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Chapter 35: The Last Fight

Since Mo Xie was heavily injured from the fight that night, Chu Mu using this method to obtain victory was so that Mo Xie could obtain more time to recover.

The healing medicine had already been completely used. By the second day of the competition, Mo Xie would still mostly likely only be able to recover 50 percent. Right now, Chu Mu could only resign himself to fate. If he were to encounter anyone on Ge Qing, Ting Yu, or Feng Gu’s level, Chu Mu would have a big problem. If he were to encounter a normal opponent, Chu Mu would be able to safely survive this crisis!

“If I were able to learn a soul technique that allows soul pets to recover fighting strength quickly, I wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation…” Chu Mu said to himself.

Soul pet trainer skills had many different categories. Among them were assisting type soul techniques, which included giving soul pets a special recovery state. This allowed soul pets to recover their fighting strength quicker. However, this sort of a high level soul technique seemed to be controlled by a few large powers, and obtaining them was exceptionally difficult.

Noon of the second day was the last day of the competition.

Soon, noon time was about to arrive. The remaining twenty one people entered the field again. A trace of cold air coagulated on everyone’s faces, and their eyes displayed both a killing intent and merciless desire to survive!

The format of the competition was completely up to the foremen to decide. The foremen wouldn’t make two people with decent potential to fight each other. This also meant that they had already decided internally the ten who would pass and the ten who would be eliminated. Therefore, there wouldn’t be too much suspense or luck involved in the fights.

It was also due to this that, of those surviving, they and their soul pets didn’t expend too much fighting strength. After killing their opponents, they didn’t immediately leave and instead stood at the side of the field, waiting for the competition to end to hear the foremen’s instructions for them.

“The last battle: Chu Mu versus Ge Sen!”

Even if the foreman didn’t say it, Chu Mu already knew that his opponent would be Ge Sen. After all, they were the only two who had yet to fight.

Chu Mu remembered back when he encountered a Mandy Monster while walking towards the inner island. At that time, Ge Sen seemed as if he had obtained a priceless treasure while Chu Mu held him in contempt!

“You can only blame your luck not being good enough. Your trick yesterday won’t have any effect on me!” Ge Sen stood not far behind Chu Mu. On the eve of battle, Ge Sen still held a smile on his face.

Ge Sen captured a Mandy Monster which strength couldn’t be considered weak and could be ranked around the tenth spot.

Ge Sen had been afraid of encountering an opponent stronger than him. After all, he was very clear of his own strength. If his luck was good, he would live, if not, then he would die. In his opinion, having Chu Mu as an opponent was his good fortune. God was still caring for him...

“Another tragedy…” Noting that Ge Sen believed he would live, Ting Yu insipidly spoke and felt sorrowful in Ge Sen’s place.

“Today he shouldn’t have any way of winning like yesterday. However, you still seem to think that he will definitely win…” Xin Xue, who had survived, whispered to Ting Yu.

Ting Yu looked at Chu Mu calmly standing on the field and a faint smile appeared on her face as she said: “He won’t lose. There isn’t anyone here who can beat him…”

Xin Xue felt that Ting Yu’s words just now were extremely unfathomable. She intentionally looked at the strongest person, Feng Gu, and inwardly muttered: “Could it be that Ting Yu likes this fellow called Chu Mu? Otherwise, why would she say such a thing? After all, the strongest people here are Feng Gu and Ge Qing. As for Chu Mu, if it wasn’t for that action yesterday, there wouldn’t be anyone else who would pay attention to him.

Standing on the field, Chu Mu silently waited for the foreman’s order. Practically just as the foreman’s voice faded away, Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s body still had scars and her battle strength also hadn’t completely recovered. However, Mo Xie’s fighting resolve, from the beginning to the end, was still ignited. Those two silver eyes displayed a proud and battle-loving radiance!

“That’s weird, the Moonlight Fox seems to be out of form?” When Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie, the adjacent Yu Ting immediately felt that Mo Xie was a bit different from her normal acute self.

“Why is that?” Next to her, Xin Xue asked.

“His Moonlight Fox’s fighting strength seems to not have recovered yet. It should still be in a weak state…” Ting Yu whispered.

“Weak state? Then… then won’t he definitely lose…” Xin Xue said,

“Not necessarily…” Ting Yu shook her head.

Standing next to Ting Yu and Xin Xue was Feng Gu who was considered the strongest among the ten people.

By chance, Feng Gu heard the soft conversation between the two female soul pet trainers and was extremely interested in Chu Mu. He stared at Chu Mu deeply, wanting to know how this always quiet fellow would find the courage and countenance to fight with the not weak Ge Sen!

“Kill them!” The second the fight started, Ge Sen immediately ordered his Mandy Monster to attack Chu Mu and Mo Xie!

Extremely calm, Chu Mu retreated and commanded Mo Xie to first draw support from her speed advantage and then contend with the slow Mandy Monster.

When Chu Mu had previously met a Mandy Monster, he had given an assessment to the Mandy Monster. Its strength and defense weren’t bad, but its speed was too slow. When it encountered a fast soul pet, it could be easily restrained!

Mo Xie’s fighting strength wasn’t even fifty percent recovered, but with her stage nine strength, dealing with a stage seven Mandy Monster shouldn’t be too large of a problem!

“Idiot, it’s behind you. Turn around!!” After a round of fighting, Ge Sen had already clearly discovered that in terms of speed, his Mandy Monster completely did not have the advantage. After fighting a while, it surprisingly hadn’t even attacked Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox!

Chu Mu employed battle tactics very well, and from the very beginning, he didn’t let Mo Xie attack. Instead, he incessantly made Mo Xie dodge while letting the Mandy Monster use up a plethora of physical strength as its abilities all missed!

“He’s very good at finding his opponent’s weakness…” Feng Gu slowly spoke. Having watched until here, Feng Gu truthfully was already able to guess the winner of this fight.

In fact, many people could see that Ge Sen’s Mandy Monster had been led around the nose by the Moonlight Fox this entire fight. As time passed, the Mandy Monster was already gasping for breath. It seemed that none of its abilities could hit the extremely quick Moonlight Fox. In everyone’s opinions, this silver Moonlight Fox was simply like a nimble and elegant dancer putting a show on the field to her content !

“Mo Xie, Charm!”

Up until now, Chu Mu made Mo Xie endure silently, and it wasn’t until now that a technique was used. As for using it now, it truly was at the Mandy Monster’s weakest moment and the point where the Mandy Monster was already exhausted fundamentally. It had no way of resisting this mental technique!

Calm and decisive! Calm to maintain a good condition and attacking to take a life!

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