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Chapter 67

The Second Princess Kudelia


 I politely denied Alicia’s1 words - along with her dark smile that she threw at me - and maybe she got more or less convinced by my explanation as she stopped ‘attacking’ me verbally .

 And it was when I heaved a sigh of relief .

 The music group that has been playing in the venue appears to increase their intensity .  2 

 After the wooden string instrument played a pleasant sound, a voice can be heard coming from the entrance door .

「Her Highness The Second Princess Kudelia is entering!」

 Along with that voice, the door is opened by two attendants, as a girl enters .

 Her waist-length blonde hair curls at the tip .

 Each time she takes a step, her silky blonde hair swayes and draws several lines of trajectories in the air .

 Her eyes are blue, just like the color of clear skies . Her features look like the appearance of someone who is between being a girl and a woman, rather than calling her beautiful, it would be more apt to call her pretty instead .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 She was dressed in a dress with red as the base color, while the frills are pink-colored . Along with the rose-like embroidery and ribbon, it makes her look even more gorgeous .

 Her pace is quite different from Aliicia, it was a pace brimming with grace and majesty .

 Is that the one Nord-tousan talks about, Second Princess Kudelia . . Judging from her looks, she doesn’t look to be a tomboy though .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 As I was thinking like that while looking at her, Princess Kudelia seems to be looking around restlessly as if she was looking for someone, and when she found a certain person in her sight, her expression brightened .

 The Princess started running all of a sudden, and her guards which consist of female knights follow her as if they already predicted that .

 Which means, she’s the type of woman that does those kinds of things without any warning .


「Greetings Your Highness Princess Kudelia . You seem to be in good mood――」

「Mouー, please stop being reservedー . You will just worn me out if Nord took that kind of attitude . 」

 Nord-tousan was trying to greet the Princess politely, but he was interrupted by the Princess’s unperturbed voice .

「No, even if you told me that . 」


「Well then, Princess Kudelia is here . . 」

「Nuh-uh, it’s fine if you call me Kudeliaー」

「 . . . . . . . Princess . 」

 The female knight at the back reprove the Princess when she whispers that to Nord-tousan with her hand on her waist .

「I’ll get mad if you do that, so it’s alright . 」

 Although she pretty much threw her reserve away, she can still perceive what’s appropriate for the occasion .

Hmm, even so I think she was still gentle as a Princess .  

「Leaving that aside, Nord! Tell me about it! It seems that your territory is doing well these days . 」

「 . . . . . . Princess . There are other nobles to greet . . . . . . . . 」

「Ahー! I know! I will certainly greet them later . 」

 Princess Kudelia waved her hand treating the female knight’s words as something annoying .

 I let out a strained laugh when I saw Aleicia who was still standing near us .

 This seems to be a usual occurrence .

「You people are just being a nuisance . 」

 As Princess Kudelia said that with a glare, and the children of nobles surrounding Nord-tousan withdrew in haste . It was something similar to when there are a lot of men hanging around in Celisan’s restaurant, then driven out by Celisan .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Truly like a Queen . Ah no, she’s a Princess isn’t she .

 As one would expect, none of the nobles can intrude upon the Princess' conversations as they gave up on it and dispersed, indirectly watching her from a little distance away .

 After that, princess Kudelia started to have a pleasant chat with Nord-tousan .

「So that’s the second princess, huhー」

「Well, she’s the same as usual . 」

「Is she always like that?」

 When Eric and I were having a casual conversation like that, Alicia interjected .

「Today there is Nord-san so it’s all right . Usually she acts willful and looks bored all the time . 」

「Heー, you’re well-informed . 」

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「Well, I came from a Duke’s house and we’re also close in age after all, not to mention that we are also having tea together . 」

 I see . If it’s the daughter of a Duke house, then even a Princess will be able to casually talk with her .

「 . . . . . . . though she doesn’t show such expression when she’s being with me . 」

 Alicia gave a wry smile and said that as if to add to what I’m thinking .

 Certainly, when I look at her, she seems to be talking animatedly . Rather than that, the distance between them is a little too close aren’t they . .  It’s like the princess is leaning coquettishly against Nord-tousan .

 Wouldn't Elnkaasan be angry at this . .

 And then when I looked at Elnkaasan while thinking like that, I saw her looking at them with cold eyes as expected .

 Aーah, when he went back to the inn later today, Nord-tousan would have to do something to please Elnkaasan isn’t he . . Since she was clinging and flirting with Nord-tousan, I guess this is why Elnkaasan didn’t see Princess Kudelia in a good light .   ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 The Princess dropped a bomb while I’m looking at them absent-mindedly .

「Nord! Why don’t you switch your wife to me? I’m younger right?」

 *SFX* Parin .  3 

「Is there any place that is injured?!」

 There was a sound of something breaking and then followed by the voice of a flustered maid coming from Elnkaasan’s direction .

「Yes, I’m fine, it’s fine . There’s no injury whatsoever . 」

 Elnkaasan muttered, with a broken glass in hand .

The bottom part of that glass is quite thick wasn’t it? Generally speaking, if you grasp it like that (which is almost certainly impossible for an ordinary woman to do) it will just be broken by your grip strength . . . . . .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Apparently, Eleonorneesan’s Iron Claw seems to be inherited from Elnkaasan .

 I should be careful so that my head will not turn like that .

 Then after a while, Princess Kudelia went to greet another nobles while Nord-tousan was desperately trying to explain it to Elnkaasan .

 I wonder just what kind of conversation they have . . Nah, I also experienced something similar yesterday . . . I wonder if I was like that yesterday . .

 I averted my gaze from there, since I can’t look any further .

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 ×      ×      ×

 After some time, someone suddenly yelled at Eric . That’s right, to Eric . Definitely not me .

「Oi! You country nobles with dumb look!」

「「Oi, they’re calling for Eric(you)」」


 Eric and I glare at each other in silence .

「They said, oi Eric with a dumb look . That’s you isn’t it . 」

「Naーh, there’s no other person in this venue that has a dumb look more than you . Alfried . 」

 Eric and I glare at a very close distance .

「Oi! Don’t ignore me! The guy called Alfried . 」

「You must be making a mistake right!?  If you want to correct what you said, then do it quickly!?  You’re actually calling Eric right?」

 Eventually, I can see the face of the guy who called out to me for the first time .

 What with this self-important guy . The first image I get is a boy who stands right in front and looks down on me . With brown hair and wearing a black suit4 . His age is around ten years old I guess . And he seems to be someone with high self-esteem looking from his eyes .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Aha . Well that’s the natural outcome . 」

 My face is not a dumb-looking face you see? Eric grins while laughing, as if saying that .

 Alicia who is nearby looks as if she couldn’t stand it as her shoulder is trembling .

「……this bastard! And who are you!? To suddenly called someone having a dumb look is rude!!」

「Listen well . My name is Bram Bamlar (ブラム=バームラル) . From the noble house of Bamlar!」

「Aah? Who’s that?」

 Bram introduces himself in a lofty manner, but unfortunately for him there are no Bramlar in my memory . It should not be there when I went around greeting yesterday .

「Don’t know . 」

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 Even when I ask Eric with my eyes, I get the same response .

 On the other hand, Alicia who seems to know of it still had her shoulders trembling, maybe she is still mad about the previous matter . I can hear bits and pieces of something like ‘dumb’ . Isn’t that awful? ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Bram shrugs his shoulders when he hears our answer .

「This is why nobles from the sticks are annoying . Don’t you even know the Bamlar house that governs the city in the outskirts of the royal capital . 」

 Just say that you came from Earl house from the beginning . I wouldn't know if I never heard of it .

「So, what does someone from the Earl Bramlar house need of me?」

 In order to drive this guy away, I advance the talks as I ask him since he looks to be a typical noblish and troublesome guy .

 From what I understand from yesterday’s unpleasant greetings, is that if this kind of person is left alone, they will arbitrarily brag about their own territory .   ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「You really, really don’t know!?」

「I don’t know . 」

 Seeing my resolute manner in answering, Bram became flustered for some reason . However, since I really don’t know of it, I resolutely answered .

「You didn’t hear anything from Eleonora?」

 With how Bram timidly asks as if something unforeseen had happened, I feel like it’s almost making me hold my head . Why does Eleonorneesan’s name come out from this guy . .

 ――I have a very bad feeling about this .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Eeto, but I haven’t heard anything from my sister?」

 When I answered like that, Bram muttered alone 「Eh? Seriously!?」

 Then after clearing his throat Bram picked up where he left off as he told me while narrowing his eyes

「I’ll be frank then . Have a duel with me . 」

「Don’t wanna . 」

「Yosh, then let’s――why!? That Eleonora gave a immediate reply you know!?」

「You ask me why, that’s because I have no reason to have a duel with you!」

「Even if you don’t have a reason, I do . If I don’t beat you, then I will not be able to have a direct match with Eleonora!  And if I can’t do that then I will not be able to be engaged with her!」

 I don’t understand the first half of what he said, but when I heard his last words, I became certain .

「Ah! I remember! You are the guy who tried to court Eleonorneesan but then then got beaten right!」

「Don’t put it that waaaaayy!」

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