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Translated by NightShade
Edited by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 69: Spirit Beast's Contract

Helian Wei Wei glanced at him and casually rejected him: "I don't know how to play chess."

Baili Jia Jue frowned, asked her: " Calligraphy and painting, what can you do?"

"Ummm….none." Helian Wei Wei really wanted to say she came from the twenty-first century. She normally played computer games, racing and gun games. Chess and calligraphy these kinds of stuffs, really wasn't suitable with her character.

Baili Jia Jue used one of his hand to support his head, as if in helplessness: "How were you chosen for the selection then, hmmm?"

His hmm, brought along a different feeling, it had a sexual appeal of a man.

Yet, Helian Wei Wei also wanted to ask, how she was chosen. Normally, Master should only have helped her sign up: "About this question, Your Highness should ask the person who chose me."

Baili Jia Jue's finger halted which was uncommon, quickly smiled, and teasingly said: "You're right, when this Prince has time, I will ask him why you are chosen."

Helian Wei Wei raised one of her eyebrows, based on what he said. Did he know the person who chose her to go into the palace and become a candidate, or what?

When she was thinking, a sudden pain engulfed her, the unusual martial qi appeared again, however this time it was different, because the white cat was also in pain.

Helian Wei Wei tightly clenched her fists as drops of sweat slid down her forehead, falling onto the ground, it felt like there was a tornado within her, countless tornadoes colliding, creating a huge clear barrier.

Within the barrier, appeared an ancient array, the white cat and Helian Wei Wei each stood on a side that emitted a glow.

"The contract appeared!" the Fire Qilin looked at this scene with astonishment. He still couldn't believe it, a descendant of the White Fen Clan really submitted to a woman.

A blinding white light lit up the sky, then quickly surrounded the cat and the human.

It only took a few seconds for the whole process.

And yet the consequences of the contract with a divine beast, was that they were both rendered unconscious.

A slight trace of emotions appeared within Baili Jia Jue's calm eyes when he saw the white rose design on her wrist.

As a Prince, he was familiar with the design.

It was the female with the phoenix constitution that the four families were searching for.

They had been unwilling to submit, so from years ago, they had planned to steal the throne.

Especially after the priest predicted that a woman with a phoenix constitution will be born, their ambition became bigger, and wanted to use this woman to threaten the Royals.

Therefore, they planned to have their descendants infiltrate the White Academy, to protect Helian Jiao Er.

For the day when the woman with the phoenix constitution made her presence known, they would be the first one to see her.

Ha, who knew that the real phoenix was not the world genius girl that had impressive looks but no real worth.

Rather, it was the well known trash of the General's residence!

"Master, she……"

Obviously, the Fire Qilin also noticed the design that appeared due to the contract as his eyes darkened: "I will……"

Before the Fire Qilin could say kill her…

Baili Jia Jue glanced at him, his gaze cold, as if his gaze could skin a human.

The Fire Qilin felt a pressure in his chest, when he felt pain on his claws: "Master…."

He didn't forget the fire in the Ghost Palace, the influence of the Royalty was getting weaker, since now the Emperor was unable to control the country, and Retired Emperor was old, even though the deterrence was still there, but the four families were not as calm as before.

If it hadn't been for the fact that Master had not completely awakened, such petty measures against him would simply be not enough.

But now, Master didn't even have his past memories, and only recovered one tenth of his powers. Don't even mention his complete awakening.

During that year, he had spent so much time finding his master, and finally found all of the sacred objects, in order to awaken his master who was dormant inside a human.

In the end, those dumb four families set a fire and burned all of the sacred objects.

Not to mention his master was seriously injured. Yet he had to leave his master.

Because the master and servant contract had an immense rebound effect, when the contractor became weaker than the spirit beast, the contractor would suffer great consequences.

Normally the people who could make a contract with divine beasts, were stronger than the divine beasts.

Otherwise they couldn't survive the rebound from the contract.

This is the rule that was known between the spirit beasts.

That's why he left, to let his Master recover and live.

No one knew when he felt his Master summoning him, how excited he was.

Because that meant his Master was soon going to wake!

Even though the woman didn't show any dangerous signs, but nobody can promise that she wouldn't be used by the four families.

He didn't believe in those ridiculous predictions, but he wouldn't allow anything to hinder his Master's awakening!

"Qilin, this lord will say it again, she is this lord's prey."

As if he saw through the Fire Qilin's thought, Baili Jia Jue's cold voice appeared again, the calm and celestial feeling wasn't there, replaced by the oppression that even spirit beasts feared.

The Fire Qilin was the king of all beasts, yet once he identified him as his Master, it still could do nothing but submit.

Moreover, if it wasn't for his Master, then he wouldn't be alive.

"Yes." the Fire Qilin lowered its head and glanced at the cat and human again: "The contract they have is also a master and servant contract. Master, looks like the infamous trash, is not completely good-for-nothing."

However, this was not good news for the woman.

That's right, when a human subdued a spirit beast, they would make a contract.

But these contracts were ordinary pledges.

The Master could command the spirit beast, and the spirit beast couldn't disobey the Master.

If you wanted to sign this contract, you could do it when the divine beast was not paying attention.

Yet a master and servant contract was not as easy as it sounded. There was a risk.

Unless the master had unprecedented martial qi, otherwise no one could subdue a descendant of the White Fen Clan.

But he couldn't sense an immense martial qi from this woman. Could it be that a tremendous power was sealed within her?

Even she had something sealed within her, she still couldn't just randomly sign a master and servant contract.

Because, she might receive a rebound due to the power of the descendant of the White Fen Clan.

Now she was in a dangerous situation.

If she couldn't withstand the rebound, then today would be the day she died!

Fire Qilin's eyes darkened. It looked like he didn't need to worry that this woman would affect his master, because today she just might not wake up anymore.

Even if she woke up, her intelligence would get devoured, and she'd completely become a fool…..

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