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Translated by NightShade
Edited by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 70: Sacred Objects Revealed

As the Fire Qilin was thinking of this, he saw the unconscious Helian Wei Wei frown. Her body trembled, as if in great pain.

However he didn't expect his noble Master to walk towards her with a cold gaze, not saying a word, grabbed Helian Wei Wei's wrist, and started directing his strength into her body.

The Fire Qilin's expression slightly changed, but didn't say anything.

Just now, Master made it very obvious that she was his prey. Therefore her life and death would be determined by him.

The gale slowly calmed down. Baili Jia Jue's calm face still looked perfect, but his eyes were flashing with unknown emotions.

There were two forces?

The restless energy belonged to the White Fen Clan, that he knew.

But what about the other one?

It was ancient and powerful, yet…so familiar…….

Baili Jia Jue observed the girl's face, emotions swirling in his eyes. In the next second, the emotions and gaze were gone.

Helian Wei Wei, due to being in pain, her whole body was drenched in sweat as a slight change appeared on her chin, exposed.

It was different from her usual skin colour, so porcelain like that it made a person question themselves.

Baili Jia Jue stared at the chin and slowly reached out.

The first thing he touched was her lips.

Warm and soft, the sensation was even better than what he imagined.

So, not all girls caused him to feel disgusted.

Baili Jia Jue's eyes halted for a second.

His long fingers slowly went down to her chin.

When his finger touched the slit on the skin, it made Baili Jia Jue's gaze on Helian Wei Wei even more profound.

A light glowed on the tip of his finger. As his finger moved, the black skin started to fade away and a stunning face appeared.

The moonlight gently hit her face. Her eyelashes were as thick as a feather. A delicate nose, pink plump lips. Even though her eyes were closed, it was still spectacular.

She was frowning as if she was in pain, nevertheless she was still the most beautiful and mysterious girl he had ever met.

Looking at her, Baili Jia Jue didn't have any discomfort.

He naturally thought of when she was angry, the moments when she was happy, or sometimes when she was full of caution.

This was her, this was the real her.

Only she would dare to hold his chin and tease him.

Huh, looks like this unyielding little thing has a lot of secrets.

Before he had lots of patience to catch her, so he didn't mind it.

But now, for the first time ever, Baili Jia Jue thought that it was not a good thing to have good looks.

With this kind of face, she would probably attract a lot of flies…..

Baili Jia Jue's eyes gleamed, and somehow made Helian Wei Wei's face even darker than before!

Before the Fire Qilin could even come back to his senses, he was confused by his master's actions: "Master, don't you think a prettier pet would be better?"

Now back to a black coal ball, it was not a pretty scene, the Fire Qilin shook his head with pity.

Baili Jia Jue stayed quiet, his eyes faintly showed that he was finally satisfied.

At this moment, Helian Wei Wei was trying to merge the two different streams of energy.

Using her experience from before, this time when the ancient energy was retreating, she immediately pushed forth and the other to try to merge it in one go.

Soon, the merge was complete.

The pain and injury from before was all gone like it didn't happen at all!

Helian Wei Wei was glad, just when she was about to observe her martial qi, there was a sudden tingly sensation on her face.

After the contract was completed, she finally regained her senses.

As a top agent, even with her eyes closed, she instinctively punched out.

This punch was dangerous, because this was one of her reflect actions. It was an either you die or I die way of fighting.

No one was able to retreat entirely without any injury, unless she was unable to fight back anymore.

Unexpectedly, it was as if she punching on a cotton, soft and no reaction….

What happened? Something wasn't right!

Helian Wei Wei was confused, and her eyes snapped open. When she saw the person in front of her, she realized that she wasn't in a mission but in an ancient forest.

It's just that, isn't the Third Prince's posture a bit weird?

Was there something on her face?

Helian Wei Wei subconsciously raised her guard: "Your Highness, what are you doing."

Baili Jia Jue calmly replied: "Of course I'm looking at you."

He was looking at her, not at something dirty?

Helian Wei Wei was shocked: "Why look at me, I'm not good looking…." What's there to see other than her dark skin, hold on, don't tell me he discovered something?

Helian Wei Wei was stunned.

She couldn't care less about some manners, with a swift move, she used her dagger as a mirror.

Thank god, her face was still dark.

Was it just her imagination that her skin got even darker before she came to the Spirit Forest?

Helian Wei Wei's mouth twitched, in her mind she was thinking that when she went back, she'll use some face masks. Not noticing Baili Jia Jue had a smirk on his face, it flashed by quickly, but it was real.

The Fire Qilin saw everything, and silently pitied the girl. He didn't know that his Master liked dark skin.

Looks like all those ministers who had sent in all those womans would not matter at all. You couldn't find anyone darker than Helian Wei Wei!

"Could you put down the dagger first." When the white cat woke up, he thought that Helian Wei Wei was going to kill herself, before he could even say anything else, he noticed something, his eyes widen, as he mumbled: "You actually made a contract with this Lord, this Lord thought you would fail."

"Contract?" Helian Wei Wei's eyes shone, then realized something, looked at the white cat: "Don't tell me, the energy that almost killed me, came from you….."

The white cat said with a cold tone: "You're the one who said you wanted to contract with a divine beast… We, descendants of the White Fen Clan, stress on compensating our debts…"

"Why don't you just compensate with your body?" Helian Wei Wei flicked his tail.

The white cat tensed up, his face blushing, this woman…. really wanted to marry him!

Then… when they meet with his father, he'll let them prepare the betrothal gifts.

The white cat softly coughed, but he couldn’t suppress the smile in his eyes.

And this whole scene, was all seen by Baili Jia Jue…..

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