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Al's Elegant Moment

 A week after the Harvest Festival is over.

The calmness of Koryatt village has returned, which was so boisterous previously.

And then, children under age of twelve like Torr and I were being sent back by the adults.

Well, I thought that it's still too early for children to get back, as for me, I return with Eleonorneesan.

By the way, as for Sylvio-niisan, he didn't come out of his room after he returned to the mansion. I wonder what happen? I would like to discuss it, but I'm afraid to think about it. 

And then, those that were fascinated by the dance will ask the woman for a dance. It is by no means a confession of sort, but couples seems to be made that day.

The next day, numerous pink-colored atmosphere are floating around.

When I come to the village the next day, there are already a lot of sickly-sweet couples.

Embracing each other in public, kissing. Do it at home when it's night.

 And what is this「Takkun♡」-thing. Staring and poking at each other's cheeks.

Gazing at such scene enviously, Celia's husband, the vigilante corps leader's cheeks were pulled, then taken to the restaurant.

 So I realize that there are different kind of love between couples.

With that sort of thing happening, Koryatt village is peaceful today. Now that the Harvest Festival is over, the air is getting colder, as if announcing the arrival of  winter.

On such day, I'll stay inside my room and just read books.

Then just let it so the fire won't spread to other things, just let it float around.

It's also unexpectedly fun to stare at the ever changing shape of the flame.

 Watching the bonfire outside, I can understand Ojiichan's feeling well. 1

When the room has warmed up somehow, I reduce the fireball, otherwise reduce it.

I mean, if it keeps on burning as it is, the oxygen will be less.

But it's just me being careful.

Using Space Magic, I took out a cup, and teapot containing tea along with some cookies from another space.

The cookies doesn't crumble in this separate space, and the tea doesn't spill.  

There's no problem since they're fixed firmly in the different space.

 Maybe there is no concept of time inside the space.

After all, Sylvio-niisan deliciously ate a piping hot soup, which has been stored inside the space for three months.

Even Eleonorneesan looks fine, but I think that's because her stomach is sturdy. She doesn't seem to enter the ordinary person's category, but the sight of Sylvio-niisan accidently becoming a sacrifice…he tasted it.

After that time, I tried tea, meat, and even grilled fish occasionally, but it's all tuen outfine.

Incidentally, the feeling of taking things out, if the things taken out is small then the image should be firmly imagined, and it feels like taking something from atop the table.

I hadn't put in big things yet, so I don't know how it feels.

Just how big, and how many things that can be put inside.

Thinking up until this point, I'm sitting on a chair and immersing myself in the world of books.

 If I reach out with my hand, there are cookies on served on a plate.

The steam from the tea cup filled with tea is drifting.

 Ain't it great. If it were spring, I will go out, and enjoy being surrounded by the greenery in the midst of nature. 

I take a sip of the fragrant black tea, while imagining such spectacle.

The scent of fresh tea leaves spread around in my mouth.

「Haa~, so relaxing~」

My lips curled involuntarily.

The crunchy texture is delightful. And the moment the sweetness of sugar and butter spread inside my mouth, my mind instantly rejuvenated.

Then, when my mouth became dry, I took a mouthful of black tea.

Currently, I feel like I'm spending my time elegantly like a true noble.

「……if only such day will continue every day.」

『Aーl―kun! Lett'sーplay!』



………can't hear you. I can't hear anything. I will spend my time leisurely at the mansion today. Such peaceful time is rare you know.

『Alfried Slowlett-kun!』

「……can't hear.」

『It's me! Meー!』

 Saying 'it's me, it's me', it's not a scam call. 

『It's Torrー!』

 The voice coming from outside became louder.

I know that even if you don't say anything.

『Will you listen to meー!』

I wonder why don't he think that I'm not inside the mansion. Although, if I ignore him any more than this, it will be pitiful so I'll show up.

When I push open the wooden window, there is Torr along with Sarah in front of the mansion gate.

Oh well, if you shout that loudly, of course someone will come out to see you.

His voice even reach this distance. Hmm, it's quiet here, and children has high-pitched voice.

On a closer look, Torr's face is somehow flushed red, in an ingratiating manner.

That guy, to have the nerve to be ogle at Sarah2. Just where is your love to Eleonorsama.  While I'm looking coldly at Torr, he notice me.

Then he talk to Sarah, and came running *totetote*.

「Al, please listen to me!」

「I'm listening.」

「I, I'm going to be an adventurer!」

「Heeー, so you've decided.」

「What about you Al? Let's become adventurer together!」

Adventurer. Hunting monster that exist all over the world on request, those who make a living by the profit earned from it.

Occasionally, going to some dangerous place to look for a secret yet to be seen. At times working as an escort for merchant or nobles. Sometimes collecting delicious ingredients, valuable plants. And at times carrying others luggage as a courier, even cleaning the drainage, anyway, they do all sort of works.

Naturally, the rewarding job require ability and trust.

As for the world's most famous adventurers, there's only a handful of them among the whole of adventurers.

From the bad people to the good guys among them, you rely on your weapon and friends to advance. Every boy in this world will have such a dream. 

And looking at such bright future, how many youngsters have disappeared I wonder. 

 Of course, I'm sorry. 

I've died once, and then receive a new life.

This life. I want to carefully make use of it.

「No way. I will spend my time leisurely in this village.」

So I said it clearly.

「So it's like that. And I thought you would refuse.」

Torr didn't show his sad face, rather he seems to be relieved. 

「Well, I have so many things to consult with you. Can I go to your room?」



「Because I want to spend my time in the mansion today!」

Sarah smiles bitterly at my line that doesn't seem to fit a six years old like me.

「Then, come to my place!」

 Haven't you heard what I said? I'm saying that I don't want to leave the room.

「I don't want to leave the room.」

Then, Torr seems to think for a while.

「My sister is at home today.」

「Ready in a minute! Wait!」

I store the cookies and tea set in an instant.

I extinguished the last fireball, and open the door vigorously. 


I have a feeling that the door strongly hit something.

And there is a person falling down on the hallway. 

On the red carpet, a person has collapsed like a broken doll which thread has been cut.

Wearing white long-sleeved cutter shirt, and brown long skirt. With a kind of black stocking underneath.

Her silky, reddish-brown ponytail is disarrayed, and her facial expression can't be seen.

This coldness can't be compared to the cold weather or such thing, this 'chill' assailed me.

I stand in the hallway as I forgot to I blink and breathe, looking at the collapsed figure.

And then, as if I was drawn to that person, I reach for her face.

Covering her eyes, I brush away her beautiful hair and――

 ――I close my eyes, it was Eleonorneesan's face. 

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TL Note : Caught a cold and fever, might be some mistakes. And Chapter 40 is twice long than the usual chapter, I'll consider it 2 chapter.

(お爺ちゃん), don't know which ojiichan. Grandparents thoughts maybe. Looking while thinking something else, 'wolf face' I guess?
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