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Chapter 36: If You’re Courting Death, Let Me Help You

A stage nine Moonlight Fox’s wisdom was far superior to of a Mandy Monster- a soul pet with low intelligence and mental resistance. Mo Xie’s silver pupils circulated a gorgeous luster as the Mandy Monster’s gaze immediately turned a bit infatuated. It unexpectedly swayed its awkward body and vacantly and unknowingly crawled towards Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s claws slowly extended from her pads. Her dense white, final level one claws were abnormally sharp under the sunlight, reflecting a brilliantly cold light!

“Wake up!! Hurry and wake up!!!” Ge Sen was aware that his Mandy Monster had been infected and began shouting at the top of his lungs.

However, with the two level difference and mental strength discrepancy, the Mandy Monster was fundamentally unable to recover its consciousness from Mo Xie’s Charm ability in such a short period of time!

Looking at the Ge Sen who was indignant to the point that he had lost himself a bit, a smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face. Soul pets like the Mandy Monster could be affected by Mo Xie’s Charm for up to half a minute, which was enough to kill the Mandy Monster many times over!

“Get rid of it.” Chu Mu didn’t waste any more time and immediately ordered Mo Xie to attack.

Mo Xie also carried Chu Mu’s austere disposition, and when she found the right opportunity, there was no way that she would give the opponent any chance of surviving!!

Mo Xie’s body was hidden by the dark before abruptly charging out. The Dark Assault technique raised her speed to the pinnacle and in an instant, she seemed to appear in front of the Mandy Monster’s body!

“What fast speed!!” Those outside the field could only see a silver light flash by; they couldn’t even see Mo Xie’s figure clearly!

Ripping Claw!!

The flickering cold light only flashed once!

A bloody florid splattered everywhere. Even as the Mandy Monster’s vitals were being ripped apart by Ripping Claw, its eyes were still vacant. It seemed as if it simply didn’t feel any pain!

Seeing the Mandy Monster’s vitals being ripped apart, Ge Sen seemed to lose his soul as he stood about foolishly!

Knowing that he was going to die, he had prepared in his heart. Perhaps he could accept it, but he had clearly already had hope for a chance of surviving. However, he didn’t think that his Mandy Monster brought up with his own utmost care would lose to a petite fox. This sort of instantaneous drop into a ravine coupled with the fear of knowing death right afterwards could truly and immediately break down a person’s spirit!

“Chu Mu wins!”

The foreman apathetically announced the end of this competition.

Quickly, two foremen dragged the completely broken Ge Sen. From the beginning to the end, Ge Sen didn’t say even a single word and didn’t struggle at all. He was exactly like a dead person...

Chu Mu retracted Mo Xie, and slowly walked off the field to stand with the group that had survived. During these two fights he didn’t encounter anyone on Ge Qing’s level. Chu Mu sighed a breath of relief.

Mo Xie held the complete advantage over soul pets like the Mandy Monster with slow speeds. Even only 50 percent of fighting strength was enough to deal with it, but if she were to encounter a soul pet even stronger than that, then it would be a fierce battle.

The remaining eleven people stood in the bloodstained field and looked up at the merciless master of this island, Cao Yi.

Although the remaining ten people could be said to have been decided before the competition, there were some soul pet trainers who hid their strengths.

A youth called Lei Jina standing with Ting Yu and Xin Xue defeated someone who the foremen thought would survive and thus managed to obtain a surviving rank. Of course, Chu Mu was also someone who distinguished himself.

“The island rules are that only ten people can live. However, there are currently eleven people, so one person must be eliminated!”

Cao Yi’s gaze swept over the remaining eleven people and a cruel smile appeared on his face. He opened his mouth and said: “This last person to die will be difficult to pick out…”

Twenty one people were supposed to fight today. Since Feng Gu’s strength was the strongest, the foremen didn’t arrange for him to fight anyone and allowed him to directly become the leader of the 10 surviving soul pet trainers.

As for the other twenty, they fought one battle and if they won, they survived; nevertheless, there was clearly one extra person!

Eleven gazes looked at each other and silently guessed how the eleventh person would be eliminated and who it would be.

Cao Yi didn’t immediately indicate how they would eliminate the eleventh person. He only swept his gaze over the young soul pet trainers. A slightly playful intention was in his eyes.

Just at this time, from among the 11, someone walked forwards, bowed and then deferentially said:

“Senior Cao, Senior Cao, yesterday night, my opponent Zhang Feisheng was killed by your strong soul pet meaning that I didn’t have to fight a round. Today, after looking at all the fights, I feel that Chu Mu has the most qualifications to be the eliminated 11th person…”

“Eh? You want to help me eliminate someone?” A rare smile appeared on the grotesque natured Cao Yi.

“If I can do something for Senior Cao, Ge Qing would even walk through fire to do so. As for the trifling matter of eliminating someone, there’s no need for Senior Cao to worry about it. Senior Cao, what do you think? This small person would like to engage in a life and death fight with Chu Mu. If he loses, he will be the eliminated person. If I lose, then I will be eliminated.” Ge Qing prudently said.

Cao Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at Chu Mu before looking at Ge Qing. He stroked his sloppy beard and said: “This idea doesn’t sound bad…”

After hearing Ge Qing, Chu Mu’s eyebrows creased. Originally, he had thought he was fortunate enough to smoothly overcome this crisis. However, he didn’t expect Ge Qing to unexpectedly do this much!

“Chu Mu, do you have any objections?” Cao Yi swept his gaze over Chu Mu and asked him a question.

Chu Mu obviously had an objection. During this battle, Mo Xie was already heavily injured. Chu Mu didn’t have the heart to make it fight once more. This Ge Qing was truly pushing him too far, but for the sake of Mo Xie, Chu Mu had to silently bear it!

“Nightmare Palace needs strong people. Those who survived through luck like Chu Mu don’t have the qualifications to become a member of Nightmare Palace. Senior Cao, aren’t I correct?” Ge Qing’s flattery and his appearance while doing so caused others to feel disgusted!

“It’s not easy for someone to fall as low as you!” Chu Mu sneered.

Ge Qing’s action right now was truly extremely contemptible!

“So then, do you dare to have a life and death contest with me? If you don’t, what qualifications do you have to mock me. If it wasn’t for the foremen, you would have already died many times over!” Ge Qing mocked in retort.

Chu Mu sucked in a deep breath of air. At this time, he really did want to kill Ge Qing and let this fellow know how stupid his actions were. However, after thinking of Mo Xie’s injury, Chu Mu had no option but to silently bear with it.


From within the space, the recuperating Mo Xie could clearly feel her master being humiliated. Being a haughty and battle-loving soul pet, she immediately let out an angry shout, and requested Chu Mu to summon her to fight with Ge Qing’s Scaled Snake!

“If you have resentment, then you should settle it. I, Cao Yi, have always been an extremely fair person. Coincidentally, I need to eliminate person, so we should pick this person from the two of you. Chu Mu, I really admired your action yesterday. Do you have the guts to accept today’s life and death challenge? Haha…” Cao Yi laughed.

Ge Qing also sneered and stared at Chu Mu, wanting to force him into an impasse.

“Chu Mu, say something!” Cao Yi ordered.

Chu Mu suddenly sucked in a deep breath of air and raised his head. His two black pupils emanated a hint of savagery as he coldly said: “If Ge Qing wants to court death, let me help him!”

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