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I think that I’ll use the wooden boards and painting materials I recently obtained from the the village to make Reversi.1

Speaking of Reversi, you can learn it in one minute but it takes a lifetime to master. There is even a catchphrase, “A board game for two people, it seems shallow but it’s actually deep”.

I draw an 8×8 square on a board, and I cut another board in circles and add colors.

It can be made quite easily. Isn’t the person who first thought of Reversi a genius?

While thinking so, *petapeta*2 I completed painting it with a brush.

「It’s doーne.」

「What’s that? 」

When did you enter my room Eleanor-neesan?

My sleeve is pulled by Eleanor-neesan.

「It’s a game called Reversi. 」

「What’s that? How do you play it? 」

As expected of this world with only a few entertainment, it’s very easy for someone to bite at a game.

「It’s not easy! To put it simply, the one who has most pieces at the end wins! 」

When I was teaching the rules, Eleanor-neesan became motivated immediately. 「Heeー 」She admires the disks which is black on one side and white on the other.

As expected of the catchphrase! It seems that even Eleanor-neesan can remember it immediately.

By the way, I taught the rules but I didn’t teach the tricks at all.

「I’ll dye everything in my color! 」

「Well then, Eleanor-neesan, by all meansー 」

I put two black and white disks each and convey to Eleanor-neesan to go first.

*Pachi*3, *Pachi* We alternately placed our pieces.

「Because this is also in between, it becomes white. 」

Eleanor-neesan turns it over, she turns the disks over one after another in the opening and seems to be happy with the current state, she likes increasing her own pieces that much, huh?

It’s a too wonderful bad move.

「Ahー, It was takenー 」

Because I was flattering Eleanor-neesan and so on, Eleanor-neesan seemed confident and convinced that it was her victory approaching the middle stage.

「Although Al thought about the game, you’re weak, aren’t you? 」

I should stop her from getting carried away. Should I counterattack now?

「How aboutー hereー?, This and this and, ah, the diagonal next to it is also turned over, isn’t it? 」

「Eh? Eh? What? How? 」

I find the place full of holes, Eleanor-neesan’s white disks are plundered one after another.

It’s like when soy sauce is spilled on a white T-shirt, it can’t be undone or recovered anymore. The soy sauce in question was the deciding disk, I don’t move an inch to Eleanor-neesan’s rejection.

「You can’t place it there, you know? So, it’s a pass. 」

「Eh? You’re right. 」

「It’s no good this time. 」

「……haha. 」

「Ah, it’s empty there this time. But, I can turn over only one. 」

「……Only one. 」

And then, the last turn has ended.

I divide the white disks and surround the black disks to cover them.

The result was my overwhelming victory with 56:8. Kukuku, isn’t it overwhelming? My army!

Now then, how about Eleanor-neesan’s reaction? Because I became silent, she has an anxious reaction.


Eleanor-neesan looks at the board with her mouth opened.

Although I didn’t do it by the book, the point was more or less conveyed, I wonder if I should have held back more.

Reversi has 64 pieces in an 8×8 board and it’s possible to win as long as 33 pieces can be taken.

Your opponent takes a lot of disks, you get rid of the disks that your opponent has taken.

You increase the number of disks that cannot be turned over again.

These three are the rough points, aren’t they?

You won’t lose if you take the four corners. You can win if you take a lot of edges. Although there are unexpectedly skilled people too, there isn’t one here, is there?

My friend usually said 「Edge getー! 」because he only aims for the edges, and although he aimed for the edges, the result was, he immediately gets caught in a Stoner Trap and frequently lost to everyone.

Because my friend always aimed for the edges, I remembered how to counter it, but I can’t use intermediate level techniques like C hitting and X hitting, you know?

「……What’s wrong? 」

「This is interesting! 」

When I called out to Eleanor-neesan because there was no reaction, she looked up all of a sudden and raised an innocent voice.

「Eh? 」

「One more! One more! 」

「Ah, I understand, I understand. That’s why, stop shaking my shoulders. 」

The fifth time.

「One more! 」

「Yeah, yeah. 」

The tenth time.

「One more! Because I’ll control the edges this time! 」

「Ehー? 」

The 18th time.

「How did I lose!? 」

「Heyー, I’m already tired of thisー 」

「After one game! So, one more time! 」

The 19th time.

「And, it’s a Stoner trap. 」

「Eh!? Even though I took those edges with so much effort! 」

「And it’s finished. It’s already time for dinner. 」

「There’s still time! 」

「Ehー!? You said after one game, didn’t you? 」

「Elna-kaasan will get angry if we’re late. 」

「Don’t worry about that! One more! 」

「Play with Sylvio-niisan later, okay?」

「Al, it’s dinner soon. What are you doing? 」

It seems that only we aren’t in the table, so, Elna-kaasan entered my room to see what we were doing.

「We were doing this! 」

Eleanor-neesan, what are you doing! She points her finger at the Reversi.

「What is it? ……The round boards’ color is different on the front and back, isn’t it? There are some lines drawn on the board. 」

Elna-kaasan looks at the Reversi’s disk that she was pointing at with great interest.

「How do you play this? 」

Ara? What’s with this flow of events?

「Let’s see, well, you take alternate turns placing the pieces, the opponent’s disks in between becomes your disks. 」

「Ara, so that’s why there are different colors. 」

Eleanor-neesan and Elna-kaasan sits down and the explanation of the rules starts.

「And then, the player with most pieces at the end wins! 」

「Ara, it’s unexpectedly easy, isn’t it? Is it okay if I put the disk where I like it? 」

「It can’t be placed where there is nothing to take in between. 」

「I understand. Let’s try it. 」

「Un! 」

It seems like it happened as expected, huh……?

*Pachipachi* I ignore Elna-kaasan, who was happily playing the game, and Eleanor-neesan, who seems confident since she had more experience playing, and headed towards the dining room on the first floor.

When I entered the dining room, Nord-tousan was sitting at the seat of honor at the center. Sylvio-niisan has already sat down in his seat, too.

Although the tableware was already arranged and the preparations for the meal is complete, two people aren’t here.

「Al, where is Eleanor and Elna? 」

「They are still in my room. 」

「Well, they’ll probably come soon. 」

「Iya, they might not come soon. 」

「Did something happen? 」

「There is something, or perhaps I should say that they’re engrossed in something. 」

「Sylvio. Go check a little. 」

「Okay. 」

Sylvio-niisan nods and leaves the room. *totetote*4

「Uh oh. Tousan, it looks like today’s dinner is going to be late. 」

「Eh? What do you mean? 」

Even though twenty minutes have passed, Sylvio-niisan still hasn’t returned, they were scolded harshly by the maid for a long time and it was dinner at last.

Nord-tousan confiscated the Reversi that day, and Eleanor-neesan, Elna-kaasan and Sylvio-niisan complained for three days.

I discovered that it was unexpectedly addictive when you give entertainment to a place where entertainment is lacking.

I have to be careful when putting things out in the future.

I ran out of materials because two Reversi was newly made for the family.

Iyaa, I didn’t expect that I’ll immediately make three……

Although I made what Eleanor-neesan and Elna-kaasan wanted, I also want to make something for Bartholo. I want to show off everything to an acquaintance. He absolutely fits that description somehow.

There was also the promise with Celia-san so I decided to go to the village today.

The warm sunlight of spring feels pleasant. The plants slowly sway and shake in the breeze as if it was pleased with spring, too.

It’s neither hot nor cold in the spring and autumn, they are mostly liked by everyone because the moderate temperature is perfect.

When asked what your favorite is, the probability that spring or autumn will be said first is extremely high.

The number of person who will answer summer or winter instantly is comparatively little when asked.

『Aahー, Summer, I guessー. Ice cream is delicious. 』

『Eehー, isn’t sweat really uncomfortable? 』

『Ah, that’s rightー, then, it’s winter, I guess. 』

There are good points and bad points in summer or winter, and there are a lot of people who are unsure on how to answer, too.

It arrives to the point that the people will say it is spring and autumn. In other words, spring and autumn are everyone’s favorite season.

While I was thinking, I came across the place where I first met the niisan and ossan(henpecked) and arrived at where I needed to be.

「Neither the niisan nor the ossan is here today. 」

I look around the surroundings to see if the ossan is here while thinking on how I’ll play with him.

The wheat that is still green before harvesting is slowly shaking and swaying in the wind. It seemed as if I was being welcomed to Coryatt Village.

I wonder if it’ll take three months until it becomes a golden carpet.

I passed through the wheat road (temporary name) and head towards the crowded public square in the village.

……However, is Natalie-san really that scary?……

When I entered the restaurant where Celia-san works at, there were four idle men even though it’s morning. Ah, the ossan is there. Won’t Natalie-san get angry? Is this all right?

Aren’t farmers reasonably busy? Although I thought so, I decided to believe that they worked early in the morning and came just now to take a break.

「Ara, Alfred-sama. What do you want? 」

「Eh? Did you forget? The talk about the new dish and the tool that I want. 」

「Ah. Aahー, that’s right. Of course, I remembered. 」

Celia-san waves her hands back and forth has a forced smile.

She stopped for around two seconds. She definitely forgot, didn’t she?

「Will Logan even make anything? 」

「Yes, he would like to make the frying pan and other requests. 」

「Logan’s house is north of the village chief’s house. He lives at the isolated house, and because I’m sure that he’s working at this time, you can hear a sound. 」

「I see. Well then, I’m off. 」

I hear a mother-like voice from behind saying 「Okay! 」, I leave the restaurant and stop walking.

Although it’s valuable and might cause troubles, should I make the village livelier? Thinking so, I take out a Reversi set stored by space magic.

「What’s the matter? Do you not know the way? 」

「It’s different. You can play with this if you like. 」

I pass the Reversi set to Celia-san who is tilting her head, I easily taught her the rules and headed towards Logan-san’s house this time.

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