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Chapter 65

Second Day of Noble’s Exchange Meeting


 Inside the venue that is more dazzling than yesterday, there are already a lot of nobles who have already entered the venue .

The serving maids pour drinks for the nobles politely in succession, and then move to the next person .

 Their movements were truly quick yet not careless in any way, giving a courteous bow and then slowly withdrawing .

 The luxurious dishes they bring one after another, is tickling one’s sense of smell with their fragrant smell .

 With all of those things adding flair to the nobles conversation, as the nobles are enjoying their foods and liquor while one can also hear laughter and shout of joy rising from various places .   ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 As for me, of course I wanted to get my hands on liquor and enjoy the food .

「Excuse me, please give me a fruit wine . 」

「Yes, then fruit water it is . 」

 With a smile on her face, the maid-san handed me the fruit water that was placed on the tray .

 It is this kind of feeling .

 When I took a closer look, it was the same maid-san from yesterday .

 Then, I thought I’d try to ask to have another person to serve me, but I was told 「You can not ask for another person to serve . 」

 I don’t think that she will even tell me that, indeed a maid from the Duke house .

 Can’t be helped then, I’ll just take the fruit water and stay somewhere at the edge of the venue .

 Nord-tousan and Elnkaasan have gone to meet other nobles they have close relations with .

 As for me, I just did a little greeting for a bit and then I quickly run away .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 I mean, there’s nothing I can do when the adults are talking to each other .

 Incidentally, maybe he got the same thought as me, Eric briskly walked over here .

「Did you bring mayonnaise today?」

 And that’s the first thing he said .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Yeah yeah,I brought it for you . 」

 I can’t bear to have my jacket stripped just like yesterday, so I just directly pass him the mayonnaise that I have put in a small bottle .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 He snatched it away from my hand and took it away, and then Eric spread the mayonnaise on the vegetables stick on the table and started eating it .

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「I knew it, if it’s with this I can eat it . 」

 What should I do, I also wanted to eat seeing him .

 I took a purple object from among the many vegetable sticks placed in the bowl .

 It’s kinda hard like carrots, but I wonder what it tastes like .  1

 First, let’s just try and eat this .

 Shortly after, the vegetable juices burst inside my mouth . . . . . . . . it tastes like cucumber . cucumber . 2

 I just thought that since it has a purple color, maybe it would taste better than the other vegetables .

 When I think back on it, I think that even though purple cabbage has a different nutritional value, the taste hasn’t changed that much .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Oh well, if it tastes like a cucumber, would it go well with mayonnaise . .

 I thought like that and I tried to put the vegetables in the small bottle, the one that I gave to Eric .

 But then, Eric suddenly moved the small bottle .

「What is it, won’t it be fine if I get a little bit . . 」

「No way . This is something I got . Anyway, don’t you have your own mayonnaise? Or maybe you’re going to do those indirect kiss-thing again?」

「Don’t say it as if I’m a pervert who wants an indirect kiss from anyone and everyone!」

「That’s right isn’t it . You only aim at that young little girl from the Misfid House right . 」

「That’s not it! Just what are you talking about? I’m not gonna give you another mayonnaise!」

「……just what are you doing both of you?」

 In the end, the both of us are squabbling again, but due to the amazed voice that came suddenly, we didn’t end up fighting like before .

 Hey you, you wicked person over there, don’t sigh as if it’s something regrettable .

 Rather, there’s quite a lot of you people . The number of wicked people in Koryatt village is abnormal as there are a lot of them, but I wonder what about the royal capital .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Looking back toward the voice direction, there were Shelka and Rchan .

 Rchan is wearing a gorgeous pink dress today . Unlike the dress yesterday, the frills are more subdued and it looks easy to move in .

 Shelka is wearing a blue dress along with blue rose hair accessories, giving off a calm air .

 The blue color matches well with the silvery long hair .

「Al, what are you eating?」

「Nnー? It’s just vegetables? It’s delicious when you daubed it with that sauce - mayonnaise - that Eric has you know?」

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 Rchan cried out when she saw me holding the vegetable stick and the mayonnaise, and when she looked at Eric, she loudly shouted .

「Ahー, the disliking vegetables Eric is eating vegetables!」3

 What the, why does Rchan knows that Eric hates vegetables

「You don’t like vegetables?」

「Shu, shut up . There no problem with me eating vegetables as long I have this!」

 When Shelka said that as if it was something ridiculous, Eric’s face turned red as he held the small bottle .

「I also want to eat with mayonnaiseー」

「You can’t do that! Didn’t I told you yesterday that you can only do that with someone important to you!」

 I’m glad that it didn’t turn out to be a brutal atmosphere like before, but it looks like it'll be a tough night .


 ×     ×     ×

「Nee nee, is it true that Al can use magic?」

 Rchan who is beside me tugged at my sleeve *kuikui* and asked .  4

「Yeah, but where did you hear it from?」

 The only magic I used in front of Rchan should be, magic to take out cookies .

「I’ve heard from Eric that Al can use magic . 」

「Ahー, that’s right isn’t it . 」

 Certainly, yesterday I used light magic as an insurance to blind Eric’s eyes .

 I mean, if I didn’t do it then I’m afraid that he will jump out at me .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「But surely Rchan’s house have a lot of famous magician right?」

 The name of the magic book that I used to read, the author of that book was Yulius Misfid (ユリウス=ミスフィード) .

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 That means, Rchan is the descendant from that person’s lineage .

「Un! That’s right! Papa, mama, and oneechan, everyone can use amazing magic!」

「Heeー, so everyone can use amazing magic, huh . 」

 As one would expect from a famous noble house of magicians .

「Then Rchan will also be a great magician in the future?」

「Un, I want to be a cool magician just like oneechan! But, I still can not skillfully use magic . . . . . . . . . 」5

 Rchan said with her eyes shining brightly, but then she became dejected .

 Her expression is rich as usual . (She’s rich in facial expression as usual)

 It is certainly difficult since one needs to be fairly precise to use magic .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

At the time one uses magic, it is important to manipulate the amount of magic power according to the amount needed .

 I also experienced considerable difficulties in manipulating magic power .

 Ever since I was still a baby until I’m three years old, I’ve been practicing with light . It was hard . How should I put it, before you get used to manipulating magic power,it would feel very dull and frustrating . I don’t think there is any other way than to get used to it . I’m used to it, skilled in fact .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 At that time, I was only able to do that to pass the time, so I focused on doing that . When I think about it, I’m grateful that God taught me the way to practice magic quickly .

 Thanks to that, I was able to properly use Teleport Magic early on .

 Should I suggest this training method to Rchan . .

「……nee, I have a good method, but can you use non-attribute magic?」

「Non-attribute magic?  If it’s light then I can use it you know? 」


 ×      ×      ×

「Right right . The point is to use it casually in your everyday life . For instance, changing the air inside the room with wind magic!」

「Using magic for thatー?」

「And then later, there’s also a way to use magic to drive back your oneechan . 」

「Teach me!」

「Oh well, if you insist . But don’t tell anyone I’m the one who taught you okay?」

「Un! I won’t . 」

 And, the one who came to us while we were having a good time conversing, was Shelka .

 It seems that, she was quite worried with the fact of Rchan being together with me . Shelka’s been glancing repeatedly to our way even while in the midst of talking with her friends .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「What are you talking about?」

「We were just talking about magic you see . 」

 Rchan answers, not suspecting anything from the sharp look Shelka gave us while approaching .

 Looking at my eyes as if she was peering at me, Shelka let out a suspicious 「Hmm?」 .

「Nee nee Al! Can I try it now?」

 Next to me, Rchan whispers such things close to my ear .

「You can’t . It won’t be very effective if you use it now you know . 」

「Is that soー」

「 . . . . . . . what is it . 」

 Huuh? Could it be that you’re the type of person to sulk when you’re the only one being excluded?

「No matter how mild-mannered I am, please stop making that face to me, because it makes me want to beat you up . 」

 I wonder which part of you that shows a mild-manner when you’re someone who’s trying to attack another person with a knife . Moreover, are you going to gouge out my eyeballs with a spoon this time? I’ll just keep silent since it’s quite likely to be so .  ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「By the way, for what reason does Shelka attend the Magic School? I think the age requirement to attend the school is twelve years old isn’t it?」

 Un, from now on we’ll be talking about things related to magic, so we won’t keep talking about the previous topic .

 When I ask that, Shelka casually answers while fiddling with her bangs

「……it’s skipping grades . If you have talent and real ability to some extent then age doesn’t matter . The headmaster is my father . 」

「Aah, I see . 」

「What?  You also want to go to the Magic Academy?」

「No, I absolutely won’t go . 」

 Going to school after reincarnating in a different world, what kind of punishment game is that .  6

「 . . . . . . . oh . 」

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