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Chapter 66

The Duke’s Crimson-haired Daughter





『I’ve heard about Nord-sama’s tale! They said that Nord-sama cut a dragon’s neck with one blow . 』

『I’ve heard that the dragon’s overall size is as big as the royal castle, is that really true?』

『That was possible because of everyone’s strength helping me . And also, I think the dragon’s size is not as big as the royal castle . 』

 Even today, Nord-tousan is currently in the middle of the venue, being surrounded by people from boys and teens aspiring to be knights or noble ladies .

 It was before Eleonorneesan and I were born, that Nord-tousan defeated the dragon .

 So that means that the kids here didn't experience that story about the dragon, rather I think they grew up listening to the story . There seems to be a lot of enthusiastic fans .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Hey Eric?」


「Have you ever seen the Dragon Slayer play in the royal capital?」

 Eric had an astonished look on his face when I asked him that .

「Haa? You sonuva, you haven’t seen your own father’s play? 」

「That's because this was my first time coming to the royal capital . I haven’t seen it yet . 」

 Of course I will watch the play . I will definitely watch it .

「Then shall I guide you around?」

「Eeh?  You will do that?」

「It’s payment for the mayonnaise . I’ll guide you around the royal capital . 」

 How surprising . To think that Eric would say something like that .

Certainly, the royal capital is huge and complicated, so having a guide would be good as I can efficiently go to various nice places . Eric is not someone who lives in the royal capital, but since he suggests it himself then he must know the royal capital to some extent .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Then I’ll rely on you . 」

「So when should we go?」

「How about tomorrow, are you free?」

「Okay, tomorrow then . We met at the plaza . The time will be around noon . 」

「I understand . 」

 And exactly when we made a promise to meet tomorrow, the main entrance suddenly opened as someone entered .

 Everyone inside the venue turns towards the entrance and stiffen . No, should I say they became fascinated . .

 Even as the girl in the red dress is being surrounded by such gazes, she proceeds forward gracefully as if it was natural and she didn’t care about any of it .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

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 Her long, bright crimson hair sways along each time her heels made clicking sounds .

 Her skin is smooth white like snow .

 Her looks are stunningly well-proportioned, and her eyes are as transparent as ruby . However, her almond-shaped eyes are cold .  

 She got this sharp look, giving the impression just like a bird of prey similar to the eyes of Duke Ringrande yesterday .

 Could it be, she is his daughter . . .

 Or rather, it should be like that . She has the same eyes and hair color just like the Duke, she must be her daughter .

Especially those eyes . That dangerous-looking eyes . Her age is, probably ten years older than me I guess . She got this calm atmosphere around her and with a bit of those features I described before, but looking at her slender figure, one can clearly recognize that she is a girl .   ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 An elderly butler is walking behind her, respectfully following her who is walking in a dignified manner .

 Maybe it’s due to her strong presence, I didn’t notice him at all . I wonder if those people who got so absorbed in watching her also didn’t notice him .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 She walked to the middle of the venue, and then she grabbed the hem of her dress and gracefully bowed .

「Thank you very much for participating in the exchange meeting held by our Ringrande house . Today Her Highness the Second Princess will also be present . Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy tonight’s party, and deepen the relationship between us fellow nobles who support the kingdom . 」 ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 After her speech is over, the venue is engulfed in the sounds of applause and once again the place becomes lively .

 As for her, she went to greet those high-ranking nobles such as Duke Vladi .

「Uwaー, the Duke’s daughter huh . I don’t want to come near her somehow . . . . . . . . . 」

 As I muttered like that, I look at Eric who is beside me but Eric has a face as if he’s engrossed in something .

「……oーi Eric?」

 He didn’t respond even when I called out to him, so I waved my hand in front of his face .

 Immediately after that, Eric slapped at my hand as if he was brushing off some flies .

「It hurts . What the heck are you doing . 」

 When I rebuked him, Eric finally came to his senses .

「Aah, it’s you . Just now something dirty is on my sight so I did that unintentionally . 」

「This rascal, you wanna fight again, huh?」

 I said that seriously to this bastard . You said my hands are something dirty? I washed my hands with a good quality soap .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Even while we’re having this conversation . The Duke’s daughter courtesy call is still continuing . Some went to greet her on their own accord, some just watch everything happen from a distance .

 The one who approach her are, people who wanted to become acquainted with her, or people that have their own motives .

 The nobles at the edge of the venue who happen to pass nearby also lightly greet her .

 Just by looking at this scene here, I think I can roughly understand the relationship between the nobles, I put my hand on the dining table as I thought so .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 On the other hand, the Duke’s daughter won’t bother calling out to those with Baron rank like us .

 Even if those like us pass near her, it would be fine if we just lightly bow our head to greet her . .

 While I’m in the middle of thinking like that .

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「Ara Eric, I’ve heard about it you know? What you did yesterday . 」

 As soon as that Duke’s daughter saw Eric, she good-humouredly called out to him .

 I almost choked on the steak I was eating, but I managed to swallow it down with the help of the fruit water .

 She’s Eric’s acquaintance . . ? Then it would be better to leave this guy’s side and I should’ve gone towards Elnkaasan’s place .

「Yes, I’m sorry for causing trouble yesterday . 」

Eric’s cheeks turn red and he lightly lowers his head .

Eh, what to do . I’m also someone related with yesterday's event, so should I also lower my head . .

 While I was at a loss, the Duke’s daughter turned her face to me .

「It’s fine, I don’t mind . Thanks to you, I manage to find something interesting . 」


「It’s fine, don’t worry about it . By the way, is that person over there Eric’s friend?」

「……………………well, more or less……something like that I guess……」

「Oi, what do you mean with that, and what’s with those pauses . I think you’re being rude to me . 」

 Moreover, he said that and made it very ambiguous .

「Shut up . Do I have to show something like manners to someone like you, huh . 」

「What was that!?」

 Eric spat and snorted at me, and when I instinctively about to grab him, I could hear the sounds of the Duke’s daughter’s laughter .

「The both of you are so close . 」

「「We’re not……」」

 Hearing our overlapping voices, the Duke’s daughter pleasantly laughed, and then she turned her sight to me .

「Pleased to meet you Alfried-kun . I am Aleicia Ringrande . (アレイシア=リーングランデ)」1 

 Since she greeted me in a courteous manner, I also bowed politely .

「Likewise, it’s a pleasure to meet you . My name is Alfried Slowlett . 」

For a moment there, I got this doubt of how did she knew my name, but then I just took it that she knew my name because of yesterday’s fuss .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com


 ×     ×      ×

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 After that I thought that Aleicia would leave but unexpectedly, she stayed and talked with us .

 She might have been tired of going around greeting the adults .

 Maybe she can talk casually if it’s with children our age .

 Incidentally, Eric and Aleicia are acquaintanced with each other .

 They just have a small talk at the last party . But I think that Eric is talking so fervently now . And his face is a little red, I knew it, he’s in love with her, huh .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Ara, Eric also don’t have a fianceé?」

「Yes, I still have no fianceé . 」

「Oh really? And I thought that if it’s Eric, you will be popular . . . . . . . . 」

「Is, is that so?」

 That’s not good, Eric . Don’t be fooled . There’s an ulterior motive behind those words .

 Guys like us should not take those words at face value . .

『Well, as for me I think it’s impossible, but won't it be good if I can become popular somehow? Even if I’m not popular, but I will still do my best . 』

 that kind of message should be included .

 Here, if he said something like 「Well then, go out with me!」then it would be something I can’t bear to see .

「Then with me――」

「You idiot! Stop!」

 I immediately hit Eric’s head who was about to say something stupid . .

「What the heck are you doing you bastard!」

「A moment Aleicisama, please excuse me . 」

「I don’t mind . 」

 I grab the screaming Eric by the nape of his neck, and move towards the edge .

「Just let me go already! You bastard! What’s the meaning of this?」

「I’m the one who should be hearing from you just what the heck are you trying to do . Just what were you trying to say back there!」

「What do you mean what, I was just about to propose for an engagement . 」

 When I said that, Eric answered while knitting his eyebrows . I think this guy is too lacking in matters related to emotions .

「Didn’t you hear what Aleicia said? 」

「Of course I heard them . She said ‘If it’s Eric, you must be popular’ . 」

 This guy only took the good part of what she said .

「You idiot . That’s not the type of words we should accept just like that . What’s more, it is 『look as if you’re popular』 . It has a completely different meaning from 『so popular 』」 ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「What do you mean?」

 So I taught him of what Aleicia’s words exact meaning to this dense Eric .  

When Aleicia said that she doesn’t have any fianceé, that’s just the same as her worrying about what kind of juice she’s going to choose in front of an auto vending machine . Compared to her, Eric and I don’t have a fianceé, it’s like when you can’t find a lost needle in a vast desert .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Yes, we are nobles, but there’s a big difference in our appearance .

 Since Eric wouldn’t understand if I used an ‘auto vending machine’ as an example, so I explained it as if she was choosing which foods to choose on the table .

 After I told him that, Eric became aware of his own action and moaned 「What… . the」 as he held his head .

 In the first place, I think it’s still too early to propose an engagement just because you know each other .

 But, Eric said that he would deepen his relationship a little bit more with her and then propose for an engagement .

 I think that the gap to deepen is shallow, and a small one at that…… .

 Why were there a lot of male challengers around me, like Torr and Eric . This is so strange .

Certainly, Aleicia is beautiful, but I think she’s the type of girl you can only see from a distance .

 After all,I don’t think that a girl who can smile like that is a normal girl .

 Am I the only one who feels that way?

 When we came back, Aleicia asked me the same question .

「Does Al also doesn’t have a fianceé?」

By the way, since Aleicia is having difficulty in calling me Alfried, she went to call me Al .

 She was surprisingly a sociable person I thought, but I guess it’s kinda different since most people I met so far gave the impression of「It’s too mouthful so I’ll just call you Al」 .

「Yes, I don’t have one . 」

 I answer her resolutely . Don’t have one, can’t have one, and I don’t plan to have one .

 Even the twelve years old Eleonorneesan doesn’t have one, so I will still be fine . Rather, I have Emmoneesama .

「But, there were rumours going around that you were engaged with the young lady from the Misfid house, Rannsan?」

「That’s absolutely a misunderstanding . Excuse me, but from whom do you hear that rumour?」

 Aleicia asks while her mouth is making a pleasant smiling face . So I gave her an immediate reply .

「Ara, is that so? There are times where your fianceé has been decided when you were born . So, if for example your partner is a cute little girl there is no need to be shy . This is a common occurrence in our kingdom right? 」 ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 So you won’t tell me about the source of the rumour, huh? 

 Is this really all right, nobles of this country . .

「It is truly just a misunderstanding . . . . . . . 」

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