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Chapter 54

Royal Capital Guards

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The entire royal capital is surrounded by a huge rampart to keep the people safe. Since the founding of the nation, this wall has never been broken, and it has protected the country and prevented the invasion from other countries on countless occasions.

And the guards - who are also soldiers and also citizens of the capital - live being surrounded by such a study wall, keeping watchful eyes so that suspicious individuals will not enter, while giving the feeling of pride as they stand guard.

The Slowlett family is a noble family even though it’s just a baron, so our carriage can proceed straight to the gate through the long line of queue like the wind.

The envious gaze from the merchants and travelers pierces us.

『Oi, look at that. It’s a Dragon insignia. Wasn’t that the famous Dragon Slayer-san?』

『You serious. That’s amazing. That’s so cool, I also wanted to be a noble.』

 I can hear the admiration and envy from the people.

Nord-tousan is embarrassed, while Elnkaasan is smiling. Apparently, as long as people don't talk about her own past actions, she wouldn’t feel embarrassed about it.

 Even though she was so embarrassed when Rumba talked about it before.

Well, all things considered, I’ll listen carefully to Rumba’s story after watching the play.

『Oi oi, is it true that the guards for the eastern gate today is ‘them’!?』

『Three days ago the were guarding the southern gate........』

『Those two are bad news. Let’s pray they won’t hit on us.』

 I can hear the voices from other carriage in line occasionally.

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Apparently, there is a dangerous two-person guards on the east gate that we will pass through,

I wonder in what way are they dangerous. Are they the strong warrior type. Or maybe those merchants and travelers who are trying to enter from here are just having quite a terrible previous experience in the past or feeling guilty, as they bring in their belongings.

We finally reached in front of the castle gates and stopped the carriage.

The road is wide enough as there would be no problem even if there are three carriage passing through. And then when you look up above, you will see a massive wall reaching up to the sky. The thickness alone would likely be thirty meters.

「Please show me you noble’s badge.」

A pair of men wearing metal armor in red and silver-based color approaches the carriage. Their armor - which covered their whole body - noisily made a sound *gashagasha* each time they move.

I can hear people behind us happily saying things like「Uoohー, that was dangerousー」to others beside them.

Eh, are these two the so-called dangerous pair?

 When I look at them again, they seem to be normal short-haired men and a skinhead guy. When Bartolo is wearing his fierce look, he looked more frightening. But since there are a lot of adventurers who came to the royal capital, I guess you should get used to this kind of stern measures.

「Alright, wait a bit, let me show it to you. 」

「I’m coming too, it’s a leisure.」

In order for us to enter, Nord-tousan and I got off the carriage and showed the noble’s badge.

Seeing Nord-tousan’s nonchalant air, I guess these two guys are alright. Or maybe he just doesn’t know, I just followed him out of curiosity.

「Certainly, this is a noble’s badge.」

Nord-tousan takes out a notebook from his coat pocket and shows it to them. Shining in golden, is the Dragon coat of arms.

Apparently, that notebook is a proof of one social position.

The short-haired guard confirmed it with no expression, but when he looked at Nord-tousan’s face, his expression changed to that of astonishment.

 What is it, what is it? I wonder if he is a big fan of Dragon Slayer like the one in the villages and town I’ve seen so far.



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What did this man said just now?

 When Nord-tousan stares at the man dubiously, the man shyly turns his gaze away a bit.

「No, it’s nothing. I have confirmed it. Baron Nord Slowlett-sama, yes?」

「Ye, yes. That’s right.」

「So, just to make sure, I’m going to do a simple inspection on the carriage and ask some question, is that alright?」


Saying that, the other guard head to the wagon to do the inspection.

Incidentally, the skin head guard has been looking at me for a while now. Did you have something that’s bothering you.

「What is your purpose in the royal capital?」

「To participate in the noble’s gathering organized by Duke Ringrande (リーングランデ)」

「……certainly, that’s about one week from now right. What about the participant?」

「Eight people including the servants and escorts」

 It seems that you can omit these things if you got higher rank, but the Slowlett family is just a baron. It’s not the case of the lower the rank of nobility.

And then Nord-tousan replied to his simple questions, making me have some free time, when I was suddenly called out as I looked around. 

「Is this your first time coming to the capital?」

A guard sat down and talk to me with a smile. He got a higher line of sight than me nevertheless, but I guess I’ll have to accompany him since I’m free. I thought he was a scary person since he seems to glare at me in displeasure, but isn’t he a good person.

Just because he got a bit of a fierce look, doesn't everyone just become frightened for no reason. 

「Yes, it’s my first time.」

「Is that soー. By the way, may I ask for your name?」

「It’s Alfried Slowlett, but.」

「And how old are you?」

 Hmm? Do I look immature to such an extent I wonder?  Even though I look like this, I’m almost seven years old. All things considered, I thought that he will tell me famous and good places in the capital like this.

「I’ll be seven years old soon.」

「Heeー, almost seven years huh.......A little bit young I guess........No, it might be better like this.」


「Ah no, it’s nothing.Ahahaha.」

Somehow, I feel like this person just let something terrible slip out of his mouth. I wonder what’s with this chill I’m feeling.

The guard-san patted my head while smiling. And then, slowly, his hand moved from my shoulder to my arm, and turned around toward my hip and grabbed my butt.


 I feel a crisis to my chastity, so I retreat with all my might. Just what the heck did this man trying to do.

 It feels like his hand is clinging to my body, and it feels bad.

「What happen?」

 The skin headed guard approaches me with a fresh expression.

How could you smile so refreshingly like that after doing a sexual harassment?

Maybe I’m wrong, and it’s just my hallucination.

「How old are you?」

「Eh?  Thirty two, why?」

「That’s good, really good. Then is your wife also coming?」

「Of course she’s here, why is that?」

「What about your type of men?」

「Hah? A man? Does that kind of question have anything to do with the inspection? Oy just where do you think you’re touching!?」

When I look at him, it seems that Nord-tousan’s chastity is also in danger. That has nothing to do with the purpose of coming to the capital and crime oervention isn’t it. I think the question itself is strange.

Indeed, these two guards are truly dangerous. Now I understand why everyone is so frightened.

「I’m done checking the wagon! There is no problem!」

 For Nord-tousan and I, that was the voice of an angel.

「The, then, we’ll enter. Let’s go Al!」

「Un. We should hurry since we got things to do.」

We can stay in such a dangerous place, so we rush and get into the carriage in a hurry.

Those dangerous guards see us off along with their lonely voice 「Aah」.

「Row-san, let’s make haste. 」

「Un, understood. Let’s hurry then.」

 Getting called by Nord-tousan, Row-san who sits on coachman seat lashed his whip in a hurry.

Maybe by watching their conversation before, Row-san also felt a sense of crisis to his own chastity. He got this terribly frightened appearance.

「You also look pale, Al? What’s wrong?」

「「Nothing wrong.」」

We can’t say it. That we’re being molested by a man.... 1

TL Note :

Basically they met a chikan. 
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