a cocoon wrapped from the inside out with white silk pressed down on the branches, seeming awfully prominent within the verdant forest…….

The “Pet Encyclopedia”’s explanation was only that long. Chu Mu only knew that the little Cyan Bug was entering into the second phase, metamorphosing into a real soul pet. Though looking forward to it, he didn’t know what to do.

As a result, Chu Mu and Mo Xie kept watch beside the little Cyan Bug for a few days.

But in these days the little Cyan Bug still remained a huge cocoon. In fact, Chu Mu noticed that the white silk was slowly expanding, and it enveloped three trees instead of two.

“Wuwuwu” Little Mo Xie didn’t understand.

“Bug Type soul pets often pupate in their transformation from phase to phase. If I had known it was a soul pet, I would’ve signed a soul pact with it, letting it metamorphose within my soul pet space. Now that he’s this big of a cocoon, I can’t even bring him around, yet the book said that it takes a very long time to pass through the pupal stage…... ”

“Wuwuwu, wuwuwu” Little Mo Xie let out bitter and sad calls, as if suddenly she suddenly lost a friend.

Chu Mu flipped through the “Pet Encyclopedia” just to check on the description for the cocoon species again and, feeling helpless, he found that most of the cocoon species took very long to metamorphose, and the higher the Species Rank, the longer the metamorphosis…...

“Even the servant rank cocoon species soul pets need at least a month to complete its metamorphosis. The little guy just displayed such terrifying battling capabilities, so it probably isn’t simply at the servant rank. This metamorphosis will take at least a few months…...” Chu Mu laughed bitterly as he watched the cocoon gradually expand day by day.

“Wuwuwu” Little Mo Xie let out a call.

“Waiting like this isn’t really an option. Let’s go to somewhere else for now, and come back to check on it after a while.” Chu Mu rubbed Mo Xie’s head and said.

“Wuwu” Mo Xie nodded.

“Don’t worry, its cocoon is very thick and not many soul pets can penetrate its defense. Additionally, there’s still a bunch of Ice Falcons living here. Those Ice Falcons don’t dare to trouble the little guy, but other soul pets won’t easily enter this area either.” Chu Mu said.

The little guy’s cocoon was already nearly twenty meters in diameter. This defense was absolutely formidable. If there were really any soul pets that could break through all that, the soul pet’s strength would have to be ridiculously strong as well, meaning there wasn’t any point for Chu Mu and Mo Xie to stay.

“Let’s go, Mo Xie.” Chu Mu patted Mo Xie but noticed that Mo Xie’s eyes were on the steep cliff behind the huge cocoon…...

“What’s up?‘

“Wuwuwu” Mo Xie looked at the foliage covered cliffs and let out a weak noise.

“There’s something there?” Chu Mu asked.

Mo Xie immediately nodded, took a step forwad and lead the way.

Chu Mu didn’t know what Mo Xie discovered, so he also walked through the cocoon that the little guy had created and ran towards the cliff.

“It’s a forest, yet there are so many Ice Falcons. Maybe there’s some special ice type item……” Chu Mu’s eyes brightened a bit.

When he neared, Chu Mu instantaneously noticed an embedded cave on the suddenly uprising cliff. Around the cave was a bunch of Iron Green Vines, plants which were unafraid of cold.

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