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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 71: Two People Getting Intimate

Yet he didn't get angry at all and only curled up his sexy lips slightly in a provocative and sensual manner.

That smile slowly burst forth, seemingly like a rose blooming in the dim light of night, confusing people……

After that, a hand extended and pulled Helian Wei Wei up.

The chilly fragrant sandalwood infused with the man's scent wafted into her nose all at once.

It was impossible for Wei Wei to guard against it. Seeing his pair of hands so nice-looking that even women would be envious, she was slightly puzzled.

Wasn't the Third Prince obsessed with cleanliness and disliked having others touch him?

As expected, he only helped her up and immediately let her go. Afterwards, he looked towards the white cat on the ground and said in an indifferent tone. "This Highness is hungry."

Wei Wei: "……."

[Didn't they just eat roasted rabbit, how come he became hungry so quickly? Wasn't it said that people from the Imperial Family ate comparatively little?]

It seemed that rumors indeed couldn't be trusted. For example, the Seventh Prince, that Little Bald Head, really could eat.

"I'll go hunt another rabbit." After she finished speaking, Wei Wei planned to take action. In any case, she happened to also want to find a place free from people to see if she could wake Yuan Ming.

But Baili Jia Jue blocked her. His deep, phoenix shaped eyes (eyes that slanted up at the corners) looked extremely beautiful close up. "No need. There's a cat here."

The white cat's pupils constricted as it looked at that man who was wearing a smile that was not a smile. The fur all over its body stood on ends.

In a flash, Wei Wei's figure blocked Baili Jia Jue from the front. "It was alright to eat it previously, but now it's not. It has already formed a contract with me. It's my contracted spirit beast, so please reconsider, Your Highness, and eat something else."

"Is it only a contracted beast?" Baili Jia Jue's tone of voice was very indifferent, very cold, as if an ice cube melted and blended in the water, slightly suppressing her nerves.

Wei Wei lifted her eyebrows. "If not, what else can it be?"

"You're right." Baili Jia Jue profoundly took a quick look at Wei Wei, and calmly turned the black jade ornamental thumb ring on his finger. "Besides being a contracted beast, it can NOT also be anything else."

The white cat froze from head to tail. It's heart felt an indescribable sense of loss. It even thought……so the reality was that she did not have that kind of interest towards it at all.

The Fire Qilin watched the white cat hanging its head dispiritedly and looked again at the absolutely graceful figure. Was it thinking too much? Why did it feel that those words just now from his master wasn't spoken to Wei Wei at all, but instead was spoken to that descendant of the White Fen clan? The Fire Qilin didn't need to think about it anymore. It indeed understood His Highness' way of doing things quite well.

Baili Jia Jue had always been an outwardly kind but inwardly evil demon. He knew very well how to eliminate the thoughts that a certain wild cat should not have from its mind, but those kind of methods were all inferior to Wei Wei herself inadvertently rejecting it.

Wei Wei didn't understand how, as they were speaking, they wandered away from the original topic of conversation. However, it actually didn't matter. After all, Third Prince already wouldn't bring up the matter of eating cat meat again. She also could be considered to have protected her spirit beast and now, she'd better think a bit on how to endure past tonight.

Wei Wei looked for the dried grass that already couldn't be found. The ground again was full of potholes. It was no longer possible to continue sleeping here.

Her eyes focused on the not so thin layer of scattered fog. Maybe they could just take advantage of the dim light of night and leave this way. In a moment, if the fog continued to thicken, it wouldn't be so easy to move camp.

Moreover, Spirit Forest itself was big. Right now, her physical strength had already surpassed its limit. If more demonic beasts were to come later, she wouldn't know how to handle it.

It was still better to leave this place as soon as possible.

Thinking up to this point, Wei Wei then began to take action and seriously made some calculations in regards to the distance.

She just didn't know how she came to be in such a forlorn place.

But there's one thing she was certain of, there was a problem with the map in her hand.

In regards to who was the one who wanted to harm her, Wei Wei didn't need to think to be able to guess.

She only wondered, when the time came, if Helian Jiao Er and the rest of them saw that not only did she not lose her life, on the contrary, she'd even contracted a cat spirit beast, what expression would they have?

Heh……Wei Wei demonically arced her thin lips. First, she commanded the white cat to directly recruit a spirit beast that can help them escape from people.

After that, clear away everything that needed to be cleared, including the fire, which needed to be thoroughly extinguished.

In this way, make it possible to erase all of their traces to make demonic beasts lose their sense of direction.

In merely a short moment of time, the white cat already returned and there was even a black flying horse behind it. It was different from a common warhorse. The black flying horse had a pair of beautiful black wings, and was a penetratingly deep black from head to tail.

It exceedingly resembled a demon's mount depicted in a Japanese manga. It wasn't just fast along the ground, but could even fly in the sky.

Only, the white cat didn't know why this black flying horse seemed a little off today. Upon questioning, the black horse also didn't give a reason why.

Actually as soon as Wei Wei saw that black flying horse, she whistled in appreciation right away as she inwardly thought if this plaything also existed in modern times, she could become Phantom Thief (character from a manga) and steal wherever she wanted to steal from and could even fly about in the air.

Without any further delay, Wei Wei turned her body and mounted, pulled the reins and wanted to spur the horse forward.

Suddenly, it became heavy behind her and she opened her eyes wide as her shoulder felt something warm. A big palm then pulled up.

Wei Wei now finally remembered that the Third Prince, who didn't know how to do anything, was still following by her side, only……wasn't this a bit too intimate?

His entire arm raised and reached over and pressed on top of her other hand. That kind of posture was just as if her whole body was embraced within his chest. Contrary to expectations, his expression was still self-controlled, an indifferent and purely cold face which made Wei Wei's thought change direction a bit, feeling that she'd been wrongly dirty-minded.

"What?" The guy's eyebrows were raised, incomparably graceful as he rationally also encircled her slender waist.

Wei Wei sighed. Apparently, she was indeed mistaken. In the mind of a homosexual, she was but a protector. There simply wasn't any male-female consideration.

"Nothing. Hold on a bit more tightly, this horse will be a bit fast." Wei Wei also wasn't a narrow-minded person. Unusual circumstances demanded unusual responses. What's important was to be able to leave quickly before the fog rose even more thickly!

Baili Jia Jue was very 'obedient' and snuggled closer to her as an evil smile emerged from the corners of his mouth.

Wei Wei felt the continuous warm breaths blowing forward from behind her ear. Inevitably, there would be a kind of illusion of being kissed on the ear. She flung her head back as she raised the long whip and speeded through layers upon layers of fog carrying one person and one cat.

Even though there were a lot of demonic beasts within Spirit Forest, however, the ones surrounding them were those low leveled demonic beasts. Actually, there were very few demonic beasts that possessed intelligence. Even if they were high-leveled demonic beasts, there were merely a few species which were blessed by heaven and could open their spirit to receive knowledge.

Therefore, they usually always depended on their own intuition. They wouldn't take the initiative to attack those whose strength were greater than their own.

As a result, Wei Wei's journey of running over here didn't meet with any difficulty at all.

And at this moment, the Fire Qilin already heard Baili Jia Jue's command, concealing itself again. When it was summoned again, it would automatically appear.

Because its return to Baili Jia Jue's side right now not only wouldn't help anything, it was very possible that it would again arouse the four great clans' attention.

Especially since Baili Jia Jue didn't plan on exposing himself so quickly. After all, his stay at White Academy also included an additional identity as the Inferior Compound's new student……

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