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Chapter 39: Evolution: The Second Phase

Cao Yi let out a deep breath and coldly harrumphed. He was clearly equally afraid of Senior Xia and had just then, the anger had rushed into his head. Right now, he had no choice but to forcefully suppress it.

Whoever is living with him, carry him back. Listen, your lives are all in my control. The only person who can expropriate your lives is myself! All of you scram back to your huts. We will leave here in three days!” Cao Yi roared before immediately walking towards the outside of the camp!

The other foremen immediately followed Cao Yi, leaving the bloody field.

“Senior Cao, why were you so angry? This brat should actually have strength since he was able to nurture the White Nightmare for such a long period of time…” Gue Lei followed beside Cao Yi and spoke in an extremely soft voice.

Cao Yi let out a cold snort, but didn’t say anything and continued to walk forward.

The adjacent Zeng Ze looked at Cao Yi. He suddenly pulled at Gu Lei, indicating for him to stop.

When Cao Yi walked further away, Zeng Ze glared at Gu Lei and said: “After following Cao Yi for so long, you still don’t know his temper? Cao Yi’s envy is extremely strong. He definitely doesn’t want someone who he has disciplined to end up in a position higher than him. This Chu Mu has nurtured a White Nightmare for such a long period of time and still hasn’t died. Perhaps one day Senior Xia may look favorably upon him, remove the White Nightmare soul pact, and give him a Blue Nightmare or something like that…”

“Senior Xia… at that time we still believed that the child was a piece of trash. I didn’t expect his strength to be this strong.” Gu Lei said.

“This child truly has potential. In my opinion, Senior Xia won’t let him die, and in the future there is a high chance of him receiving a high ranking spot in Nightmare Palace. Gu Lei, think about how long we’ve been on these broken islands for…” Zeng Ze spoke in an even lower voice.

Gu Lei wasn’t stupid and quickly understood Zeng Ze’s idea. He whispered: “Then we…”

“Cao Yi definitely wants to kills him. If he wants to kill Chu Mu, we will protect him. If we have a chance, we will report to Senior Xia that Cao Yi also died very miserably. As for us…” A smile appeared on Zeng Ze’s face.

Gu Lei also began laughing!

Inside the camp...

Previously, Cao Yi flaring up into such a terrible rage caused everyone’s faces to turn unsightly. It wasn’t until Cao Yi left that they felt relieved from the burden.

“Chu Mu… Chu Mu…”

Ting Yu walked to Chu Mu’s side and pushed him a few times to see if she could wake him up.

As for the others, they only stood to one side. Once Cao Yi left, they all had lingering fears as they looked at the unconscious Chu Mu. Ultimately, they all left. Whether Chu Mu lived or died had nothing to do with them; or perhaps they all wished for Chu Mu to die here.

Ting Yu alone wasn’t enough to carry Chu Mu. She read her incantation and summoned the Thorny Precious Flower Demon to carry Chu Mu back to the wooden hut.

“Hmm? You’ve awaken. Sorry about this, but I cannot carry you by myself so I can only bundle you back... “ Ting Yu made the Thorny Precious Flower Demon carry Chu Mu into the wooden hut where he finally opened his eyes.

Chu Mu nodded his head before wracking his brain, trying to remove the remnants of the Mental Restraint from his mind.

Truthfully, Chu Mu himself didn’t faint. Cao Yi was a soul Soldier and Chu Mu was too. His Mental Restraint could at most give Chu Mu a headache, but couldn’t knock him out. The reason for “fainting” was naturally to alleviate himself from the crisis this time.

“Are you ok?” Ting Yu poured a cup of water for Chu Mu and asked a question.

Chu Mu swatted the dust on his body and indifferently replied: “I’m ok.”

Ting Yu saw that Chu Mu didn’t really want to speak and knew that he needed calm down. She didn’t ask anything else and went to do her own things.

Chu Mu took a shower and changed clothes before sitting on the bed where he began silently cultivating. When Cao Yi performed Mental Restraint on Chu Mu, Chu Mu used up a bit of soul power to secretly resist. This bit of soul power had to be immediately replenished because Chu Mu wasn’t sure when the ninth stage White Nightmare would need to eat.

When night time fell, Chu Mu left the campsite alone. Just as before, he walked towards the precipice hanging over the roaring ocean.

“Wuwuwu” Mo Xie silently stood beside Chu Mu. The silver moonlight that dispersed over her body caused her slender and beautiful body to look many times more demonic.

Chu Mu sat next to the precipice and gently caressed Mo Xie’s supple fur. He slowly opened his mouth and said: “Back then you were too extreme. Right now, we aren’t his opponent and must silently endure…”

“Wuwuwu~~” Mo Xie let out a prolonged howl. Her two spirited pupils stared at the silver curved moon hanging above the sea surface.

“Don’t worry, I will never let today’s affair happen again!” Having to silently endure today also caused Chu Mu to feel humiliated! Currently, Chu Mu’s heart was like a surging and barrelling ocean wave that unceasingly rose up. It had a thirst to become even stronger!

Mo Xie and Chu Mu’s thoughts were interlinked and she could also feel Chu Mu’s inner anger back then.

When her master was humiliated, how could she not fight for her master!? Chu Mu’s two eyes stared at the silver moon eyes that were equally full of the most intense bloodthirst!

“Wu!!” Mo Xie raised her head and let out a howl at the silver moon above the sea!

“Three days later we are going to a different place…”


Chu Mu was about to say something, but was cut off by Mo Xie’s extremely high pitched howl.

“What, Mo Xie… Mo Xie…” Chu Mu turned his head and stared at Mo Xie. However, in the next moment, something the expression in his eyes changed!

The silver moonlight fell onto Mo Xie’s body, illuminating her fur that was willfully fluttering in the air as she faced the sea breeze. It was a truly majestic appearance.

A mottley radiance flickered around her furry body, condensing together in a rather unexpectedly dazzling manner!

This change caused Chu Mu to stare blankly. He was incomparably stunned as he watched Mo Xie’s body undergo an evident change!

“This… this is an evolution!!!” Chu Mu called out in surprise!

From their birth, every soul pet would undergo countless stages of evolutions as they grew. Powering up after the ninth stage was one evolution!!

At this moment, Mo Xie was in the process of experiencing an evolution, evolving from the first phase to the second!!

Differing from strength increasing due to growing, evolution could be considered an extremely thorough power boost. No matter if it was the physical build, fighting position, strength, speed, defense, or various other attributes, they would all undergo a large increase!


Mo Xie let out another high pitched howl that collided with the ocean water. Instead of dispersing, it condensed and unceasingly reverberated across the ocean surface!!

The divine light around Mo Xie grew more and more intense. Her body was enveloped by the moonlight, and the claws inside her pads suddenly extended and slowly grew longer while turning even more sharp and tenacious!

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