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Chapter 75: Ice Air Fairy

Crawling up the iron green vines, the cave was approximately 20 meters up the cliff. Chu Mu told Mo Xie to find a path in front before he himself slowly began crawling up.

“I should learn Wind Ride as soon as possible. The next time I’m being chased by something, I can run faster.” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

Wind Ride could lighten his bodyweight and when it reached the final stage, he could even float for a short instant. It was extremely practical.

“Wuwu.” Mo Xie had already crawled up to the cave’s entrance and was informing Chu Mu that there weren’t any beasts in the cave.

“This place should be the Ice Falcons’ nest. The previous flock of Ice Falcons were probably guarding the cave, but were ultimately turned into the small cyan bug’s food for its chrysalis stage…”

After Chu Mu crawled into the cave, he immediately felt a wave of cold air wash over his face. He couldn’t help but shiver.

As he walked deeper into the cave, the cold aura became even colder. The sides of the cave were no longer covered by the green-colored iron green viness, but rather thick white chunks of ice.


The piercing cold caused Chu Mu to exhale a cloud of fog.  He was just previously still in the tropical jungle and now, in a short instant, he was walking through an ice cold environment. Chu Mu was not used to this sort of temperature change.

Ultimately, Chu Mu started hugging Mo Xie and let her release a bit of heat in order to resist the onslaught of coldness.

The cave gradually darkened, and Chu Mu also released his soul remembrance in order to know what was ahead.

Suddenly, Chu Mu felt some movement from within the depths of the ice covered cave. This wriggling movement was extremely minute, and it was as if two chunks of ice were lightly rubbing against each other- no sound could even be heard.

“Mo Xie, Flame Awn.” Chu Mu put Mo Xie down and gave an order.

Mo Xie immediately jumped down, and a demonic ray of fire instantly blossomed from her two silver eyes. Suddenly, the two rays of fire began interweaving amidst the pitch black cave.

The moment the fire was ignited, the entire cave became extremely lustrous due the cover of ice crystals. The red colored light of fire ceaselessly reflected around causing the cave to turn even brighter.


The moment the fire was ignited, a melodious shout instantly rang out from within the cave. With one glance ahead towards the area which he had sensed something, Chu Mu saw a snowy white creature.

“Ice Air Fairy!”

Even though the fire illuminated the cave for only a short while, Chu Mu was able to instantly recognize the soul pet hiding in the icy cave.

Ice Air Fairy, Elemental World - Ice Type - Fairy Species - High Class Warrior Rank

The upper half of its body took on a humanoid figure, and the lower half was composed of ice. The Ice Air Fairy’s body was covered by thick layers of ice, and it seemed like it was using the technique Ice Armor at all times. It possessed the ability to control ice that surpassed any other creature. Its strength would unceasingly rise when cultivating in this sort of extreme environment filled with ores.

“It’s still at the second phase sixth stage, but can already create such a large iced over cave. To become the patron saint of the Ice Falcons, this Ice Air Fairy is incredible.” Chu Mu revealed a happy expression.

The reason why the Ice Falcons would stay here was clearly because of the ice covered cave created by the Ice Air Fairy. In order to have a better life, the Ice Falcons would naturally consecrate this special Ice Air Fairy as their patron saint. Moreover, this Ice Air Fairy had definitely received special attention from the Ice Falcon group and was thus much stronger than normal Ice Air Fairies.

The small cyan bug still needed a long while before it finished its pupate stage and transformed into an actual soul pet. Chu Mu naturally didn’t want the second soul pet spot from his Soul Soldier stage to be vacant. Fortunately, this Ice Air Fairy happened to be a soul pet that Chu Mu was extremely satisfied with.

“Mo Xie, it’s up to you!” Chu Mu intentionally retreated a bit as he spoke to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie naturally knew of Chu Mu’s fondness towards this Ice Air Fairy. Her pair of eyes that were already ignited with flames closely watched the eminently stunned Ice Air Fairy.

This Ice Air Fairy seemed to have lived its entire life in this cave and had received the Ice Falcons’ protection. It didn’t harbor any malevolent intentions towards any other creatures, so its conscience was extremely pure. It wasn’t until Mo Xie launched herself at it that this Ice Air Fairy finally recognized the opposing party’s evil intentions.

While Chu Mu retreated, he chanted an incantation and used the last of his soul power for Adhering Flame, and attached it to Mo Xie’s body.

Mo Xie was at the second phase ninth stage, and was three stages higher than this Ice Air Fairy. However, the Ice Air Fairy was a high rank Warrior Rank soul pet and its defensive and magic damage abilities were rather terrifying. Even five phase two stage six Servant Rank soul pets would be no match for it.

This stage two phase six Ice Air Fairy’s body was always covered by Ice Armor and the defense of the skin on its body was extremely strong. Without Adhering Flame, Mo Xie fundamentally could not render any damage upon this Ice Air Fairy.


The flames on Mo Xie’s silver white fur were ignited, and the Soul Soldier ability let Mo XIe annex the ability to burn on her claws!

Blood Rending Claw!

Mo Xie’s battle experience was way too rich in comparison to the Ice Air Fairy. After Chu Mu’s order, Mo Xie located the most optimal attack location and her Blood Rending Claw abruptly swept across the Ice Air Fairy’s body!


Like it was slashing across glossy metal, Mo Xie’s Blood Rending Claw fully struck the Ice Air Fairy, but didn’t cause any fatal damage to it. It only left a scratch on the Ice Armor.

Chu Mu was shocked. After all, he had given Mo Xie the addition of Adhering Flame and had increased her attack power to the very limit. However, in this situation, with a direct attack, it had surprisingly only left a mere scratch on the Ice Air Fairy’s body. The Ice Air Fairy’s defensive ability was astonishingly strong!


The Ice Air Fairy which received the attack let out a somewhat stunned yell. It seemed to have felt pain and due to some instinct, it released an ice attribute technique.

A plethora of frosted ice blades appeared around the Ice Air Fairy’s body.


The frosted ice blades burst out and flew around the cave like ice blades. Instantly, myriads of deep blade scars appeared in the rocks on the sides of the cave. An ear-piercing noise resounded around the cave.

Chu Mu decisively retreated, but Mo Xie didn’t move and instead performed Moon Shadow, dodging the chaotically attacking frosted ice blades that were flying about.

“Mo Xie, continue to attack.”

After dodging the frosted ice blades, Mo Xie’s fierce claws were covered by a scarlet, red colored flame. She continued to charge towards the Ice Air Fairy.

The Ice Air Fairy had zero battle experience and seeing Mo Xie, completely covered in scarlet colored flames charge forth, it revealed an expression of panic and unexpectedly immediately turned around and fled.

Mo Xie’s Blood Rending Claw struck the Ice Air Fairy’s skin once more and another mark appeared on its body. Only, this time it still didn’t cause too much harm to the Ice Air Fairy.

“Mo Xie, circle around its retreat and continue to run.” Seeing that the Ice Air Fairy simply did not have much of an intention of fighting, a smile instantly appeared on Chu Mu’s face.

Mo Xie’s running speed was exceptionally quick and as she chased after and moved around the Ice Air Fairy, the flames on her body continuously danced about. It created a scarlet colored ring of fire around the Ice Air Fairy.

The ring of fire only caused a bit of a burning injury to the Ice Air Fairy, but it was still extremely afraid. It unexpectedly let out a panicked shout.

“It possesses a unique environment, but it doesn’t have any will to fight…” Chu Mu looked at the incomparably cowardly Ice Air Fairy and said, “However, that doesn’t matter. Lots of training will definitely make it it into not a bad soul pet.”

Chu Mu let Mo Xie continue to maintain the ring of fire. The Ice Air Fairy didn’t like the fire’s temperature and didn’t even release its frosted ice blades. Instead, it ceaselessly let out the weird shout.

“This Ice Air Fairy… it truly is foolishly adorable…” Chu Mu helplessly shook his head. Immediately, he felt that there was simply no need to injure it. Directly chanting the Soul Pact Incantation would be better.

“Yi!!! Yi!!!’

Just at this time, from outside the cave rang the piercing sharp cries of Ice Falcons!!

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