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Chapter 38: Murderer, Chu Mu

A gust of violent wind poured down from above, hurrying into the campground, dispersing the black and sinister aura!

What emerged from the field, however, was an astonishing sight! The three meter long Scaled Serpent, from the throat all the way to the tail, was thoroughly ripped apart, splitting the snake into two bloody halves as if a sharp blade chopped through it with an unstoppable force!

The entire camp suddenly went silent! All eyes fell dumbstruck one by one onto the blood-drenched and fierce Moonlight Fox!

The Moonlight Fox was known for its beautiful appearance, becoming the favorite of many noble young ladies. However, the Moonlight Fox in front of them gave everyone a chill! In particular, its pair of silver pupils, at the moment of violence, bursted with a savage glint!

“Kill him!”

Just when everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them, Chu Mu suddenly issued a command to Mo Xie!

Ge Qing’s previous humiliation and provocation also evoked Mo Xie’ wrath. As Chu Mu commanded, Mo Xie swiftly turned around and cast her abilities!

Dark Assault!

The ten meter distance was closed instantly as a bloodied silver blur flit across the field!

Late stage Dark Assault was so fast that Ge Qing couldn’t even see it. Before Ge Qing could even recover from his shock, a lethal claw shockingly swiped across his neck!


Ge Qin, without any preparation, couldn’t dodge at all. Blood splattered out of his throat. He frantically pressed his hands onto his neck and staggered backwards a few steps!

“Your…...your fox………...” Ge Qin covered his neck, but his major artery was cut already. The blood couldn't be stopped, continuously flowing out between his fingers…...

“I see, Pitiful Appearance, this trash fox’s disguise ability…...Well hidden, very well hidden. Haha, interesting, HAHA!” Just then, Cao Yi suddenly started laughing loudly, from finally seemingly seeing an interesting fight!

When Cao Yi spoke, everyone was abruptly enlightened. The Moonlight Fox had a disguising ability. If it was able to cast an advanced ability such as Moonlight Slash, this Moonfox was at at least the Ninth Stage!

Ge Qin’s face become increasingly pale, even slightly turning blue. Blood still unceasingly flowed from his neck.

Staring at Mo Xie with unparalleled fear, he stiffly uttered a few words, “Dis…...Disguise…...”

“How does asking for death feel?” Chu Mu slowly walked in front of Ge Qin, his eyes shining with a demonic glint.

Ge Qin’s hands clutched at his spewing neck, eyes quickly spinning around, face twitching.

Chu Mu extended his hand and apathetically gave Ge Qin’s head a push. Ge Qin, already at the verge of death, fell over with this push, slamming heavily onto the ground!

A burst of shaking and spasms later, Ge Qin was void of any signs of life. Eyes white, mouth open, and blood contained in his throat……

A disguised ninth stage Moonlight Fox! If not for Ge Qin’s death-wish like actions, no one would have thought that Chu Mu hid his strength this deeply!

Ninth stage. That meant that Chu Mu was definitely not inferior to Feng Gu. Chu Mu went from the least conspicuous to instantly becoming a trainer that could contest with Feng Gu!

Chu Mu retracted the very tired Mo Xie and slowly walked off the field.

Chu Mu didn’t mind everyone’s astonished gazes, but stared staight at Cao Yi!

Cao Yi kept a monstrous smile on his face. Sights of this smile made people uncomfortable all over, as if Cao Yi would turn into a cruel hoodlum any time!

Suddenly, Cao Yi’s monstrous smile vanished, his mouth uttering a few notes!

Chu Mu creased his brows, because he felt a slight ripple of mental strength from where Cao Yi was!

“Mental Restraint!” Cao Yi uttered these words as his expression instantly turned ice cold.

Soul technique!!

Mental soul technique!!

A weird mental wave quickly swept past, as if the shockwave after an explosion, swiftly digging into the mind of the leaving Chu Mu!

Chu Mu’s steps abruptly ended, face instantly turning pale. A head splitting pain made him want to scream out loud!

The sudden, unexpected event made everyone surprised again. Staring frightenedly at Cao Yi, they didn’t understand why Cao Yi wanted to suddenly ambush Chu Mu. Didn’t Chu Mu already win?

“Chu Mu, you’ve got some nerve!” Cao Yi shouted coldly!

The power of Mental Restraint caused Chu Mu constantly feel the pain of his mental strength being crazily compressed, as if a pair of Herculean hands were crushing his skull.

Chu Mu fell half kneeling onto the ground, the unstoppable mental strength causing his breathing to be laboured!

“I’ll give you one last chance, if you say even the slightest of lies, I’ll immediately rip you into pieces!” Cao Yi glared coldly and arrogantly at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu still kept his head down, breathing heavily. At that moment, Chu Mu felt the threat of death!

“Wuwuwu!!!” Feeling Chu Mu in danger, Mo Xie immediately started crying out, signalling for Chu Mu to summon her.

“Mo Xie, don’t worry, his soul technique won’t affect me much. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Chu Mu telepathically told the furious Mo Xie.

“Zhou Shengmo, Tang Xian, Luo Chen and two others, were they killed by you?” Cao Yi screamed with wrath!

Just as he said it, the remaining nine people, including the two foremen Gu Lei and Zeng Ze stared at the half kneeling Chu Mu, stunned!!

Could it be that the person who killed the five people in one night was Chu Mu?!

Unbelievable! No one could relate a powerful murderer with Chu Mu and his Moonlight Fox. However, Cao Yi’s wrath and Chu Mu’s previous display led them to believe, however unlikely, that the murderer who struck fear within everyone was Chu Mu!!

“Speak!!” Cao Yi screamed again, his eyes filled with scary killing intent!

Chu Mu slowly raised his head and answered difficulty, “No!”

“You still dare to lie?” The wrath on Cao Yi’s face became even more extreme. He casted Mental Restraint again. This time, the nine people nearby clearly felt a strange coldness piercing into their brains!

Chu Mu kept his head down the entire time. Just as Cao Yi cast Mental Restraint again, a dark light flashed through his eyes!

The next moment, Chu Mu let out a muffled grunt, shaking slightly!

“Wuwuwu! Wuwuwu!!”

Feeling Chu Mu being ravaged, Mo Xie immediately emitted a heart wrenching cry! The frenzied Mo Xie unbelievably started using her fragile body to ram the soul pet space, attempting to break through the restrictions of the space with her own power!

Only, Mo Xie was only a ninth stage Moonlight Fox. It was impossible for her to break through the confinement of Chu Mu’s soul pet space!

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