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11:40. And he pressed him much to deliver him to him, that he might be king in his father's place: and he told him all that Demetrius had done, and how his soldiers hated him. And he remained there many days.

11:41. And Jonathan sent to king Demetrius, desiring that he would cast out them that were in the castle in Jerusalem, and those that were in the strong holds: because they fought against Israel.

11:42. And Demetrius sent to Jonathan, saying: I will not only do this for thee, and for thy people, but I will greatly honour thee, and thy nation, when opportunity shall serve.

11:43. Now, therefore, thou shalt do well if thou send me men to help me: for all my army is gone from me.

11:44. And Jonathan sent him three thousand valiant men to Antioch: and they came to the king, and the king was very glad of their coming.

11:45. And they that were of the city assembled themselves together, to the number of a hundred and twenty thousand men, and would have killed the king.

11:46. And the king fled into the palace: and they of the city kept the passages of the city, and began to fight.

11:47. And the king called the Jews to his assistance: and they came to him all at once, and they all dispersed themselves through the city.

11:48. And they slew in that day a hundred thousand men, and they set fire to the city, and got many spoils that day, and delivered the king.

11:49. And they that were of the city saw that the Jews had got the city as they would: and they were discouraged in their mind, and cried to the king, making supplication, and saying:

1:50. Grant us peace, and let the Jews cease from assaulting us, and the city.

11:51. And they threw down their arms, and made peace, and the Jews were glorified in the sight of the king, and in the sight of all that were in his realm, and were renowned throughout the kingdom, and returned to Jerusalem with many spoils.

11:52. So king Demetrius sat in the throne of his kingdom: and the land was quiet before him.

11:53. And he falsified all whatsoever he had said, and alienated himself from Jonathan, and did not reward him according to the benefits he had received from him, but gave him great trouble.

11:54. And after this Tryphon returned, and with him Antiochus, the young boy, who was made king, and put on the diadem.

11:55. And there assembled unto him all the hands which Demetrius had sent away, and they fought against Demetrius who turned his back and fled.

11:56. And Tryphon took the elephants, and made himself master of Antioch. 11:57. And young Antiochus wrote to Jonathan, saying: I confirm thee in the high priesthood, and I appoint thee ruler over the four cities, and to be one of the king's friends.

11:58. And he sent him vessels of gold for his service, and he gave him leave to drink in gold, and to be clothed in purple, and to wear a golden buckle:

11:59. And he made his brother, Simon, governor, from the borders of Tyre even to the confines of Egypt.

11:60. Then Jonathan went forth, and passed through the cities beyond the river, and all the forces of Syria gathered themselves to him to help him, and he came to Ascalon, and they met him hononrably out of the city.

11:61. And he went from thence to Gaza: and they that were in Gaza shut him out: and he besieged it, and burnt all the suburbs round about, and took the spoils.

11:62. And the men of Gaza made supplication to Jonathan, and he gave them the right hand: and he took their sons for hostages, and sent them to Jerusalem: and he went through the country, as far as Damascus.

11:63. And Jonathan heard that the generals of Demetrius were come treacherously to Cades, which is in Galilee, with a great army, purposing to remove him from the affairs of the kingdom.

11:64. And he went against them: but left his brother, Simon, in the country.

11:65. And Simon encamped against Bethsura, and assaulted it many days, and shut them up.

11:66. And they desired him to make peace, and he granted it them: and he cast them out from thence, and took the city, and placed a garrison in it.

11:67. And Jonathan and his army encamped by the water of Genesar, and before it was light they were ready in the plain of Asor.

11:68. And behold the army of the strangers met him in the plain, and they laid an ambush for him in the mountains: but he went out against them.

11:69. And they that lay in ambush rose out of their places, and joined battle.

11:70. And all that were on Jonathan's side fled, and none was left of them, but Mathathias, the son of Absalom, and Judas, the son of Calphi, chief captain of the army.

11:71. And Jonathan rent his garments, and cast earth upon his head, and prayed.

11:72. And Jonathan turned again to them to battle, and he put them to flight, and they fought.

11:73. And they of his part that fled saw this, and they turned again to him, and they all with him pursued the enemies, even to Cades, to their own camp, and they came even thither.

11:74. And there fell of the aliens in that day three thousand men: and Jonathan returned to Jernsalem.

1 Machabees Chapter 12

Jonathan renews his league with the Romans and Lacedemonians. The forces of Demetrius flee away from him. He is deceived and made prisoner by Tryphon.

12:1. And Jonathan saw that the time served him, and he chose certain men, and sent them to Rome, to confirm and to renew the amity with them:

12:2. And he sent letters to the Spartans, and to other places, according to the same form.

12:3. And they went to Rome, and entered into the senate house, and said: Jonathan, the high priest, and the nation of the Jews, have sent us to renew the amity, and alliance, as it was before.

12:4. And they gave them letters to their governors in every place, to conduct them into the land of Juda with peace. 12:5. And this is a copy of the letters which Jonathan wrote to the Spartans:

12:6. Jonathan, the high priest, and the ancients of the nation, and the priests, and the rest of the people of the Jews, to the Spartans, their brethren, greeting.

12:7. There were letters sent long ago to Onias the high priest, from Arius, who reigned then among you to signify that you are our brethren, as the copy here underwritten doth specify.

12:8. And Onias received the ambassador with honour and received the letters, wherein there was mention made of the alliance, and amity.

12:9. We, though we needed none of these things having for our comfort the holy books that are in our hands,

12:10. Chose rather to send to you to renew the brotherhood and friendship, lest we should become stranger to you altogether: for there is a long time passed since you sent to us.

12:11. We, therefore, at all times without ceasing, both in our festivals, and other days wherein it is convenient, remember you in the sacrifices that we offer, and in our observances, as it is meet and becoming to remember brethren.

12:12. And we rejoice at yonr glory.

12:13. But we have had many troubles and wars on every side; and the kings that are round about us have fought against us.

12:14. But we would not be troublesome to you, nor to the rest of our allies and friends, in these wars.

12:15. For we have had help from heaven, and we have been delivered, and our enemies are humbled.

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