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Chapter 64

A Brief Moment of Happiness  

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 Later at the noble’s gathering, Duke Ringrande and some others stood at the stage, and gave a welcome speech .

 He was a man with a flaming-like all back hairstyle, someone with a calm atmosphere around him .

 However, in the depths of his eyes there’s the glint of a wild beast lurking inside glaring at you, placing him in the top spot ranking of the people I don’t want to get involved with .

 I thought that it was the eyes of a predator the moment I saw it .

 And I want to think that it was just my imagination that our eyes met at the end of the speech .

 There are so many gentlemen in this kingdom, so he must’ve been staring at Rchan .

 Rchan’s house is also a Duke house, so there might be all sorts of discord among their houses .

 As for me, I want to believe about the notion that Duke Ringrande is a gentleman .

 And now that the night is getting late, the first day of the noble's exchange meeting ends without problem I guess? It has come to an end .  

 It looks like there will be another party tomorrow, 「I have participate at the party today, so it’s fine if I don’t participate for the party tomorrow right?」

 When I ask Nord-tousan about it, he answers 「Tomorrow there will be someone from the royal family coming, so you have to participate you know」 as he smiles .

When Elnkaasan and I heard that, our expressions turned sour as if we’ve just eaten something bitter .  1

 And then the next morning .

 Elnkaasan and I protest intensely .

「「I don’t want to go to the party(wa)」」2

 Mine and Elnkaasan’s remark were said at the same time, then we looked at each other and exchanged smiles .

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 Wellー, for a parent and their children to be close is a good thing after all .

 Immediately after he heard that, Nord tousan who sits in front of me, maybe the tea he’s drinking is blocking his throat or something as he appears to be coughing painfully .  

 After he composed himself, he said this as if to admonish us as he smiles .

「Yo, you can not do that . Someone from the royal families will attend the party today, so since we’re at the royal capital, we absolutely have to participate . 」


「You also can not cause any troubles . 」

 Our objection was also ineffective, as it was brushed aside .

 Even though I was thinking ‘maybe it will be forgotten already’ this morning .

 That means it’s fine for me to participate only for today’s party isn’t it .

「But, it’s tiring to talk with those noblewomenー . I have to constantly steel myself . 」

「I understand that mother . 」

 Certainly, the gaze from those noblewomen at the venue were harsh .

 It’s as if you’re being evaluated or something, the feeling like they observe everything you did .

As for the noble’s young ladies, they’re kinda desperate to find a good partner, though there are some differences in the way they do it . . . . . .  
 If at that time, Sylvio-niisan was walking beside me then he would have run away immediately .

 Such a terrific thing . What's more, those women are whispering to each other without holding back .

「Al didn’t have to worry about such things, right . You’re still a child anyway, and besides you seem to be having fun as you talk with those girls from the Misfrid family . 」

 Which part in that brutal atmosphere seems fun . . They even got their hands on a knife and fork at the last moment you know?

「I was also surprised at that . Just when did you get to know them?」

 When Nord-tousan said that, Elnkaasan’s eyes shone brightly as she leaned forward .

「Umm, though it’s not a big deal . . . . . . . 」

 So I briefly talk about my experience on the first day in the royal capital .

 Shortly after that, Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan let out voices of admiration .

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「Heeー, so that kind of thing happened eh . 」

「And I thought that if it’s Al then you would just casually take her to the guard’s place . You’re so caring just like Eleonora . 」

「No, I’m not going to treat her in such a cold manner like that for sure!?」

 Also, when you’re talking about Eleonorneesan’s ‘caring’ then I think it’s something different .

 I’m sure it must be so . . . . . . . .  

「By the way, who is the person from the royal family that will participate in today’s exchange meeting?」

 Elnkaasan’s eyes narrowed . That’s the eye of one who is looking at their prey .

 She said indiscreetly, and I feel that her voice also turns cold .

「 . . . . . . . . I think it’s that person who will come . 」

 On the other hand, Nord-tousan answered with a wry smile, as if he was troubled by it .

「It’s that tomboy princess huhー」

 Hearing that, Elnkaasan smiles . Looking at Elnkaasan, apparently she doesn't have a good impression for such an unusual person .

「You can not say something like that you know . Just in case, I will not get angry even if I’m going to be sent back to our territory . 」

「Tomboy Princess?」

「It’s the second princess, Kudelisama (クーデリア) . That princess is Nord’s fan after all . 」

 Aa, I see .   And if Nord-tousan continue to stay in Koryatt village, then kaasan will not get too angry about it . . No matter how far the countryside is from the royal capital, you have to frequently show yourself in the royal capital unless there’s no choice not to do so because of the economic situation .  

 And as tousan is the second princess’s favorite, people won’t complain that much .

 As for Her Highness the Second Princess, I’m kinda scared with the tomboy part .

「Well, such being the case we need to greet her right . 」

「If that’s the case then it can’t be helped . . . . . . . . . 」

 That means Nord-tousan doesn’t have to go to the royal capital’s party to try to get on the good side of the higher ups, so it’s a matter for great congratulation .

 I’m looking forward to the Dragon Slayer plays! And the second princess also seems to like it very much .

 What am I going to do today . . . I walked along the inn’s passageway while thinking like that .

『That’s strange! The cookies should have come out from the pocket like yesterday!』

『……Minsan, what are you doing?』

 I can hear such a voice from the bedroom .

『There are no cookies!』

『……there’s no way for cookies to come out from Alfried-sama’s pants . 』

『But I certainly saw it! I saw Alfried-sama took out a cookie from his right pocket! And even before that, he took out a lot of cookies you know!?』

『There’s no way something like that happened right . . Maybe Minsan has finally gone mad? You ate too much cookies . 』

『I’m nottー!』

 Really now, such a pitiful Mina . That’s because I use Space magic, not because of my pocket .

 It seems that the maids Sara and Mina were able to take it easy .

Since the party also starts in the evening, there is still some time .

 But for some reason, Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan told me to quietly stay at the inn .

 Even if you don’t tell me that, I don’t have any plans to leave the inn .

 Even after the party is over, I’m planning to stay in the royal capital so I can just tour the capital as much as I wanted to later . And since I have Space magic, I can always go to the royal capital any time .  
 Today I’ll check on the rotating magic tool I bought the other day .

 I have to confirm the state of the thermal radiation magic tool I bought in order to make a kotatsu . In addition, I also wanted to check on the state of the lighting magic tool . If I remember correctly, Sylvio-niisan seems to complain that he wants that .  

 Shall I bought him one this time!

「I wonder why does time flies like the speed of light when one is having fun . . . . . . . . 」

 I quietly mutter in the swaying carriage .

 Time passed as I was having fun tinkering the magic tools, I was made to wear a formal suit and am currently inside a swaying carriage .

「Al, get a hold of yourself . Your face especially looks haggard . Even though you look so lively when you play around with the magic tool . 」

 Elnkaasan who sits beside me shook my body .

 So you’re saying that I look especially worn out more than usual? That’s weird, even though I hadn’t done any Magic Power Exhaustion training . .

「I’m not tired, Elnkaasan . From the start I just look like this . 」

「You will call me ‘Mother’ again at the party right?」

 Let’s bluff our way here .

「We hadn’t reach the venue yet, so it’s okay . 」

「But you said to keep that in mind ever since yesterday at the inn didn’t you . . 」

 Darn it, women really remember things even to the small details .

 To even remember something that was said so long ago .

「Look, we’ll be arriving soon . 」

 Shortly after Nord-tousan said that, the carriage stopped and just like yesterday the servants parked our carriage as we walked to the venue .  

 The sky has already been dyed in a crimson color, as it will soon turn into the blue color of dusk .

 There are also light sources installed around the mansion today, and have already been lighted up .

 There are quite a number of people walking toward the venue, there are a lot of people and carriages that have come compared to yesterday, is it because of a member of the royalty that will come . .

 The number of maids and stewards who receive the guests is also wildly different when compared with yesterday, there are also a lot of guards and knights wearing full body armor who took care of the security of the place .

 It was probably necessary to be watchful to such extent . It would be bad if something were to happen to the member of the royal families .

「……Al . 」

「I know . Can’t play with tongs, or swing it around」

「I just wanted to tell you not to cause any problems as usual . 」

 So rude . If you put it like that, then you make me look as if I’m a problem child .

 Yesterday was just Eric and I doing a bargain sale-quarrel3, it’s inevitable .

 Thus, the second day of the noble’s exchange meeting (gathering) started .

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