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The Reincarnated Princess’ Idle Talk

 Leaving Mia to Miss Bianca, I left the room only to be surrounded by a bunch of people.
 Of course, not only Oneesan and Klaus, but also the sailors and Paul too. The narrow aisle was packed full of people.

“How is she?”

“Is she okay?”

“Yes, she's sleeping right now.”

 I quietly said with a finger pressed against my mouth.
 Everyone then closed their mouth shut with their hands. The sight of Paul's large figure holding his mouth with both hands was a little cute.

 I then began my explanation to the people gathered in front of the room.
 If someone didn't have enough sleep and was exposed to the strong sunlight, a mild dehydration symptom can take place.
 Once their consciousness returns, make them drink water. If their complexion still hasn't gotten better then they must take a rest properly.

"She's not in any danger, right?"

"I'm not a doctor, so I can't say for sure, but I think she will recover once she gets enough sleep.”

“Is that so?”

 Oneesan next to me breathe out sigh of relief. The sailors also relaxed their expressions.
 Like a river slowly flowing back, the sailors started to return to their posts but I stopped the sailor who guided us before.

“Excuse me!"

"What is it, lil' missy?"

"I don't want to move Mia too much, so I'd like to borrow that room if possible…”

“Of course you can. Don't you worry about something like that."

“But isn't that room already assigned to someone else?”

 For a room not in use, a set of bedding was arranged. It was left very clean that not even the air was stale.
 As I said that, the sailor looked at me. When asked what's the matter, he shook his head in reply.

“No, it's as you said. The room was assigned to someone else, but it's okay because they've cancelled their booking already.”

“Is that so? Thank you very much!”

“Yes, the customer agreed quite easily too.”

 When asked how we can thank him, the sailor struck his palm.

“That's right! If that's the case, it seems there’s still some luggage in the room. Do you want to deliver them for me?”

“I understand."

 If it's only this much then it should be fine.
 I walked quietly into the room as to not wake Mia up and started searching for the luggage. Picking up a cloth bag at the end of the room, I returned to the crew members.

 I was guided onto the deck.
 I thought I'd meet with Miss Flora here, but she's nowhere to be found.

“Sir! Here she is!”

 A sailor, waving his hands around, called out with a hoarse voice.
 I tried looking behind the sailor. I could see the figure, but couldn't tell whether this "Sir" is a woman or a man because their hood was deeply covering their face.

“This little girl here brought the luggage all by herself, you know?”

 The sailor threw me a thumbs up.
 I bowed slightly and looked up at that person.

 Standing up close, I could see why they were taken as a man. He's about 190 cm tall. I can't say that they're not just a tall woman, but the jaw lines proved otherwise.

 However, despite looking up from the bottom, I still can not see his face.

“Thank you for changing your room.”

 I handed over the bag while saying thanks.
 He shook his head as if saying he doesn't mind, but did not speak a word.

 While thinking that he could be a retired senior, I remembered a letter I got from Georg.
 The clan that consists of pharmacists… Isn't the Kua clan like this too? They hide their appearance with a cloak and only speak when necessary. Just like what the letter said.

 I made a wry smile as I thought so. This is too easy.
 A member of the Kua clan got on the same ship I boarded? What kind of miraculous chance is that? How would that ever happen?

 It's not that uncommon to wear a cloak in the sun after all. With that in mind, I said my goodbyes.


“Oh, lil' miss. You were here?”


“Oh, hello. Nothing's troubling you, right?"

 The sailor who came to deliver goods to the kitchen stroked my hair with a smile on his face. Others who were in charge of the kitchen including Paul however, delivered a heavy sigh instead.

“Please get out when you’re done. It's getting cramped in here.”

 Paul shooed them out like insects.
 Indeed, in addition to Paul and three others, there were me and Oneesan helping in the kitchen. Since it's so cramped, Klaus was sent out to the next room. Miss Bianca decided to stay… Wait… No, it seemed she's also quite dissatisfied herself.

“Well, young lady, why don't you come with this old man? I'll give you a tour of the crow's nest too, you know?”

“Shut it! You're the third guy saying that. Can't you just get out already?”

 Raising his voice, Paul ran to the sailor, pulled him back and kicked him out of the kitchen.
 There were some complaints coming from outside but they were mercilessly ignored.

“You're quite popular, Mary.”

 Oneesan who was working across me gave a smile as he teased me.
 I stopped hand picking the beansprouts and glared at him.

“You're thinking this is funny, aren't you.”

“Well, yes, of course.”

 It's no use crying over spilt milk, but I was told not to do anything that would attract attention. I realised my defeat. But I never would have thought that my greatest enemy this time would be my own mouth.

 Oneesan glanced at my pouted cheeks and winked. I pushed them up with a finger and gave a funny smile.

 The day after Mia collapsed, we introduced ourselves and got along very well.

 His name is Wolf Lucca. Age 27 and single.
 Contrary to his impression of being difficult to approach, he was a very friendly person, a good listener and speaker. Plus, since cooking was also his hobby, he's fun to talk to. I think it took me three days before I fully knew Wolf.

“You're being loved by everyone. Be happy.”

 His scary looking face can turn soft just from his smile. With his gentle eyes, I could feel neither a woman's or a man's presence from him.
 It's strange that his appearance was completely masculine.

“…I don't remember doing anything to deserve that, though.”

"What are you saying? Everyone on this ship knows you helped the servant girl, you know?"

“But wouldn't that only concern Mia?”

 Mia slept soundly for three hours after that.
 When she woke up fully recovered, she thanked all of us.

“That's not all. It probably have something to do with the selfish princess she was serving too."

 It is as he said, Miss Flora has been quiet recently. To be exact, she just doesn't come out of her room.
 Wolf says that all the passengers and sailors looked at her with cold eyes and thought that was the reason.
 I don't know if I regret my decision, but I think it was good that Mia didn't get punished.

“Everyone is totally relying on you as a small doctor, aren't they?”

“Please stop…”

 I held my forehead and muttered in defeat.

 That’s right.
 From that point on, if anyone has at least a cut on their finger, I will be called out to help them. Even if I say I'm not a doctor, they would never listen.

“Even though I kept saying that I'm not one…"

“That's a given. With your knowledge of medicine and diseases, you're not convincing anyone.”

 The knowledge that Lady Irene has given me and the info on homemade medicine set has backfired.

 If there's a major injury then I can only advise them to go see a real doctor. But, if it was a small burn or a bruise, then I can treat them on the spot.
 What goes around comes around.

 Better yet, let's go with the setting that I come from a family of pharmacists. Yeah.

“Like I thought, the Kingdom of Nebel is an amazing country."


 The talk changed so abruptly that I tilted my head in confusion. Why is the talk about Nebel all of a sudden?

“If little girls like you can learn about pharmacy, then it is amazing. Once you go to other countries, you will see how blessed you are to be in such an incredible environment.”

 Wolf put down his work and looked at me once he realised I was making a curious face.

“In most countries, it's thought that women doesn't need to learn. Even to their own daughters, very few parents will teach them anything, let alone pharmacy. The girls will get married, and they are content with that thinking they have helped their family.”

 Since I did study European history in Japan, for Nebel to have such a trend might not be too far fetched.
 But thinking about it, I am an outlier for being born a princess. Not only embroidery and maths, but I also get to learn astronomy, pharmacy, language history ​​and various other subjects.

“Countries with women who held high positions are limited. Including Nebel, it is said that long ago Flamme was also built on a women-centered society.”

 As he said, Flamme had some remnant of being a matriarchy, but it has since transformed into something else.
 Even if a woman succeeded the throne, it was the king who was her husband that holds any real power. It was where the king can still have multiple wives, a system that resembles ancient Egypt.
 Although the current Queen is loved by the people, and even though the government is stable, it's still unfair to compare someone of royal blood to normal citizens. It seems to be a difficult environment for women who wants to work.

 Lady Irene holds the title of a Magister Director. From the perspective of other countries, it could be viewed as an amazingly high position.

“Nabel is blessed, isn't it?”

 I murmured so, and Wolf gave a big nod.

“That's true. The climate is forgiving and the land is rich, but even more so, it is blessed with great rulers.”


 So we're talking about father?

“That's right. Although Nebel has been blessed with many things, the fact that it realised the importance of women, or the fact that anyone can be given any status based on their skills regardless of their gender, was all because of the current king. I have heard that the first prince, the heir to the throne, is a capable person with sincere personality. With that, the future seems promising.”

 I couldn't believe the story I just heard about my brother and father.

“So, are they really amazing people?”

“Oh, you say as if you're not one of them.”


 I couldn't understand his words for a moment. I raised my face up in a heartbeat.

 What did you say?
 Perhaps I look like someone else?

 I stared at him, afraid that he knows I'm not who I says I am. My spine suffered a cold sweat to the extreme tension.
 But there was no sign that he even noticed my fears as he just tilted his head.

“Because you came from Nebel? The reputation of the royal family is quite popular among citizens.”

“Eh? Ah… Ah, that's what you meant.”

 The strength from my whole body seemed to flood out all at once. I breathed out a huge sigh.
 Wolf looked at me and muttered 'What a funny child.'

“It's not only the king and the first prince that Nebel is proud of.”

 Listening to our conversation, Paul joined in.
 He stopped stirring his pot and leaned in towards us.

“Still studying in the neighbour country, the Second Prince Johan is also excellent. It seems he's very friendly and has already gained popularity in Vint.”

“Oh, is that true?”

"Yeah, and there's also Her Highness Princess Rosemarie.”


 I froze and solidified.
 Please congratulate me if I didn't make a weird sound just then. If it is forgiven, I would prefer to just yell loudly and run away right now. I don't want to hear my own evaluation!

“People who have seen her true figure are few and far between, but rumour has it that she's as beautiful as the Queen.”

“If you've ever seen a picture of the King and Queen couple, you'd think there will be a low chance of being born ugly.”

“Oh well, you have a point. But that's not all, they say she's also very kindhearted.”

“Rumours can't be trusted, you know?”


As Wolf said that, Paul raised his eyebrow in response. It was a bit scary but Wolf wasn't disturbed in the slightest and fearlessly laughed it off.

“Wouldn't a princess like that be spoiled rotten? After seeing a certain girl on this ship, don't you think so?"


 Paul scratched his neck after realising his mistake.

 Well, there are some truth to that. There were times when I said selfish things.
 I'm being spoiled a lot too… yeah. Nope, I can't deny it.

 'I'm glad Klaus isn't here right now.' I thought so from the bottom of my heart as I made a wry smile.

TN: I stopped italicizing (that’s not a word) ‘Oneesan’ because otherwise it stands out for no good reason. Will continue like this from now on.

I might have butchered Lady Irene’s title so if anyone knows her title from kukkiri’s (kirileaves) works then please do tell.

Here’s an idea of what I’m constantly working with:

I was not frightened of fine dusts, I was told without showing any amusing sexual intercourse, I realized my defeat. I never thought from the edge that you would enemy with your mouth.

Thanks Google.

There’s a lot of guess work in this chapter too, regarding other countries and stuff. As always, if you see any mistake then comment below and I’ll get round to it… maybe.

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