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Chapter 53

Blossom in Full Glory!

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「Fuuh......finally it’s over.」

「What’s with that『This is the last demon, huh.......』face and having such refreshing face after doing just a bit of work!」

I coldly retort to Gates who rolled onto his back, facing the sky.

 Without any particular concern at my gaze, he suddenly laughed.

「......that was a good blow.」

「Are you stupid or what.」

After the first goblin came over, it called for it’s friend, and then more goblins appeared and started bustling about, with High Goblin among them.

 The group of goblins numbered ten, and as I was observing Gates and wondered how he would fight them, Gates' response was to 『call a friend』.

Fortunately, the carriage is nearby, and Rumba feeling something unusual immediately rush on to the goblins, while Nord-tousan was also ready for battle.

There's no way we’ll lose with such a solid member, and the goblins had been defeated.

 But this guy Gates, he’s somewhat different.

He was knockdown-ed with one attack from the High Goblin.

The High Goblin is considered a superior variety in goblin race, a monster characterized by its’ reddish-brown skin, and a taller height than ordinary goblin. But it's still not the size of an adult male, at most its height is around a hundred and twenty centimeters tall.

The High Goblin attacked Gates using a club in its hand.

The attack which can be said to be crude, had been received by Gates with his round shield.

 While watching without any sense of crisis whatsoever, Gates who received that attack seems to lose his strength and collapse.

His opponent is using a wooden club. In contrast with Gates who is using an iron shield. There’s no way he’s losing ground as there is no difference in strength. He managed to defend properly, and in the first place he wasn’t hit directly, it was like he just fell down.

The High Goblin was bewildered seeing Gates fall suddenly, and it tried to swing its club down on Gates seeing the chance.

The trajectory of the club is clearly aiming at Gates’ raised chin, a thought passes through my mind to warn him 「If the club continues like that it will hit your chin if you don't avoid it you know」, but it is currently in the middle of a fight. 

 I switched gears quickly and sent a Fire Lance towards the goblins.

While trying to keep the goblins who are trying to ganged up on Gates in check with magic, Rumba came and exterminated them. 

According to Gates’ reddened chin and the person in question himself, apparently Gates fell down and fainted because the shield hit his chin.

 Maybe because he let go of the shield because of the the impact from the opponent’s attack,the shield hit his long chin. He probably got a light concussion.

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 Truly pathetic.

Currently, Rumba and Row-san are stripping the materials, and we’re preparing to depart.

While Gates the guard is basically doing nothing.

「It’s all because you put your chin up.」

「It’s working properly!」1

 Gates’ heartbreaking cry resounded through the meadow.

It’s better if we leave this place quickly since the scent of blood from the goblins will attract other monsters to gather here.

We continued to advance as Rumba loaded the teary-eyed Gates inside the carriage like a luggage.


 ×      ×       ×


 Seven days since then, after some villages and towns.

Since the first day after that incident, there has been no encounter with monsters, and we are moving forward at a steady pace.

Our next schedule would be to arrive at the Royal Capital around noon today.

I’m getting quite tired spending my time in this narrow and shaking space. In the beginning since I can see the views of the scenery, I moved to the wagon and went to play with Rumba and Gates, but it will soon reach the limit/ my breaking point. I’m tired of playing cards.

「So what’s next, old maid? Or Poker? How about Concentration? 」

「I want to play Daifugo.」

「Ehー, I’ve had enough of Trump.」

In front of those two eyes - who’s been gathering the cards - I drop the cards in my hands and collapse to my back. 

This is something that reminds me of the Reversi just like the other day.

There's a card game in this world too, but it’s completely different from Japanese card games. 2

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It’s a card I made myself using a blank piece of paper.

Maybe the paper quality is bad or something, I don’t know but maybe because of the difference in material properties, it’s a bit stiff so it can’t be helped.

By looking upwards like this, the blue sky comes into view.

Guess I’ll use magic a bit as a recreation then.

In any case, since there’s no one, maybe I should do something flashy and shoot it to the sky. 

If it’s something flashy up there, then it should be fireworks I guess. I can use this if I want to liven it up and make things interesting.

 I fired it after having decided to do so.

I got up lightly as if the feeling of exhaustion from earlier was just nothing, then I put my hand in the air.

「Mm? What is it?」

「What are you doing?」

Those two are bewildered by my sudden action.

I ignore them and start making an image. Fireworks in the night, using fire magic. It climbs up to a certain height, and then explodes straight away.

 Blooming beautifully like a flower in the sky.

 Putting a bit more magic power in it, I launch the fireball into the sky.

It rises straight to the skies with a *hyuu~*3 sound, and before long it scatters with a bang. The exploding and the dancing petals of flames are beautiful.


 Rumba and Gates are clapping their hands *pachi pachi*.4

「I understand that you’re using Fire Magic somehow, but that’s interesting!」

「It probably would give a better appeal when you use it at night. 」

「Ooh, you betcha, Gates! The sparks dancing around in the night sky would be all the more beautiful!」

 After saying that, Gates gives a thumbs-up, and shows his white teeth.

「However, it’s kinda lacking like this. I want it to be more flashy though.」

「Yosh, I’ll practice it from now on.」

 I began shooting repeatedly ten times from there.

The flowers are in full-bloom, while making a resounding loud sound. The blue and white flame scatters and changes the temperature around them. I tried various things, such as changing the power of the explosion and raising the exploding sound.


If it were night time, I wonder how severe would it be. I’ll show it to Torr when I get back to the village.

But then, the wagon suddenly stopped. Due to the inertia, we fell down while being jostled around.

「……it hurtss. Aw, my butt.」

「Ah, my chin!」

「……mou, just what the heck.」

「What do you mean ‘what the heck’. The horses are frightened and won’t move forward you know!」

 Nord-tousan came while complaining to us.

So then shooting any magic while on the wagon is prohibited, and I was brought back to the carriage.

「Al, don’t you want to use that magic from before to my dress?」

 Just when I took a sip of tea, Elnkaasan abruptly said something crazy.

When he heard that, Nord-tousan who also has tea inside his mouth seems to be choking.

「You must not.」

Elnkaasan still hasn’t given up yet, huh.

「The material is thin and the texture is good, but it burns wellー」

Elnkaasan smiles sweetly. I’m sorry, but I’m not a pervert who would burn anything.

She’s been like this ever since she saw my Fire Lance on that first day. Did she see the fireworks and wanted it to happen again.

「If you do that, you’ll burn the wagon you know.」

「Don’t care.」

「You can’t do that Elna! You will not be able to participate in the party without that dress can you.」

「That is why.」

「No! There are a lot of my cookies sitting in there!」

「Right. But I don’t need cookies in this place.

「This and that are different! Please give it to me too!」


 Sara just sits there, maybe she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the squabble, sitting gracefully while sipping tea.

 She took a bite of a cookie. And then her cheeks melt.

 I witnessed Sara’s cute moment.

 Maybe she notices my gaze, Sara’s cheeks turn red then she calmly puts her mouth on the cup.

 Seems like she wanted to be left alone.

 Before the situation got out of control, Nord-tousan decided to change the subject. I think that’s a good trick.

「Even so Al, I was surprised that your magic has improved so far.」

「That’s right isn’t it! Was the magic you used on that first day also that, hanabi5?  Was that it? That time was also amazing.」

「That’s true. What is that magic used for I wonder?」

 Amid their piercing gaze of expectation, I calmly answered.

「That’s for entertainment where you enjoy the color and sound produced.」


The both of them sigh with a look as if saying「as expected」

「……still the practical Alfried-sama as usual.」

 Eh, what’s with Sara's way of saying things. Are you praising me? Or disparaging me?

「Al is truly someone not easily swayed isn’t he.」

「Ahaha, really.」

「But, that’s certainly interesting. And beautiful.」

What does it all mean I wonder.

 I would like to hear what everyone thinks about me a little more in detail.

「……aah, fireworks can also be used to transmit information.It can tell your whereabouts if you launch it to the sky as it makes a loud sound, and it can also convey other things if you just change the type and color! Hence I’ll go back.」

「「Don’t do that.」」

「Ehー, why?」

「「Cause it’s a bother (you know)!」」

 Eehー, even though it’s useful.

TL Note :

出てるんだよ!. This sentence is confusing. Trump ヒュー~ ぱちぱち Raw in katakana, no fireworks in another world.
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