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10:82. Then Simon drew forth his army, and attacked the legion: for the horsemen were wearied: and they were discomfited by him, and fled.

10:83. And they that were scattered about the plain fled into Azotus, and went into Bethdagon, their idol's temple, there to save themselves.

10:84. But Jonathan set fire to Azotus, and the cities that were round about it, and took the spoils of them and the temple of Dagon: and all them that were fled into it, he burnt with fire.

10:85. So they that were slain by the sword, with them that were burnt, were almost eight thousand men.

10:86. And Jonathan, removed his army from thence and camped against Ascalon: and they went out of the city to meet him with great honour.

10:87. And Jonathan returned into Jerusalem with his people, having many spoils.

10:88. And it came to pass, when Alexander, the king heard these words, that he honoured Jonathan yet more.

10:89. And he sent him a buckle of gold, as the custom is, to be given to such as are of the royal blood. And he gave him Accaron, and all the borders thereof, in possession.

1 Machabees Chapter 11

Ptolemee invades the kingdom of Alexander: the latter is slain: and the former dies soon after. Demetrius honours Jonathan, and is rescued by the Jews from his own subjects in Antioch. Antiochus the younger favours Jonathan. His exploits in divers places.

11:1. And the king of Egypt gathered together an army, like the sand that lieth upon the sea shore, and many ships: and he sought to get the kingdom of Alexander by deceit, and join it to his own kingdom.

11:2. And he went out into Syria with peaceable words and they opened to him the cities, and met him: for king Alexander had ordered them to go forth to meet him, because he was his father in law.

11:3. Now when Ptolemee entered into the cities, he put garrisons of soldiers in every city.

11:4. And when he came near to Azotns, they shewed him the temple of Dagon that was burnt with fire, and Azotus, and the suburbs thereof, that were destroyed, and the bodies that were cast abroad, and the graves of them that were slain in the battle, which they had made near the way.

11:5. And they told the king that Jonathan had done these things, to make him odious: but the king held his peace.

11:6. And Jonathan came to meet the king at Joppe with glory, and they saluted one another, and they lodged there.

11:7. And Jonathan went with the king as far as the river, called Eleutherus: and he returned into Jerusalem.

11:8. And king Ptolemee got the dominion of the cities by the sea side, even to Seleucia, and he devised evil designs against Alexander.

11:9. And he sent ambassadors to Demetrius, saying: Come, let us make a league between us, and I will give thee my daughter whom Alexander hath, and thou shalt reign in the kingdom of thy father.

11:10. For I repent that I have given him my daughter: for he hath sought to kill me.

11:11. And he slandered him, because he coveted his kingdom,

11:12. And he took away his daughter, and gave her to Demetrius, and alienated himself from Alexander, and his enmities were made manifest.

11:13. And Ptolemee entered into Antioch, and set two crowns upon his head, that of Egypt, and that of Asia.

11:14. Now king Alexander was in Cilicia at that time: because they that were in those places had rebelled.

11:15. And when Alexander heard of it, he came to give him battle: and king Ptolemee brought forth his army, and met him with a strong power, and put him to flight.

11:16. And Alexander fled into Arabia, there to be protected: and king Ptolemee was exalted.

11:17. And Zabdiel the Arabian took off Alexander's head, and sent it to Ptolemee.

11:18. And king Ptolemee died the third day after: and they that were in the strong holds were destroyed by them that were within the camp.

11:19. And Demetrius reigned in the hundred and sixty-seventh year.

11:20. In those days Jonathan gathered together them that were in Judea, to take the castle that was in Jerusalem: and they made many engines of war against it.

11:21. Then some wicked men that hated their own nation, went away to king Demetrius, and told him that Jonathan was besieging the castle.

11:22. And when he heard it, he was angry: and forthwith he came to Ptolemais, and wrote to Jonathan that he should not besiege the castle, but should come to him in haste, and speak to him.

11:23. But when Jonathan heard this, he bade them besiege it still: and he chose some of the ancients of Israel, and of the priests, and put himself in danger.

11:24. And he took gold, and silver, and raiment, and many other presents, and went to the king to Ptolemais and he found favour in his sight.

11:25. And certain wicked men of his nation made complaints against him.

11:26. And the king treated him as his predecessors had done before: and he exalted him in the sight of all his friends.

11:27. And he confirmed him in the high priesthood and all the honours he had before, and he made him the chief of his friends.

11:28. And Jonathan requested of the king that he would make Judea free from tribute, and the three governments, and Samaria, and the confines thereof: and he promised him three hundred talents.

11:29. And the king consented: and he wrote letters to Jonathan of all these things, to this effect.

11:30. King Demetrius to his brother, Jonathan, and to the nation of the Jews, greeting.

11:31. We send you here a copy of the letter which we have written to Lasthenes, our parent, concerning you, that you might know it.

11:32. King Demetrius to Lasthenes, his parent, greetings.

11:33. We have determined to do good to the nation of the Jews, who are our friends, and keep the things that are just with us, for their good will which they bear towards us.

11:34. We have ratified, therefore, unto them all the borders of Judea, and the three cities, Apherema, Lydda, and Ramatha, which are added to Judea, out of Samaria, and all their confines, to be set apart to all them that sacrifice in Jerusalem, instead of the payments which the king received of them every year, and for the fruits of the land, and of the trees.

Apherema... is found only in the Greek version.

11:35. And as for other things that belonged to us of the tithes, and of the tributes, from this time we discharge them of them: the saltpans also, and the crowns that were presented to us.

11:36. We give all to them, and nothing hereof shall be revoked from this time forth and for ever.

11:37. Now, therefore, see that thou make a copy of these things, and let it be given to Jonathan, and set upon the holy mountain, in a conspicuous place.

11:38. And king Demetrius, seeing that the land was quiet before him, and nothing resisted him, sent away all his forces, every man to his own place, except the foreign army, which he had drawn together from the islands of the nations: so all the troops of his fathers hated him.

11:39. Now there was one Tryphon who had been of Alexander's party before: who seeing that all the army murmured against Demetrius, went to Emalchuel, the Arabian, who brought up Antiochus, the son of Alexander:

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