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Chapter 40
The Sky Is Boundless
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「Wha, what should I do……」

 I stood still in the hallway, stunned .

That collapsed figure is actually Eleonorneesan . Unfortunately, this is real .

What are you going to do Alfried . Bury her? Or do you want to leave her alone? And is it alive to being with .

That’s right, first let’s confirm whether she’s okay or not . I place my hand on her wrist to check her pulse .  This time, I check her pulse using my index and middle finger . Since the thumb is not as sensitive .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「……there is…a pulse…」

Then I put my hand over Eleonorneesan’s mouth .

「……she’s also breathing . 」

Fuh . Why am I so flustered I wonder . If I think about it calmly, it’s impossible for Eleonorneesan to die because of being struck by a door . Rather, there might to be a depression on the door .

Unintentionally, I turn my gaze toward the door, but there doesn’t seem to be any problem . I observe every nook and cranny just in case, but there is not even a drop of bloodstain anywhere . s celussceleris . wordpress . com

I check Eleonorneesan’s forehead, but it’s just a little red .

I breathe a large sigh .

「Should I deliver the finishing blow?」

No, but murder is not good . That a wrong path for a person to take, Alfried .

「If I bury it in the ground just like this, will it enter hibernation I wonder?」

Nah, Eleonorneesan will absolutely wake up for food . And that food is most likely me .

Burying it the ground is dangerous .

Then, I will carry Eleonorneesan to her room carefully .  

Far more fragile than tableware and glasses, it’s dangerous to drop .

When she wake up, she will already in bed . Everything is just a dream .

No one… . . will know anything… . .


Ah, it’s Mina .

Mina was looking at this direction from the hallway . How long have you been there?

But, Heaven is on my side .

It’s not Sarah or Mell, but the inferior maid Mina . Yes, if it’s her, then there is room for negotiations .

That’s right, if it’s now, there is surely a lot of candy . There is still stocks available that can be taken anytime .

「Here you go . By all means, just take it . 」

I slip a lot of candies into the pocket of Mina’s maid uniform, making a jangling sound .

But, Mina’s response is weak .

Mina is wearing a serious expression, different from her usual foolish face . It’s difficult to predict what she is thinking from her current graceful expression .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

Huh, was it not enough . I continue inserting candies while watching Mina at the same time .

When the pocket in Mina’s apron already filled to till it bulged, Mina suddenly nod .

She looks like a pregnant woman .

She was somehow convinced . Thank God . I’m about to run out of candies .

「Well then, please bring Eleonorneesan to her room okay . 」

So I ask Mina politely while also lowering my head .  

Well now, wait for me Emoneesama . Alfried will come to you now!

I started running in excitement, different from a while ago .


「…………you don’t understand Alfried-sama . I wanted to have some cookies . 」




 ×      ×     ×




I head to Emoneesama’s house with Torr .

「What kind of house are you living in I wonder . Must be a big and amazing house isn’t it . 」

「No, didn’t I also live there too . Did you forget about it?」

What was that? You live under the same roof with Emoneesama? Just thinking about it make me so envious .

「You’re to loud . I’ll return that line to you . 」


「What is it!」

How many times have we been arguing? I wanted for us to get to that home quickly .

Heading towards the village through the usual route that I take . If I’m not mistaken, Emoneesama’s house is near Celisan’s restaurant . It’s regrettable that I’ve been passing through her house without knowing until now .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

Turning nearby from Celisan’s restaurant, we head towards the area where there are houses lined up . There are few houses in this neighborhood, I haven’t passed here before . Due to the roof and the shadow of the houses, the road became somehow faintly dark .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

I proceed forward with Torr leading the way through the narrow road .

「Here it is . 」

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「Eh!? You don’t say, this whole place is Emoneesama’s house!?」

「Don’t be stupid . My house is that one with orange-colored roof . 」

「……but the other houses also have orange-colored roof . 」

「Look closely . My house’s roof is in different color as it’s been repainted . 」

 If you said so, then I guess it’s true . But this neighborhood is built at around the same time, and the structure of the houses are similar . And the inner structure will surely look the same .

「By the way, the house next door is Sheilneechan’s house . 」

「I’ll remember it . I won’t forget it . 」

There are beautiful flowers blooming in Koryatt village, and two flowers are here .

「I’m homeー」1

Ignoring while I’m still feeling deeply moved, Torr opened the door .

「Wha! Neechan what are you doing!」


 And then, with Torr’s panicked voice, I can hear the languid voice of a woman .

「Didn’t I tell you that I might call a friend over today!」

「Ahー, come to think of it, you said something like that . It’s Asmo (アスモ) anyway, right?」2

「But it’s Alfried?」

「……haa? Since when did you get along well with him!? Okay, just wait a minute! 」

That silly voice reaches me as I’m outside of the house . Is there any privacy in this neighborhood .

 I can hear the noise of a footsteps, Torr suddenly came out of the door .

「Sorry, but please wait a minute . 」

「O, oh . 」

I replied shortly, then Torr went back inside again .

『Hey, why did you leave your skirt in the kitchen!』

『Wait, your foot! Your stepping on my underwear! 』

『Uwaa! Didn’t I always told you to take off your clothes in the proper place!』

『I’m going to take it with me later! I thought you’re going with Asmo . 』

『No, I think even Asmo will think it’s bad . 』

I can hear the noisy conversation between Torr and someone . Is that Torr’s mother?

Emoneesama is probably went to the basement of the house, where she is living in the midst of the great nature, surrounded by flower garden . Drinking black tea inside a large mansion, or maybe a little house .  With such a beautiful blue hair, playing with birds while wearing a soothing colored dress . I surely want be the resident of such world .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

That’s why, the owner of that voice must be a different person .

『Hey, neechan . Did you call me just now?』

『Ehー? But I didn’t call you? Ah, Asmo, make me one omelet please . 』

『Hoi~ . Don’t eat all of it . 』

From Sheilsan’s house next door, I can hear different conversation from Torr’s house, a glimpse of a a very calm calm situation .

 Um, very harmonious .

「Yosh, come in Al!」

「I understand . 」

For some reason, my breathing quickened as Torr enter from the front door .

It’s a normal, single-family house . There’s no second floor, it is a building where the place became wider when one go deeper inside .

「……strange . 」

「Wha, what is it . 」

「There’s no stairway going down to the basement . If there is no stairway, then I can’t go to the flower garden where Emoneesama lives . 」

「……what do you think of my sister actually . 」

「Welcome, Alfried-sama . This house is small, but make yourself at home . 」

When I reach the living room, Emoneesama greet me with a smile .

What a fresh look! Her appearance wearing plain clothes is different from the usual uniform . Except when it’s the Harvest Festival, it’s a dress I’ve never seen before .

The neck of the dress is round, and it has a long sleeves . Below is a reddish brown culotte skirt about a knee-length .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「Not at all . 」

I only came here in order to see something like this .

「Well then Torr, I’ll return today . 」

「Hey, wait . Wouldn’t you give me some consultation . 」

「Eehー, that’s troublesome . 」

「Just come here already . 」


Torr pull at my arms and made me sit on a chair, regardless of my feelings .  

After awhile, Emoneesama brought two glass of water and gave it to me and TOrr .

「I’m sorry . There is only water in our house . 」

Emoneesama said apologetically with a wry smile .

No, rather than black tea or fine wine, Alfried would love to have this water that you bring me .

「It’s fine, I love water . 」

「……what are you saying . 」

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「Still, your appearance of doing housework suit you . Even so, do you always do the housework?」

 Ignoring Torr’s tsukkomi, I speak with Emoneesama .

If Emoneesama came while holding wooden tray and wearing apron like this, it will surely show her curves .  

「Yes, since our parents are working . 」

「Haa . What are you talking abou――guhee!?」

「What happen Torr . 」

With his arms above the table, Torr suddenly screamed .

His face turn blue, and something like cold sweat is dripping from his forehead .

「Did you have foot cramps?」

「Who knows? My brother is strange .

 After saying that, Emoneesama said 「Please make yourself at home」then went to a different room .

Aah, I also wanted to go there .

While in front of me, Torr is breathing roughly, he seems to be in pain . Can’t be helped . Guess I’ll stay here .




 ×     ×     ×




「So, Al . What do you think should I do to be an adventurer?」

「You should think about it yourself . 」

「I’m asking you since I don’t know much about it . Besides, look, aren’t your father a former adventurer . 」

「Aah……Dragon Slayer huh . 」

「Yeah, that’s right! It’s kinda cool to be able to defeat a dragon!」

That bright smile . I really want to share it with  Nord-tousan .

That’s why, I’ll tell you this story another time at my house . The person himself will tell you in detail .

「Let’s talk about that thing when you came to my house . 」

「………… . . 」

Torr make an expression as if saying that that he doesn’t understand .

「Well, since the real thing is in my house . 」

「That’s right! You should absolutely invite me!」

The vacant-eyed Torr immediately turn a blazing gaze . What a quick change . Oh well, it’s better than giving a passionate speech here .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「Then, an adventurer right? Certainly you can register at the guild when you’re twelve years old . 」

「Right now I’m six years old, so about five more years . 」

Five years, huh . How will my life changes during those long years . I thought suddenly, but I feel that it won’t change suddenly .

「Well, I won’t know what will happen during those period, but you can try various thing and work hard . 」

「As expected, it has to be a sword!」

「That’s right isn’t it . Having strength is important huh . 」

Here, I emphasized the word Strength」just in case .

「Right! Right!」

Torr really didn’t hear it at all . He grasps my palm and called out to me repeatedly in excitement .

「Fortunately, Emoneesama is neighbor with Sheilsan, so there is people who can taught you swordsmanship if you ask them . 」

「Now that you talk about it, I’m in a really good environment am I?!」

Well, strictly speaking before you discuss it with me, shouldn’t you talk about it with Emoneesama?

「Al’s father also taught you swordsmanship right?」

「There’s also Eleonorneesan . 」

Torr’s eyes seems to say 「I want to go there!」 .

You can’t, Torr . It’s still too early for you to stop being a human . It’s fine if you’re going to be faithful to you desire, but please take good care of your life a little more .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「So Torr can become stronger is that it? Hmm, to have a beginner join us suddenly……wait . 」

「Right~ . I, first of all, I’ll be taught swordsmanship by neechan and Sheilneechan . 」

Torr got a happy face, but I got one thing I would like to ask .

「Unun . By the way Torr, can you read letters?」


Torr got a stupid look on his face, and the room became silent .




 ×     ×     ×




 After that, Torr cried, it was awful .

He can’t read the characters, and it’s not enough even if you can do some calculation since you will experience a lot of thing to explain about, even so , he’s still clung to my waist with all his strength .   scelussceleris . wordpress . com

Apparently, Torr seems to be weak at studying .

Well, in this world where the literacy rate is low, it won’t be strange if you can not read if you are a children living in a rural village . The villagers almost have no books . It’s impossible to be taught how to read character unless you’re living with someone who knows how to read and write . It seems that soldiers and knights will be taught how to read and write if they pass the enlistment examination .   scelussceleris . wordpress . com

If that is so, why don’t you talk about it with your sister, but he said「Neechan also can’t read you know! 」 .

 That was unexpected, to think that Emoneesama can hardly read the letters .

Eventually, I lost to Torr’s persistence, so once in a while… . . since it’s important, I said it twice, so I decided to teach him once in a while .

I wanted to go back to the mansion already .

I have that kind of feeling when I return home .  

The skies is already glowing in the color of sunset, everything is dyed madder red .

The shadow of mine walking is clearly reflected by the setting sun .

At last, the mansion of the house of Slowlett came into view, but somehow, I feel uncomfortable .

The gate is opened wide . Why is it I wonder .

As I pass through the gate while wondering, the door to the entrance open when I entered the mansion grounds .

While wondering who is it, I turn my gaze forward .

Did Sarah came out to greet me?

 I guessed as such, but the one who came out from the door has reddish-brown hair instead of glossy black hair .

So it’s Eleonorneesan . She came toward my direction with an imposing gait while her hair is swaying .

Speaking about me, I got K . O . ’ed in the middle of day by a jab from the door as Eleonorneesan come out .  

Right now, I remember . The feeling of my heart and body instantly grow cold .

Alfried, keep calm . Stay cool . Eleonorneesan should not remember anything since you hit her suddenly and then fainted .

Stay calm . Don’t change you expression . Stay natural .

 I reprimand myself so, and I walk forward confidently as usual .

 I didn’t do anything I should be feeling guilty about .

「Ara, welcome home Al . Where were you going today?」

「I went to play at Torr’s house today . 」

When I answered as such, Eleonorneesan seems to be thinking for a while .

「……aah, if I’m not mistaken, that’s Ema’s brother right?」

「Yeah, that’s right . By the way, what’s wrong with Eleonorneesan?」

Eleonorneesan is holding a wooden sword in her hand . Of course I can already predict what she was doing, but I couldn’t help but ask .

「Me? I was practicing with the sword while thinking that Al’s is late . 」

 Somehow she smiles while putting the wooden sword on my shoulder .

 What is it . It seems that I will be attacked with a sharp swing anytime, so I feel uneasy .

Even then, doesn’t the timing that this happen are just too good . I feel that it happen the moment I set foot on the mansion .

But if this is Eleonorneesan’s natural sensing ability, then I think she is not a human anymore .

「Ah, is that so . I’m sorry . I just came back . 」

 Then, I passed Eleonorneesan’s side with a smile .

「Say Al……I, I collapsed today . 」

That sentence stop my legs .

Don’t tell me, she remember? No, I already bought Mina . There could be no mistakes in the agreement .

「Hee, is that so? So even Eleonorneesan can experience something like that . Was it a bout of dizziness? You have to take care of yourself――」

「Mina already told me everything . 」

「That damn maid――!」

Avoiding her relentlessly shaking wooden sword, I took a distance .

Once more with my back to the gate, I glare at the figure of Eleonorneesan who back to the mansion .  

And now, I found a strange figure of a person in my room, so I turn my gaze slightly .

There, I can see the face of Mina looking down on me .

「What’s the meaning of this!?」

Shouting so, Mina took out something round and small .

「Th, that’s a cookie . Ridiculous . That’s certainl――」

「If it’s cookies, you have a stock of them in your room right? 」

She said so, and I can imagine Eleonorneesan giving an evil smile .

Probably, Eleonorneesan went to my room to get the cookies then use it to bought Mina .

Such a dirty tactic, how dirty!

「Rummaging her brother’s room as she pleases!」

 As expected that person . I should have buried her that time .

「You, you’re going to somehow silence me aren’t you!」 

「Why would I do such thing!?  I was just trying to finish it off!?」

「This is the first time I heard about it . 」

Crap, I said something unnecessary!

Eleonorneesan’s body is trembling and she raises her face .

 Uwaa, her face is tightening really terrible .

 In any case, right now it’s impossible to breakthrough . Alfried, withdrawing!

 I turn my back toward Eleonorneesan who is preparing with her sword and then start running as fast as I can .

 I still put my guard up against my back since it’s possible for her to leap and attack me .


Eleonora kick at the ground with the look of a demon .

There are magic coiling around her foot .

To use 『Magic Enhancement』 on such place, and using body strengthening on her body! 3

「Why can you use such technique skilfully, yet can’t use fire magic!」

This is bad, I won’t make it in time even if I cast magic now . It’s certain that I will caught at this rate .

Is there something I can use . I spread my thought and turn my gaze everywhere .

Something, is there anything?  

While thinking, I can hear the sound of footsteps approaching .

Damn it, above or below, left or right, whichever is fine……wait, above?

Suddenly, I look up at the sky .

The sky is dyed by a deep red color, the small patches of clouds in the sky is drifting calmly as if enjoying it’s freedom .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

 ……the sky is boundless .

Then, I invoke a magic instantly .

The magic is a non-attribute magic, 『Shield』

I shape the magic power in a rectangular-form, compress it, and there, it’s a magic that create shield to protect oneself .

 I cast it in succession and arrange it like stairs .


And Eleonorneesan’s hand graze past my clothes .

Since my foot already left the ground

This day, I ran in the sky .




 ×    ×     ×




 I return to the front of Torr’s house again . The sky is already enveloped by dark blue color from the color of sunset .


Awhile I after I shout Torr’s name, the person himself show up .

「Why did you shout loudly like that, it’s bothering the neighborhood . You forgot something?」

「……can I stay here today . 」

「Haa!? Why? Go back to your mansion . 」

「……I don’t want to go home today」

「Well, I don’t know what happen, but it’s already dark outside, so you can stay I guess . 」

「Thank you . I’ll teach you the writing system from now on . 」

「Oh, is that so . Thank you . 」

Prompted by Torr, I enter through the front door .

Indeed, a good friend is a great blessing .



『『Torr×All is here! 』』

That night, such cries came from everywhere .





Author Note :

     It’s going to be a winter episode soon .



TL Note :

Tadaima, the word you said when you came home in Japan . アスモ . If anyone got better name, then please leave them in the comment . 魔装 Magic Strengthening on body .


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