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At the public square


I separated from Nord-tousan temporarily and went to see the things sold in the public square.

I’m looking for something delicious or something that is useful in this fantasy world. It would be wonderful if there is rice, wouldn’t it? I wonder if the vivid colored mushroom I saw a while ago is safe.

After that, I want to go to a restaurant and eat common food. I wonder what kind of dishes an ordinary person in this world eats. I think that they eat eggs, something like omurice1, but there is no rice here. In the first place, does dashimaki tamago2 even exists here? If it doesn’t then I have to make a frying pan for personal use.

For Japanese cuisine to be served to the fullest, I have to be seriously strict with Bartholo.

Anyways, let’s first head towards that oniisan3 who is displaying vegetables nearby.

「Oh, do you want to barter? Or do you want to buy? 」

The total amount of money I have today is 2 silver coins that I received from Elna-kaasan and 10 copper coins that I received from Bartholo. This pocket money is too much to spend in a countryside village.

「Nー, I’ll buy. 」

The vegetables are lined up on a rough cloth that looks similar to a hemp cloth.

There are peas, spinach, carrots, potatoes, and, are those dried fruits? Fumufumu, this is good.

「Oniisan, how much for all of this? 」

「Oh? The box of dried fruits cost 2 copper coins, peas cost 5 stone coins, spinach is 2 stone coins, two carrots cost 5 stone coins each, and five potatoes cost 1 copper coin, so the total isーー 」

「Four copper coins and two stone coins, right? 」

「Oh? Yeah, it’s probably that. You’re very good at arithmetic aren’t you? 」

「Nー, I can do it to some degree. 」

「If you can do arithmetic at that age, it seems you’ll have a promising future. 」

The vegetable oniisan wraps the vegetables in cloth while smiling.

「Because you paid with money, and didn’t bring anything to wrap up the vegetables yourself, bring something that can hold things the next time we meet. It’s a service this time. 」

「Okay! Thank you. 」

In the exchange with the vegetable oniisan, I took out four copper coins and two stone coins out of my pocket and handed it over.

By the way, the currency of this world is like this.

Black gold coin = 10 million yen

White gold coin = 1 million yen

Large gold coin = 100,000 yen

Gold coin = 10,000 yen

Silver coin = 1,000 yen

Copper coin = 100 yen

Stone coin = 10 yen

It seems to be a decimal system. It’s good that there aren’t coins for 2 yen or 20 yen or 2,000 yen or by halves like in the olden days. It will be confusing if there is more.

And then, in a place slightly away from the public square, I store the things that I just bought with space magic.

This is another space magic, recently, I wondered if something can be used besides teleportation and discovered it through trial and error. Besides that, although it’s a small range, I can warp space to crush things, cut space, and also add gravity to things for a little while.

For this storage magic, it’s possible to take things in and out freely within a subspace.

When something is put in the subspace, time doesn’t seem to exist inside, and food that is put in also doesn’t rot. With this, I’m able to take out ingredients anywhere and any time.

Merchants would want this magic desperately, huh?

It’s easy to put thing in the subspace because I only have to imagine a gate and the space opens, but, it’s difficult to take things out at will. It’s difficult to take something out if it is not properly imagined, that’s why, I need to properly remember the things that was put in. When there are two or more of the same thing, it helps that I can understand how much still remains as long as one of it is imagined.

Afterwards, I bought various foods and a lot of wood and raw materials that can be used and played with.

Am I forgetting something? Although I’m not in a hurry, I want to produce some thing like a cat robot in the future, however, I won’t remember it unless I take note and remember it properly

After a while, Nord-tousan returned to the public square.

It seems that the meeting with the village chief has ended.

「What did you do? 」

「I went here and there at looked at what they were selling. The rainbow-colored mushroom was very suspicious. 」

「Ahaha, you’ll understand that when you become an adult. 」

Ah, I see, it was that kind of thing. Even when I asked the oneesan4 「What is that? 」 , I was treated like a child and was avoided.

「Nord-tousan, let’s go eat something. 」

「Nー you’re right. Let’s eat the dishes that the village serves with great pains. 」

By the way, in this world, the physical labor for farmers is intense and it seems that they frequently eat snacks to have four meals.

Although it seems that there is low calories in one meal, in this poor region, the physical labor is done with insufficient nourishment with two meals a day, and it seems that they also frequently collapse.

Everyone in our family eats three meals a day recently. After all, it’s better to eat in the morning, noon and evening.

We enter a restaurant with a sign where a picture of a bear, spoon and fork is drawn.

Even if the characters can’t be read, because the message is conveyed to anyone through the picture, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?

「Welcomeー! Ah, feudal lord-sama! 」

When we entered the shop, the obachan5 with a good physique and wearing an apron greets us.

「Hey, Celia-san. How’s it going? 」

「Well you see, the number of customers are increasing thanks to this spaghetti from feudal lord-sama, it’s a great help. But the amount of salt is also decreasing recently, don’t you think? 」

Ahー, although it’s a little, salt is still used when boiling. Fortunately, we have good relations with the nearby village and we can frequently acquire salt cheaply, because salt is expensive originally.

「Nー, well, it’s Al that thought about itー. It’s this child, this child. 」

「Is this child Alfred-sama? 」

「That’s right. 」

「That’s amazingー. Are there any new dishes? 」

You should think about it by yourself. Aren’t you more or less a cook? But, well, I didn’t notice that I became stubborn since I’m just naturally talking about common and ordinary things, I might have gotten it from my parents, and perhaps, it can’t be helped.

For example, although a boy starts attending elementary school, the second daughter won’t question it at all. Another example is the natural tendency that the man’s surname is used after marriage.

「Un, there is something but the utensils does not exist, and there is no sauce. 」

「There is? Utensils? For utensils, Logan can create it, so, will you make it? 」

「Really!? 」

「Leave it to me. I’ll say it to that obstinate oyaji6. Teach me how to make the new dish immediately after it’s done. 」

「Un, I understand! I’ll teach the concept and application at that time. 」

After the negotiation ended, it’s time for the meal.

「Do you want to become a cook Al? 」

Nord-tousan asks me while having a wry smile.

「No, cooking is just a hobby, you know? Because Bartholo is the cook, it’s enough. 」

「Ahaha, So that’s it……Okay. 」

In the end, there was no Japanese food.

The menu was soup, boiled food, and spaghetti. This is disappointing. It lacks variety. I have to increase it.

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