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Fujoshi Concerto 1

「That’s strange……Sylvio-niisan is not here.」

I stand alone on a busy road, lining on a stalls.  While holding a salted beans on one hand and eating it with the other, I look around the surrounding again.

Even in the afternoon, the crowd of people has not dwindle, in fact it is more lively. The voice calling out to people coming from the stalls, the conversations between parents and their children, talking happily. It got even more lively as it approaches nighttime.

「……..did Sylvio-niisan get lost.」

In this crowded place where people come and go, it is difficult for this small body of mine to find Sylvio-niisan. So I concluded, that it’s too troublesome to find him.

Maybe, he was kidnapped by some bad guys? Such doubt crossed my mind, but still, such thing will not happen I think. Since Sylvio-niisan’s physical appearance stand out like that. And it’s unthinkable with the good public order of Koryatt village.

『Just now, there was an amazing blonde shota you know!』

『Kyaaー! Really!?』

『Yeah! And he was holding hands with a little boy with black hair!』

『What is that nosebleed-inducing situation! I also want to see2 it!』

『I’m sure that they’re still closeby! Let’s hurry and find them!』

『Un un!3』 yeah

『By the way, is your husband okay?』

『This is not the time to worry about such thing! I’m going to find that blonde shota now! 』

『That’s right!』


「……as expected, he was kidnapped huh.」

I murmured so while looking at the back of the wicked people running from the side of the road. Listening the previous conversation, I got the feeling as if a big incident will occur. If I was a police officer, Sylvio-niisan will be identified as a missing person.

But, since those wicked people said they will ‘worship’, so I guess there will be no problem.

Even if I’m still busy at the moment I will not move if there are no incident. Also, I think that he will be found soon, with those wicked-human network. 

So I decided to leave Sylvio-niisan who became lost child to those wicked-people while I wander about.

Well then, what should I eat next.

I surrender myself to the delicious smell, and trying out the foods at the various stalls for the time being.

Sylvio-niisan can’t eat together with me. 

『Hey, did you find them』

『There’s nothing here!』

『……where the heck are they I wonder.』

『Nora said she saw him at the west!』


『Let’s go!』


There are nothing suspicious except those women running around hurriedly

I turn my body and started walking toward the east from my original direction of facing the west side. 

 I don’t know but, somehow? I can smell something good from the east, I feel like there will be something good if I go over there.

I advance while exchanging greetings with the villagers with a friendly voice.

In the public square, an arm-wrestling tournament is being held and causing a lot of excitement.

Only the area around there are the enthusiasm so great.

When I get closer, I saw a man daringly taking his clothes off, exposing his upper body. Shaking his shoulder and arms, showing off his muscles and strength. Eh, isn’t that Roland-ossan.

Ossan let out a roar, boasting his body to the spectator.

 Seeing that, the crowd is excited while some of them holding ale and food in one hand.

And his opponent is Westa crossing his arms while closing his eyes. And then he opened his eyes wide and threw off his clothes?

『Uoo! Is he the type that look slender in clothes!』

『Seriously! But there is limit to being slender in clothesー!?』

『…….those muscle……just where the heck did it came from.』

『Damn, Imma bet on Roland.』

『Wait, look at Roland’s arms!』

『Uoー! Are those log or what! If it’s a goblin head, then he should be able to blow ‘em off! 』

『……that person is an orc.』

『…….I wanted to be hugged by those muscles.』



Without losing out to Roland’s body,  Westa also has excellent muscles. Because it is usually covered with his clothes, so no one didn’t notice. Unlike someone with slender and well-defined muscle, his muscles is bulging. And those pectoral muscle, really, it makes one wonder where did he keep it until now.

 Westa cracked the bones in his neck, popping his finger joints and smiles at Ossan.

Ossan respond to Westa’s provocation with flaunting his log-like arms, and displaying his abdominal muscle.

『5 stone coins for Roland!』

『I’m betting 7 stone coins for Westa!』

『I’ll also bet for 1 copper coin!』4


As the two of them are glaring at each other, the gambling villagers are betting more and more money.

Really, the men in this village really like gambling. But well, in the countryside where there is few entertainment, this is a great source of pleasure.

With the increasing enthusiasm of the crowd, those two put their elbow on a large wooden barrel, then they clasp their arm against each other.



『Macho men twining their arms with each other!』

『Those sweat running down their bulging muscles.』

『『And the way the look at each other in the eyes at a breath’s distance!!』』

Somehow, the wicked people here got excited. You can hear a man’s shrill voice passing from afar, causing even more liveliness.

『……arm wrestling is popular among women every year ain’t it.』

『……aah, that’s right』

『The person right there is your wife isn’t it?  Haven’t you heard anything?』

『I’ve heard about it only once, but wasn’t informed about anything else. Something about the agreement that’s been passed down from generation to generation or something.

『Well, it’s not something to feel guilty about right.』

『You’re right.』

The young men near me are talking about some naive suspicions . There are a lot of people who will be happier if they don’t know anything about the world. 

I left the crowd while having a bitter expression. Since the people are steadily increasing, it would be difficult for me to see around these old men due to my small stature.




With the starting signal, the gambler’s roar along with the wicked people’s high pitched voice are engulfing the square.

 ×     ×       ×

「That smooth, and beautiful blue hair over there!」

Snatching my line of sight, is the hair of my favorite sister. That hair reminds me of the color of a clear river, so it must be that person.

She’s already disappear from my sight as she turns around the corner, but I chase that person in a hurry.

While running, I heard someone calling out to me. But at the moment that’s just not possible.

Then when I turn around the corner, I can see Emmoneesama’s appearance from behind.

The white nape that is hidden by the blue hair and can only be seen slightly. As there is no vigilante corps training today, she’s not wearing the usual training clothes and sword hanging on her waist. Dressed like the appearance of a village girl with white sleeve, and long brown skirt tightly hugging her waist. She gives a fresh impression wearing different clothes from the usual, I called out to her as I draw near.

Then, walking beside Emsan, is a pudding head bastard with the same height as mine. 5 

「Emsan, Who is that person!」6


「Haa? Who’s this guy?」

As Emoneesama turns back, that freckled boy send a rude remark.

To so suddenly call someone ‘this guy’, just when we met.

「No but, you’re the one who called ‘that guy’ first right.」

Did the voice in my heart leak out, that guy glares at me with half-opened eyes.

「Hey, Torr (トール)!7  You can’t say that! This is the feudal lord’s second son, Alfried-sama.」

「Eehー? This guy?」

「Don’t call him ‘this guy’ I say, it’s rude! I’m sorry Alfried-sama, such naughty younger brother.」

Emoneesama smiles bitterly, then she lower her head while lowering the boy called Torr’s head. 

「……naughty she said……but while in the house neechan――」

「What are you grumbling about.」

Grumbling as he sulked, Emoneesama pull Torr’s cheeks.

Are you okay? Torr’s eyes became really teary. His cheeks are being pulled so much so that his gums and throat can be seen.

 Torr cried 「 It hurts, it hurts! I  know it, alright!」and shouting so, after she pulled her hands away, his cheeks returns to normal like a rubber.

「Emm, I’m sorry about earlier. I’m Ema’s younger brother. I’m 8 years old.」

Rubbing his cheeks, Torr greet me with teary eyes. Emoneesama is actually strong isn’t she.

「I’m the second son of the feudal lord, Alfried. Pleased to meet you, I’m 6 years old, and I have older brother and older sister.」

「Hm? Sister? The feudal lord? No way!」


Listening to my self-introduction, he seems to be thinking of something, then raise a loud shout.

「Umm, is it okay to call you Alfried-sama」

「Un? What is it?」

Torr suddenly humbling himself.  Wonder what happen. Torr’s attitude didn’t change even though he knew that I’m the feudal lord’s second son. And Torr’s self-assured attitude, and the way he call me changed too.  

While thinking like so, Torr cried toward Emoneesama and lead me to the edge of the road.

Just what in the world. I can’t see Torr’s intention.

「So? What are you going to talk about?」

「Umm, that is…’s that. That.」

When I listened to him, Torr started to fidget  and talk poorly. His fidgeting and the movement of his butt is somehow interesting. 

「I’m not your mother you know, so I won’t understand with just that.」

「Umm, that’s way so~. ――sama have any fiancée?」

「Yes? What fiancée?」

I don’t understand what, but it’s hard to hear what he says ‘cause he said it with such a murmured voice while turning away.

「That’sーwhyー! I want to ask did Eleonorsama have fiancée or not!」

「…………Eh? Haaaaaaaaaa!?」

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