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Chapter 77


 Haa!?  That person is Elnkaasan?

 I stood up from my seat, staring at the girl on the stage with my eyes wide open .

「You idiot, you’re astonished by that actress’s big breast right?」

「They’re certainly big, but I’m not surprised because of that right now!」

 I pulled the closet pervert’s cheek sitting beside me, and turned my eyes back at her again .

 I heard a muffled voice of protest next to me, but I ignored it .

 Boldly standing at the entrance, is the girl called Elna .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 When I look at that girl, I compare it with Elnkaasan’s face whom I saw yesterday .

 The always smiling, quiet and gentle Elnkaasan, but scary when she’s angry .

 Who likes sweets and tea, has a slightly childish side to her .

Saying something like 「Move aside for a bitー」, or 「This is, delicious isn’t it」while smiling, an awfully my pace mother .  2

 ――but that mother is now .

「Didn’t you hear me?」

 She sharply glared at the man and the fake guy . There’s not a trace of a gentle smile on her at all .

 I’ve heard that she used to be an adventurer, but it’s a bit different from the image in my imagination .

 I thought that, Elnkaasan was a woman who always gave off this gentle feeling, even in the past .


 Not someone touchy like this one .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

  . . . . . . . this is, she’s just like Eleonorneesan isn’t she . . . . . . . . .

 Sure, I have doubts about Eleonorneesan’s character, about who she took after among the calm people of the Slowlett house . But now I know she did, and I never thought she took after Elnkaasan .

 Everyone in the family said that I took after Elnkaasan, but there’s no way that’s true . Isn't Elenorneesan the one who resembles her the most?

「 . . . . . . . hu, huuh!? Don’t interfere!」

 The man appeared to froze on the spot for a moment, but then he snapped out of it and reached out to grab at Elna’s collar .

 But, the fake guy twisted his arm up .

「It hurts!」

「Grabbing at a girl’s collar is unseemly . 」


 The man whose arm got twisted behind him groaned in frustration .

「Are you alright?」

「Yes . If you didn’t hold him back, I will simply burn him . 」

「That will be troubling . 」

 Hearing Elna’s reply, the fake guy said that with a wry smile .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 So this, was the encounter between Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan .



 After that, the fake guy became an adventurer, accepting requests one by one with just himself and his sword .

「……it’s you again . 」

「Yo, Elna . What a coincidence . 」

 Although both of them are solo adventurers, the fake guy and Elna often come across one another in the hunting ground .

「Don’t tell me, you’re not following me aren’t you?」

「Nah, I thought I was the one who came out from the guild first today, though . If you don’t mind, how about we take requests together?」 www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Not only when they’re hunting, but also when they’re in the royal capital’s downtown .

「Why are you here?」

「Eh? Bors said that the baked sweets here are delicious . Though he look like that, he unexpectedly has sweet tooth . 」

「Oh, out of the way if you’re done buying then . 」

『I’m sorry . But the fruit muffins are sold outー』

「 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 」

「 . . . . . . . . . want some?」

 Since they’re both solo adventurers, so it’s natural that their hunting ground will also be the same place . It’s unknown how many times they met in private .  3

 Fortunately, the fake guy is a swordsman, while Elna is a mage . And as the two of them were taking requests together, it didn’t take long for them two of them to open their hearts to each other .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 However, it seems that it’s embarrassing to watch the start of romance between both of your parents so far .

 And before long, I feel like I got a sour stomach when I looked at them for some reason .


 And after completing who knows how many requests together, they became unwittingly famous in the royal capital .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 The fake guy is wearing light and solid armor made out of a special ore, unlike the armor made with some common material that can be bought everywhere .

 Fake guy was dressed in silvery armor and a blue mantle, looking like a holy knight .

「We came back safely today . 」

「That’s right . I want to quickly go home and take a bath」

 Elna, who walks next to the fake guy, said languidly .

 She doesn’t look like she changes her robe, but there is a necklace on her neck that seems to be a magic tool .

 Her cane also looks somewhat longer, and the color of the gem attached to it is very clear .

「Well then, let’s immediately report to the guild . 」


 Her voices are a lot more mild compared to the earlier days . It seems that her relationship with the fake guy has become closer .

 Does it mean that I would have an amicable relationship with Eleonorneesan just like that Elnkaasan with Nord-tousan if I were to get along well with her? No wait, I just can’t imagine it .

 After that, they reported to the guild, and it was when they were about to go back to their lodging .


 The sounds of bells resounded throughout the royal capital .

「This is?」 www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「That’s the sound of bells . I wonder what’s happening outside?」

 The sound of bells resounded throughout the place awfully loud, making the two of them look puzzled .

「Enemy attack! It’s an enemy attaaack!」

 Then, a man who looked like a guard shouted out loudly as he ran .

「By enemy attack, does he mean the neighboring country? Or is it monster stampede ?」

 The fake guy catches the man, and tries to get more information out of him .

「No! It would be better if it were those things! It’s all over! It’s the end for this countrryyyyy!」

「What is it then? Quickly say it . You’re so pathetic even though you’re a man . 」

 After being insulted by Elna, the guards who were in a state of panic somehow manage to point at the sky .

 And then, after opening his mouth repeatedly, he said in a screaming voice .

「I, it’s a Dragon! A Dragon has come to this country!」

「……dragon?」 www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 At the same time as Elna raised her voice in doubt, there was a roar from far away that seemed to shake the atmosphere inside the theater .


 A Red Dragon appears from above the stage . Its body was covered with countless scales .

 It moved its big wings on its back to slowly descend .

 I thought for a moment, is that a real dragon, but when I looked closely at it again, I could see some connecting parts on its body .

 But, even so, they made the secondary parts flexible and it can move thanks to magic and magic tools, they can reproduce lifelike movement of the dragon moving its neck and wings .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 It was as if a real dragon was currently right in front of our eyes .

 Though it might be their first time seeing this dragon, the children's agitated voice can be heard in the venue from time to time .

「A dragon!?」

「Why does it came to this kind of place!?」

 While Elna and the fake guy raised their voices in surprise, the dragon calmly landed on the ground .

 Then the dragon’s neck swells, and its wings open wide as it roars .


「Hi, hiiiiiiii!」


 The guards and people who were nearby panicked and fled, then they left from the stage .

 The dragon opened its mouth wide, revealing its vicious fangs, then flames spread all over the place in its surroundings .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 「Oooh!」, the audience shouted as they saw the intensity of the magic used in the flames .

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 It really is the most popular play, and it costs a lot of money huh .

 With the dragon spreading flames, the stage’s light turns orange-colored, and the sounds of burning can be heard as the effect of the burning performance of the play .

「Elna!  I will, fight the dragon to protect everyone!」

 The fake guy unsheathed his sword and said that nervously .

 He holds his impressive long sword tightly as he takes his stance, the sword blade is shining in silver .

「Are you sane!? The enemy is a dragon you know!?  It’s different from those goblins or orcs !?」

「Aah, I know . Even when I just stand here like this, the dragon’s terrifying presence can be felt acutely coming my way . 」

「Then!」 www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Elna raised her voice to prevent the fake guy, but then the fake guy turned around toward Elna and said slowly .

「――yes but, I’m an adventurer!」

「 . . . . . . . . . !」

 Incidentally, with the dragon standing by and appearing as if it was patiently waiting for the main character, it was a good scene . It looks as if people still have to submit to their own fate in this world . 5

「How could you call yourself an adventurer if you don’t take any risk? I rarely had this kind of experience before . How about you Elna?」 www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 With a fearless smile on his face, the fake guy asks Elna .

 On the other hand, Elna pauses for a moment, and then said

「I have made up my mind! I am also an adventurer! And besides, Nord will die without me!」

 She throws out her big chest and holds her cane as she takes a stance .

The past Elnkaasan is too manly .

「……I see . Thank you Elna . 」

 Elna turns her face away from the fake guy’s smile that seems as if it was shining . Her face is red, not from the light from flames, what a commendable acting .

「Oi oi, have you lovers finished talking?  We’re fully prepared, yeah?」

 A man’s voice broke the lukewarm atmosphere .

「Who’s the lovers!」

 Looking toward the direction of the voice, they saw Bors appearing from on top of a building .

 And then, they saw a lot of adventurers wielding weapons appearing in succession at the edge of the stage and on top of another building .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Bors! Everyone!」

「Hehehe, we’re also adventurers y’see . Even if you two wanted to make this your achievement, that’s not gonna work this time!」

 Thus, the battle between a dragon and the adventurers began .









 On the stage, a lot of adventurers were standing and facing the dragon .

「Breath incoming!」


 The vanguard adventurers were about to be burnt to ashes as flames lit up inside the dragon’s mouth . As the adventurers were moving out of the breath’s range, the dragon released the flames from its mouth .

「『I asketh thee A flowing Water Defense』!」6

 The flames that were about to burn the adventurers were blocked by Elna’s water wall .

 That said, that actress can also use magic, huh .

 Is this the battle drama unique to this world with magic?

 After the Dragon’s Breath attack ended, the fake guy immediately closed in on the dragon’s face .

 Then he swung his sword straight away .


A high-pitched noise spreads throughout the whole place . I thought it was the dragon’s voice or something, but the edge of the blade stopped just before the fang, it actually hit the dragon’s fang .

 The dragon blocked the fake guy’s long sword, and immediately after it tried to break through the sword .

 The high-pitched noise sounds like the sword were clashing against another sword, reverberating in the area, I brought my face closer to Eric .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Hey, it’s not being blocked, but the fangs actually hit the sword right?」

「Aah, that dragon’s fangs are made of ore I think, since it boasts quite a toughness when striking the sword . So it’s fine for him to hit it with all of his strength . 」 7

「 . . . . . . . . . . this is seriously preposterous . 」

「If they stop it just like this . Then the audience will be disappointed you know . 」

「 . . . . . . . . that might be so .

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 Certainly, the actors would look too shabby if they only have to swing their swords, even though they use such a large force to face the dragon .   www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Guess it’s possible to be somewhat excessive since there are all kinds of magic in this world, huh .

 From on top of a building, adventurers were taking up positions with their bows ready .

 The arrowheads are not round, but the sharp, pointed one .

 Eh? They’re really going to shoot it?

 While I was still surprised, the bows that were pulled back to their limit were aimed at the dragon and they shot at it .

 Like, they really shot at it you know!

 A lot of arrows headed straight toward the dragon, but then it all fell down to the ground when the dragon greatly shook its wings .


 If one were to look at its wings closely, it was as if wind were swirling around it, covering those wings .

「There’s also some sort of a mechanism on those wings right?

「Aah, if I remember correctly, I’ve heard they use a Wind Magic Tool on it . It seems to be something expensive used for self-protection by important people . If you have one of those, then you can defend against surprise attack by arrows . 」

 Just how much money did they spend on this, really . Oh well, I guess it's because the manager of this place is a noble .

 The fierce battle between the dragon and adventurers on the stage still continues .

 A man holding a shield was blown away by the dragon’s tail attack .

 Because the vanguard was taken out, the dragon targeted the fake guy who was swinging his sword in front of it .

 Then the dragon’s mouth turned red again, and it was released with no delay .

 When the blazing flames drew near the fake guy and it seemed like it’s going to burn him to ashes, it was as if there was dome-shape water surrounding him as the water boiled .

 Flame and water collide, raising steam .


「Good grief, it’s a good thing I was prepared for it! That was really dangerous! 『I asketh thee Of pure water Gather around』!」

 The water wall was cancelled, lost its shape and then it formed for the second time . It took the shape of a big spear, then flew toward the dragon’s face .


 The water spear pierced the dragon’s big eye, and the dragon roared in anguish .


 In response to Elna’s sharp voice, the fake guy’s sword blade shines .

 He reinforced the sword blade by covering it with magic power .

 The fake guy also covered his feet with magic power, and then he immediately jumped after taking a stance with his sword .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Drawing near under the dragon’s neck, still shaking its neck because of the pain from the water spear .

 However, a dragon is still a dragon . It determined the fake guy as a target instantly, its eyes flashed, then it greeted the fake guy with its tough fangs .


 The two’s figures intersect, and the dragon’s neck was cut neatly .

 Its neck really comes off from its body!? I’ve heard from the talks at the noble’s gathering that Nord-tousan cut off the head of the dragon, so it really happened!

 The dragon’s head fell down on the stage, then its huge body also followed after a moment’s delay .

 At the same time, the adventurers on the stage and the audience are shouting in joy .



 The fake guy and Elna were overcome with emotion as they embraced each other . Surrounded by the cheers of a large number of people, the two of them kept embracing each other .


 Since then, because of their remarkable achievement, it was decided that the fake guy and Elna will have an audience with the Misfrit’s King .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 The stage changes, and the two of them are now having an audience with the king who is sitting on a magnificent chair .

 The Misfrit’s King is a blonde ossan . Wearing a crown on his head, I feel like he resembles the suspicious ossan I saw before when I was in the sky .

 As I thought, it seems that the suspicious ossan back then is the King-sama .

「Raise your head . 」


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 The fake guy slowly raises his head after answering the king without delay .

「Your achievement this time is truly a great one . And your sword technique to cut the dragon’s neck who came flying in to the royal capital, it was splendid . 」

「Thank you very much . 」

「Because of you, many citizens of the royal capital were saved . I thank you as the king of this country . Now then, I think it's time for your reward . Is there anything you wanted?」

「 . . . . . . . . then, I would like a territory where I can peacefully spend my time with my beloved wife . 」


「Haaー, I’m tired . 」

 Sitting near the stairs in front of the theater, I deeply breathed in the air outside I hadn’t had in a while, then I breathed it out .

 The sky is tinged with the color of the setting sun, outside the theater, a lot of people were on their way back home with a smile on their faces .

 The people walking were only talking about the play they watched just a short while ago . Everyone was talking together, looking happy as they talked . And it was also the time for dinner . Maybe they were targeting the people who were feeling good after watching the play, as salespeople from shops were raising their voice .

 And it’s actually effective,  a lot of people were entering their shops .

 If I were also an adult I would like to also follow them, but since I’m currently a kid, Elnkaasan and the others would worry about me if I don’t come back soon .

「As expected, no matter how many times I saw that play, it always make my heart throb in excitement . 」

 Standing next to me, Eric watches the evening glow and mutters in a sickeningly soft voice .

「Even though it doesn’t suit Eric to say ‘heart throb in excitement’ 」

「What’d you say? Then what about you, why are you not like your father? Why is the son of such an excellent father is a guy like this? Besides, you, are you an adopted child, huh? Don’t you think that you’re really different in appearance compared to your sister and brother? 」

「You just said something that you shouldn't have! I care a lot about my own appearance you know!」

 I feel like I was able to get along with Eric after spending half a day together, but as I thought it was all just my imagination .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Eric and I fight until we’re exhausted, then we head back home .

「I’m backー」8

「Ara, welcome back . Did you got out with your friends?」

 After I split up with Eric I returned to my room at the inn, Elnkaasan welcomed me with a gentle smile on her face .

 Recalling the play I just watch, I stare at Elnkaasan .

「Nn? What happened Al? Is there something on my face . 」

 Maybe she thought it was strange that I was just staring at her while standing like that, Elnkaasan asks as she looked confused .

「Elnkaasan has become awfully mellowed 9 isn’t sheー」

 I was impressed and said while staring at Elnkaasan, then Elnkaasan froze .

 And there’s a sound coming from a room in the back that sounds like a spoon being dropped . When I turn my gaze that way, I can see Nord-tousan stiffened as he was about to drink his tea . And his expression looks as if he just saw something unbelievable .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Nord-tousan was quick on the uptake, he realized that I went to watch the play . I guess that’s why he looked surprised .

 When I was thinking about such things, I felt a sharp pain crawling on my head .

「I, it hurts!?」

「Ara ara, Al said that I’ve become fat as soon as you arrive and saw me, I wonder what do you mean by that? 」

 Still with a smile on her face, Elnkaasaan Iron Claw-ed me . Her eyebrows were slightly twitching*pikupiku*, proof of her being angry .

 Terrifying .

「Tha, that’s not it Elnkaasan! I’m not talking about your figure, but your personality!」


I guess my desperate explanation got through and managed to solve the misunderstanding for now, the force coming from her fingers vanished .

 But, it seems like she’s not going to release her hand from my head . It’s the same reaction as Eleonorneesan . No, I guess it’s natural since it was a technique taught by this person .

 I don’t know about Nord-tousan, but I heard him heave a sigh of relief and sipping his tea after looking at the crouching Elnkaasan in front of me .   www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Elnkaasan’s gaze urged me to continue talking .

「I’ve just watched the Dragon Slayer play you know!」


 When I clearly said that, Elnkaasan expression changed to that of an astonished one, and I can hear the sound of Nord-tousan spitting out his tea in the back .

 But from my viewpoint, the more surprising thing is that, even though she was shaken, Elnkaasan still doesn’t let go of her fingers from my head .

「……ahh I meanー, Elnkaasan in the past looks as irritable as Eleonorneesan, huh . I was really surprised you see . Like, 『And besides, Nord will die without me!』 was it, Elnkaasan was unexpectedly a tsundere like Eleonorneesan . . And the last part was that, right . In front of the king, saying to be with my beloved wife――ow ow it hurts!? Even though I was on the good part! Why did you continue to use Iron Claw!」 www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Damn it, I’m going to ask about the story from Roomba in detail! I will also call Count Melna!


 That day, I fell asleep as I rubbed my head while determined on doing just that .

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