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At the second day of the Harvest Festival, I hardly come out of the mansion. I think the reason can be guessed, I lost my fight with the Demon King, my body and soul became worn-out. Then more challenger appeared in front of the worn-out me.

The training with Earl Melna turns into a good training. Watching my sparring that day, he pointed out my bad habit in swordsmanship and taught me the correct way, and allowed me to put it into practice.

So far, so good. But I can’t have Rumba as my training partner.

Fighting with a wooden sword, but I felt danger to my life even though it’s just a spar.

Of course I became desperate since I don’t want to die.

In the middle of training, Earl Melna said to Nord-tousan, 『Wouldn’t that kid be able to improve even more by competing with people at such level?』

Such an extremely dangerous remark.

『Yes, that’s true, but Al doesn’t want to be a knight. 』

『Either way, he’s got the talent for an adventurer. He’s unyielding in terms of survival, that Al.』

『He seems to be interested in seeing other countries, but he doesn’t like the idea of being an adventurer since it’s dangerous he said.』

『Hoh, what a weird fellowー. You know, I――』

Anyway, I was saved because of my understanding father.

‘Al is also going to be a knight!’ If somehow I’m told such thing then I’ll be troubled.

In any case, because of yesterday’s morning training, I don’t feel like getting out of my room. 

And today is the last day of the Harvest Festival.

This morning, Earl Melna along with Viscount Lolina and his wife Rinalia are going to return.

And the somewhat boisterous festival also ends today. As soon as all the guest are gone, the peaceful days will return.

All the maid of Slowlett house appeared at the entry hall, and see Earl Melna and company off.

「Nord, Next time come to my territory! I will welcome you.」

「Yes, I will visit your place when I go to the Capital.」 

When Nord-tousan replied like that, Earl Melna stroke my head.

「You’re absolutely coming too. Well, soon it would be time for the noble’s party, so you must show yourself at that time. We’ll be able to meet again that time. 」

「Eeh! Is that true!?」

 When I look quickly at Nord-tousan, he return a wry smile. It appears that it’s true.

「Eeeehh~, that party seems troublesome.」

 Listening to my listless voice, Earl Melna is laughing happily. Then he left while saying 「See you again!」 while walking towards his carriage.

 A never before seen escort knights in armor – two of them – follows Earl Melna. Are they probably staying in the servants’ quarter till now?

「Well then, I’m also leaving. Thank you for everything. Please also come to my territory.」

「Of course everyone is welcome to visit. I will welcome you all.」

「Aah, certainly. Al too.」

「…….yes, certainly.」

 It’s just a lip service right?  The both of them are not serious right? 

「By the way Yustel. What about your escort? Don’t tell me you don’t bring them along?」

 Since there are  demons 1  and bandits, nobles in this world can’t go on a trip outside without escorts. Well, one would have a peace of mind if one have a carriage like Earl Melna’s carriage. Because if it’s him, I don’t think he need any escort. Maybe when there are mercenaries or bandit that attacked him, I think those who attack him have a poor eyesight.

Who is Yustel again?

「Aah, if it’s escorts, they will surely come.」

At the point where Lolina points, there are the figure four men and women – the coachman and farmers – preparing for the departure of the carriage. 

「Aren’t those people and coachman your servants? 」

「Rather than that, that coachman and the other women, doesn’t they appear to be familiar?」

「If you look at them properly, you might have recognize them at Celisan’s restaurant. And they’re movement are different from normal people.」

「There are all sort of escorts huh.」


「Well then, I’ll see you again.」

「Bye Al-kun」

Viscount Lolina head towards his carriage gallantly, while madam Rinalia patted my head, and then she follow after Viscount Lolina.

Ah, they linked their arms. I don’t want to go to those twos’ territory for the time being. Because they’re a newlyweds, they will stick closely the whole time.

I became a witness of them flirting and letting out pink-colored aura many times back in the mansion. And everytime I see them like that, I was assaulted by the urge to rip my heart out.

After Earl Melna’s carriage left the area, next is Viscount Lolina’s carriage as if to follow it.

 Every single one of them, they’re friendly nobles and the party seems to be having fun too.

After seeing them off, everyone went back inside the mansion.

Well, the noble’s party is still a long way ahead, I don’t have to worry about it now. Right now, let’s enjoy the last day of the Harvest Festival.

 I immediately went back to my room to take some money while humming a tune.

 ×   ×    ×

With great pain, today I took Sylvio-niisan out. This bookworm brother of mine, although it is the last day of the Harvest Festival, he’s still about to read some books in his own room.

Along with Elnkaasan’s cover, it was easy to take him out.

Now when I think about it, it might be the first time Sylvio-niisan and I went down to the village together.

While I always got dragged all around by Elenorneesan

「Sylvio-niisan really likes books, huh.」

Walking along the usual path to Koryatt village, for some reason I want to talk with him. 

「It’s fun because you can find all sort of world spread inside a book. And you can find a lot of sense of value, way of thinking, and by experiencing those thing, it will improve my perspective and thoughts. 」

Even though I was just trying to make a light conversation, I was surprised that a fairly serious reply came out.

「…….even so, today you wanted to shut yourself in your room again right.」

「It was a reflection time. I just found a good passage on a story.」

「What book ?」

「Princess Marin (マリーン) and the Three Dragons.」

「Ah, I’ve read that book.」

It was the time that I saw Elenorneesan took a book from some guy a long time ago. Since then, I became curious and read it somehow. 

A story about a boy yearning to be a hero, saving Princess Marin that have been kidnapped by the dragon, such popular and common story back in Japan.  

「Really? Don’t spoil me yet. I’m looking forward to it.」

Hearing my reply, Sylvio-niisan smiles befitting his age. When the talks turn to books, his expression changes quickly. My future bride must be someone who also love books.

「I know, I know. At any rate, this is surprising. Sylvio-niisan read adventure books, huh.」

「Is it that surprising? Since I can’t do any dangerous thing like the boy in the story, I might be attracted to it.」

「Sorta like Nord-tousan huh, then it’s fine if you just let Elenorneesan do it.」

「Our father’s blood doesn’t seem to flow strongly in us brother’s vein.」

「But Sylvio-niisan’s appearance looks just exactly like father.」

「And Al’s appearance and inside looks exactly just like mother.」

「Aside from appearance, maybe being gentle or something I wonderー?」

Mother’s child, though my appearance is not as good as Elnkaasan

「You look like her.」

 Saying so while laughing, Sylvio-niisan don’t tell me anything anymore.

 ×    ×    ×

When we get to the village, the Harvest festival is truly in full swing since today is the last day. The villagers took their families and having pleasant conversation while walking about. Holding hands, and walking around with the other hand holding foods or drink.

From the stalls where everyone went to in pairs, various smell of appetizing food drift about, stimulating people’s appetite. 

Because of that, children ask their mother to eat some meal. And the father also ask for ale on top of that, they beg for something to eat. Hearing that, the wife open her purse since it can’t be helped with them begging like that. It seems that today, it would be difficult for the housewives to keep a tight budget in their family finance and with a smiling face,  they will loosened up their purse.

「Amazing amount of people eh, was the first day also like this?」

「Nah, it weren’t this many. Since there is almost no preparation needed for the last day,maybe it became like this due to the party this evening? 」

There will be a feast and people dancing around the bonfire, singing a song, everyone eating and drinking high quality sake 2.

 This time sake and food preparation is being arranged by Nord-tousan

「Dad told me that it will be extravagant this year, since Triela’s firm will support it.」

Triela’s firm is supporting the festival this year, it would be marvelous festival. The villagers would also be really looking forward to it.

「That guy, does he make that much money.」

The face of that traitor appear in my mind, gave me a thumbs up and I heard him saying 『Please treat me well again from now on!』

「Ahaha……I don’t know what happened between the two of you, but don’t get too  angry over it.  It’s the  Harvest Festival after all.」

With a bitter smile, Sylvio-niisan tried to soothe me.

That’s that. I’ve got to have fun today. It’s not good to feel gloomy because of such person. Don’t be angry over small things. Let bygones be bygones.  

「Since Sylvio-niisan seems thirsty, let’s buy fruit juice!」

Cheerfully saying so while pulling Sylvio-niisan’s arm,  we headed to a stall.

The harvest festival is about to finish in about 1 chapter.

Gotta be wild.

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