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Chapter 60: ​Slaughtering Everyone Present (1)

​“You guys… what are you guys getting distracted for, quickly get rid of it!!!”

Every soul pet had been stunned by the tiny Moonlight Fox. Wang Keluo’s anger had also completely erupted as he roared at the other peons!

The others had also, in a sudden moment of realization, understood that not only was this battle not over, it was just beginning! The beginning of a bout of slaughter!!

Indeed, being immersed in the moonlight caused Mo Xie’s strength to increase once more. Mo Xie, who had already completely revealed her indignation and killing intent, did not plan on letting off any one of the soul pets.

“Mo Xie, Moonblade!!”

Even though he was continuously resisting Cao Yi’s mental attack, he was still able to maintain his calm. His two bloodshot eyes that were suffering from the oppressive mental pressure still closely watched the battlefield!

With their thoughts interconnected, Chu Mu’s unyielding willpower was the only thing keeping Mo Xie’s fighting blaze aflame!

At this moment, Mo Xie’s eyes released a demonic silver light which instantly locked onto the Scarlet Scorpion and Du Jue!

Mo Xie slowly lowered her head and her four limbs slightly crouched!


Like a silver colored wind sweeping past, Mo Xie instantaneously charged forth. Her vigorous body was completely outstretched as she neared the Scarlet Scorpion and Du Jue. The beautiful, silver body, under extreme speed, unexpectedly transformed into a silver moonblade that resembled the reflection of the moon on a dark night!

The silver moonblade split open the air and swept right through the Du Jue’s body, leaving a dividing line down the Du Jue’s durable horn, and caused its entire body to split into two halves.

This cleaving, silver moonblade dripping in blood did not stop there. After rolling on the floor, it followed the ground’s flat surface to move yet again.

The Scarlet Scorpion standing behind the Du Jue was planning on swinging its iron chain-like tail across, but just as it began brandishing it, the root of the tail was chopped off like a hot knife through butter!!

The black colored blood was tinged with a few corrosive properties, as it spilled out from the Scarlet Scorpion’s tail and splattered onto the two bloody Du Jue’s corpse halves. Traces of corrosive smoke drifted up into the air from the Du Jue’s corpse!

The Scarlet Scorpion’s trainer was completely stunned. His facial expression was incomparably lifeless as he gazed at his wounded soul pet. For a moment, he unexpectedly forgot to recall it. By the time he was aware of that savagely cold fox’s killing intent, and tried to apprehensively chant the incantation to recall his Scarlet Scorpion, a demonic Flame Awn had already flared up!

The scorching radiance quickly struck the Scarlet Scorpion’s wounded tail and instantaneously ignited its black corrosive blood.

The Scarlet Scorpion’s blood possessed a dark attributed corrosive ability. Fire was naturally darkness’ weakness. After Mo Xie used Flame Awn, the flames followed up through the Scarlet Scorpion’s blood vessels and proceeded to burn the insides of its body!!!

“Zhi!!! Zhi!!! Zhi!!!”

The Scarlet Scorpion frantically twisted and flailed its body around. Group after group of flames burned their way through its body’s external carapace and, within a few seconds, the center of the battlefield was a crowd of raging flames.

Flickering in the middle of the battlefield, the flames left a deep impact on the two incomparably anguished faces. Looking at their soul pets’ corpses, the two peons had completely lifeless expressions; their gaze did not move even the slightest bit...

The Scarlet Scorpion’s burned corpse had an unpleasant smell that began to permeate the air. Only, currently, there wasn’t anyone who cared about the smell of the corpse.

From the very beginning- cutting off the Flame Tail’s head, ripping open the Barbaric Dog’s stomach, causing the Hunting Wolf to be tossed around by the wind element, completely disintegrating the Nido Monster’s skull- until now, where she directly cleaved the Du Jue’s into two halves and burned the Scarlet Scorpion’s living body to death from the inside, the damages counted up to six soul pets...

Liu Zhen’s peons had ten soul pets with considerable battle strength. However, even under an extreme disadvantage of one versus ten, the completely underestimated Moonlight Fox had injured two and killed four!

“Is this even a peon fight still??!!!”

“This soul pet is simply conducting a massacre on the battlefield!!!”

Over the past tens of years, Cyan Nightmare had maintained the tradition of peon fights. Nevertheless, in recent years, there was no peon with his or her soul pet that could cause today’s unanimously shocking situation amongst everyone present!

Having killed four and heavily injuring two more, killing the seventh and eighth soul pets wasn't impossible!

For some unknown reason, at the moment, everyone felt that the furious Mo Xie who waged war wanted to slaughter everyone present. Moreover, it wasn’t because she wanted to obtain an even higher ranking that she persisted!

Presently, the four soul pets remaining on the battlefield were Wang Keluo’s Umbra, Sun Li’s Wind Fairy, the Bramble Demon, and the Thorny Demon Grass. Amongst these four soul pets, aside from the Umbra, none of them possessed strong enough strength that could directly resist Mo Xie!

“Mo Xie, be careful of the needles, focus that Bramble Demon!”

Chu Mu’s orders signified his intentions of carrying out this battle’s massacre until the very end!

After receiving the order, Mo Xie jumped into the air and dodged the Thorny Demon Grass’ falling raindrop-like needles. Her gaze fixated on the Bramble Demon which had fled away!

Realizing that Mo Xie wanted to deal with the weak Bramble Demon, Wang Keluo gritted his teeth. In an incomparably angry mood, he ordered his Umbra to charge towards Mo Xie.

The Umbra’s speed couldn’t be considered slow, and its body was like a specter that floated in front of Mo Xie. The Umbra’s arms suddenly transformed into a sharp sword that slashed towards Mo Xie’s body!


Mo Xie’s silver pupils immediately released a dazzling radiance. Charm’s line of sight penetrated the Umbra’s pitch black eye sockets!

The Umbra also belonged to the demonic attribute and Charm wasn’t too effective towards it. After using it, the Umbra only lost focus for a second, making the long sword in its hand hesitate for a bit.

However, what Chu Mu wanted was this small hesitation!

“Mo Xie, Dark Assault, ignore the Umbra!”

Mo Xie’s body astonishingly morphed into a flowing silver light that passed through the Umbra’s distinctly frightening sword.  Without hesitation, she rushed straight towards the Bramble Demon!!!

Seeing the terrifying fox charge towards its Bramble Demon, the peon was instantly flustered. Mo Xie’s speed was too fast. It so fast that this peon simply didn’t know what skill to make his Bramble Demon use in order to defend itself!


Efficient and ruthless!

Mo Xie’s claws once again ripped apart the opponent’s body. Even if the Bramble Demon’s trainer had already chanted the recalling incantation, the only thing he would recall would be a Bramble Demon’s corpse!

“Mo Xie, Moon Shadow!”

Surveying the entire situation, Chu Mu kept his calm and alertness the entire time!

After ripping apart the Bramble Demon’s body, Mo Xie’s body instantly turned blurry and three faintly discernable reflections appeared!


The moment Moon Shadow was used, razor sharp needles fell from the sky once more and rapidly covered the area Mo Xie was just in!!!


Before the needle attack had finished, the Wind Fairy’s tornado appeared again. The six meter large tornado seemed to have blocked off all of Mo Xie’s escape routes!

“Mo Xie, Flame Awn, dispose of that Thorny Demon Grass!”

With nowhere to dodge, Mo Xie simply didn’t evade anymore. Instead, she used her body to resist the needle attack as a demonic lustre sparked in her pupils!

A smear of red quickly rushed out, and the Thorny Demon Grass fifty meters away continued to ceaselessly release needles, completely ignorant of the fatal fire that was coming its way!

Plant Kingdom soul pets had extremely strong control abilities and frequently could control the entire battlefield. However, they had a fatal weakness- a fear of fire!!

The reason why Chu Mu had hoped for Mo Xie posses the fire attribute was because the killing and wounding capabilities of fire was strong. Moreover, the fire attribute could restrain many soul pets.

To other soul pets, Flame Awn would only cause a surface burn wound, but to the Thorny Demon Grass, it would cause an extremely terrifying burn!

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