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Chapter 78


「Al, we’ll leave the royal capital tomorrow alright?」

「Really!? Then, we can go back to Koryatt village right?」

 After we finished our breakfast, my drowsiness was blown away by those few words from Nord-tousan’s .  

 I’ve seen the Dragon Slayer play, and thanks to Teleport magic, I will be able to come to the royal capital whenever I want to .

 There’s no regret if we leave the royal capital . Rather, I dearly missed the calm and peaceful village of Koryatt . I can’t do anything as much as I would here .

「Aah, it’s true . 」

「Yes, finally . 」

 The only one who was happy by the news is not just me, Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan also look really glad .

 Even after the exchange meeting was finished, the two of them looked so busy making rounds to other noble houses . It was mostly related to Nord-tousan’s connection, but I was brought along with him a few times .

 At that time, I was relaxing with Elnkaasan . If there was no one with a much higher rank than you, then the tea party is quite relaxed .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Even if we were invited to another party or tea party again while we’re in the royal capital, I would only get tired by training together with the knight’s order . 」

「Right, and you don’t have to go to another tea party with this wife of yours . 」

 The Slowlett house which resides in a place quite far from the royal capital don’t participate in something like a party in the royal capital .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 That’s why, there would be those from other noble houses who wanted to take the chance to make a connection with the Slowlett house while we’re at the royal capital and invited us to a party or something .  

 Although they also live in the countryside, there have been various rich nobles appearing recently .

 To make a long story short, they’re quite a rare character .  

「Speaking of which, you should organize our luggage, we’re going shopping today . 」


「We’re going shopping!?」

 My comment was drowned by the poor maid Mina’s loud voice . Truly a great difference from Sara who went to put away the tablewares silently .

「Is it okay for me and Sara to also go shopping!?」

 She approached Nord-tousan and said that with a somewhat excited tone of voice .

 When she heard Mina, Sara suddenly stopped moving *pittari*, and she has this slight expectant look on her face .

 She looks kinda cute .

「Of course it’s okay . You can spend your time as you please today . 」


 Mina is delighted hearing that she got a day off from Nord-tousan .

 There’s this certain ‘no helping it’ air around everyone as they look at Mina .  

 And after they watched Mina, everyone then looked at me for some reason, and they sigh looking sad .

 What is it . Could it be that they wanted to tell me that I’m acting unlike my age? 

「Then, do you have something you wanted to buy?」

 It’s quite rare for Nord-tousan - who has little desire for things - to be proactive in suggesting for us to go shopping .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Maybe the magic tools that Bartolo asked for, and clothes for me I guess . The clothes that I use for training have become so tattered . And then souvenirs for everyone I think . 」

 Right, if I remember correctly Bartolo said that he wanted a new fire magic tool . He said that it might be used for cooking . He also told me to have a look at it, but I totally forgot about it .

 As for clothes, that will be for the intense fight with Eleonorneesan .

 So I suggest decreasing the number of training sessions .

「Even after we came to the royal capital, we haven’t been able to go shopping at our leisure . I also wanted to look around the place . 」

 Elnkaasan pouted, as if sulking .  

 That’s right, it’s not a bad idea to go shopping with everyone on the last day we’re at the royal capital .

 Even so, souvenirs huh . I thought it’s fine since I can come here anytime using Teleport, but I think that if I go back home empty-handed then I feel like Eleonorneesan will be angry .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 It is important to bring a gift for Emoneesama . I have to give her something good as thanks for always taking care of me .

 Torr? It would be fine if I gave Torr a decent, rusty sword . It would be enough for him .


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 After we finished the preparation for leaving, we went to the western main street .

 It was a place where there were a lot of shops lined up selling slightly expensive goods .

 Even though it’s not a noble street, there are people wearing good quality clothes and many knights patrolling the area .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「The weather is nice today isn’t it . 」

「That’s right . On such a good weather let’s sing――」

「I don’t sing alright? That was a dramatisation for the play, not based on the real thing okay?」

 When I was trying to lightly joke around, Nord-tousan’s smile made a sudden change from a pleasant one to a ominous smile filled with pressure .

 Even though they’re the same smile, why does it have such a different impression I wonder .

「Waaー, there’s a lot of high-end storeー」

「It’s true isn’t it」

「Mou, even though it’s a day off today Sara is still so stiffー」

「Ri, right . Today is our day off」

 I felt like it’s been awhile since I heard Sara speaking in a not-so-polite language . She’s basically using polite language back at the mansion . Even when I was still a baby, she’s also talking gently .

 Incidentally, Mina and Sara are not that familiar with the royal capital, so it seems like they will go shopping with us in the morning .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Are you listening? Al?」

「Un, listening I’m listening」

 Nord-tousan began talking and repeteadly warned me about something, on his other side is Elnkaasan who is checking the store seriously .

「Elnkaasan! Nord-tousan said that Elnkaasan will look good on that clothes!」

「Ara, really? Then let’s enter!」

 When I pointed at a suitable clothes shop, Elnkaasan pulled Nord-tousan with her .

「Wait, Al!?」

「That’s just the right place . There’s also men’s clothes in that shop . 」

 Hahaha, if that clothes shop also has men’s clothes, then Nord-tousan won’t be able to escape .

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「Wait, you too come here Al!」

 When I was still gloating over Nord-tousan’s, Elnkaasan forcefully came back and took my arm .

「Ueeee!? I’m fine with Sylvio-niisan’s second hand clothes!」

「What are you saying . We have money you know, don’t say such shameful things!」


 In the end, I was pulled by Elnkaasan to the clothes shop .




 Not good, there’s no response . It looks like Nord-tousan’s mind has been worn out .  

 When I look into his eyes, they look dead .

 It might have been two hours since we entered this shop . .

 Nord-tousan and I had greatly exhausted our minds already, and now we’re listlessly sitting on a bench .

 As expected, even in this world it seems like the fact that women take a long time shopping doesn’t change .

 If you look around at the surroundings, there are men sitting on a bench listlessly like us .

 When I look closely, there’s also the listless guy that I met and sat with when I waited on Eric, sitting on a bench carrying several luggage . And I couldn’t perceive his expression even more than that time . His listless girlfriend-san is most likely also shopping . Let’s just leave him alone .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 As for me, I’m still a seven years old kid . I will soon grow bigger, so I just choose clothes that will be easier to move with and feel comfortable to wear .

 I was made to be a dress-up doll by Elnkaasan and the female shop assistant, but it ended relatively quickly .

 Somehow I was told that the clothes for farmers and ordinary citizens suit me .

 Since I’m a child and it was easy to move while wearing those clothes, then it’s fine, even if it’s plain but it’s fine .

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 However, Nord-tousan’s basic feature1 is too good .  

 The shop assistant is Nord-tousan’s fan, and when she learned that Nord-tousan usually doesn’t dress up, she shouted 「What a waste!」and called for another shop assistant . And with Elnkaasan joined in, Nord-tousan was made to change clothes for what seems to be countless times .  2 

 Since he has good style and an ikemen, he looks stylish no matter what clothes he wears, making Elnkaasan and the shop assistants delighted .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 During Nord-tousan’s fashion show that took longer than mine, it made me have some free time so I went and bought some souvenirs at the bookstore nearby for Sylvio-niisan . An Adventure’s Record, mystery book, then I also bought the Dragon Slayer book for myself . I think I will read this carefully when I get back .

 And I’m done shopping for souvenirs, when I came back to the clothes shop, they’re still not done yet .

 After Nord-tousan finished his fashion show, he was made to accompany Elnkaasan to choose her clothes .

 He also made the right choice when Elnkaasan asked a nightmarish question of「This one, which one do you think is better?」 .

 To be able to choose the right answer for something that Elnkaasan has already chosen, as one would expect from a married couple .   www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 By the way, I choose the other one from Nord-tousan’s answer .

 If I was Nord-tousan, I think I would most likely send her a disgruntled look instead of a pleasant one .

 Choosing for women’s clothes is really difficult .

 The women’s group finally came out of the shop . The shop assistant was bowing deeply *hokuhoku* as she beamed with pleasure while seeing us off .

 We didn’t bring the clothes we bought with us, they were likely sent to the inn . Just how much clothes did we buy . .

 Nevertheless, shopping for two hours for the first time is frightening . Can I go back to the inn today . . ?

「……Nord-tousan, it’s finally over . 」

「……yeah, it’s over finally . 」

 Shaking Nord-tousan's shoulder was so listless, he somehow managed to stand up .

 Nord-tousan looks unusually pale for a moment .  

「Next we’re going to that shop across the street ! There are accessories beside clothes in that shop!」

 Elnkaasan beckoned for us to follow her while taking along Sara and Mina, then cheerfully went inside the shop across the street .

 The smiles of the women’s group are extremely dazzling . I don’t want to ruin that pleasant-looking atmosphere .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 There’s no way Nord-tousan and I can go somewhere else from the group .

「……let’s go, Al」


 Nord-tousan and I stood up again, and went toward the clothes shop .

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